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Best Desert Tourism in Sharjah

Sharjah Desert Safari – A Complete Guide

A sandy location with golden shades occupies space in the city of Sharjah. It can be the next wonderful getaway destination for travel lovers. Sharjah is a city of renowned desert safari and has undue views of nature. Here you can enjoy a comfortable stay at a luxurious resort. While experiencing close up of wildlife and much more. The city is drowning with archaeological and cultural importance. And this place is covered with mosques, a famous waterfront. Heritage buildings, architectural masterpieces, and some unique desert safari are also included.
Although this desert safari in Sharjah is amid top exclusive getaways, it also has buzz areas with calmer regions. You may plan a camping trip or day time excursions within the reach. This place focuses visitors to come to step ahead. People explore local culture while enjoying an adventurous life. With extreme connectivity, Desert Safari grants a ride away from the main city of Sharjah.

Highlights of Sharjah Desert Safari:

Visitor prefers to relax in the resting area after reaching the desert. Many refreshing drinks welcome them.
When the safari ride begins, travellers love to take a free quad bike ride.
These thrilling rides are on four-wheelers that is an exciting treat for adventurous people.
Tour guides are available throughout the journey. They suggest the most photogenic spots to the visitors.
Adults and children experience the desert dune bashing under the supervision of professionals.
Despite exploring rich wildlife, taste Arabic dates, and coffee. You can also explore the magnificent nightfall, the awe-striking fire show.
Visitors can enjoy making memories and capture pictures with royal bird or with Falcon expert.
The place has its Bedouin campground. It provides exciting opportunities for both children and adults to ride a camel.
Visitors may have customized henna tattoos on their hands or interact with the local culture of Sharjah.
Sweet Sheesha is available for adults only. They can also have the opportunity of sand surfing.
Desert safari offers a local cuisine because any cruise is not complete without it.
It also offers 3 courses of Arabic buffet, clothes for children and adults.
Travellers get the advantage to hire professional photographers. They can pose in traditional attire with their friends.
When a visitor comes to the end of Desert Safari, they get refreshed with a live dancing show.
Travellers take part in belly dancing while enjoying tantalizing desserts, barbecue, or Arabic delicacies.
The Safari tries facilities for camping in the desert as well. It allows you to explore starry night sky during camping. A beautiful morning while watching sunrise are a major reason for its popularity.
All experience is adventures and has equal uniqueness in its self. Whether a person is visiting for the first time or he is a regular nomad he will enjoy every time. From camel rides to desert camping, local delicacies to belly dancing. Arabic culture is full of glory. It is going to be adventure & treasured experiences, camping. And dealing with culture is a gateway to fun-packed treat

Various Packages for a Desert Safari in Sharjah:

Evening Desert Safari

In Sharjah, evening desert safari is the wonderful entryway for both individual tourists and families. It is a great way to grip the local culture all at once. There are four main meeting points. The evening package includes dropping off and picking up from any of these four points. Sharjah mega mall, national paint area Sharjah, Sahara centre Sharjah or Sharjah city centre. These are the places where tourism operator picks up the tourist.
Basic, Advanced, and premium option are included in the evening package. The main difference in them is that with premium and advance options. There will be free pick up and drop off in a 4x4 cruiser. In inclusive, the evening safari course includes live amusements that are tenure dance, halla and belly dance, fire show, and many more. The outing is accompanied with camel rides and dune buggy, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available in BBQ buffet dinner.

Sharjah Mleiha Desert - Half Day Tour

Mleiha desert is located within Sharjah's desert. It is a superb place to encounter both the Mleiha desert and a trip to desert safari. Even though, taking visitors on a half-day private tour all over the place of the Mleiha archaeologist centre, the artefact is from the Paleolithic era. In four hour time, you will be amazed to explore tombs, caves and sandhills, and much more. This will leave you with a mind full of curiousness and remembrance.

Overnight Sharjah Desert Safari

The most requested activities for most of the visitors are the overnight desert safari in Sharjah. The package comprises of cultural elements like food, clothing, dances, and more. Along with daring highlights such as sailing the sandhills and camel riding!
Sharjah desert safari also has guided tours of the archaeologist centre, star gazing, attractive sunset and sunrise, campaign. And BBQ dinners experience, dune buggy drive, and also have trekking options.
If you are thinking of visiting UAE, Sharjah desert safari tour is essential to visit. The multiplicity of the unrefined scene is the attraction of all the visitors. The matchless beauty and enormousness of the desert attracts tourist from all around the world and leave them speechless. It is a safari you cannot find anywhere else and it is worth every penny you spend on it.

Sharjah Safari Tour:

Have you ever taste the dune bash of premium red dunes of Sharjah Desert? We recommend you to visit this unique opportunity. This place is best for both residents as well as tourists. They can explore the highest of a premium adventurous life. Desert Safari is providing deals in Sharjah which are s follows:

Desert Safari Sharjah Tour Includes:

Dune Bashing & Camel Riding
Quad Biking but it will cost some extra charges.
Pictures in Traditional costumes & Sand Boarding.
BBQ dinner is available with vegetarian & non-vegetarian options
Unlimited soft drinks, water, tea and coffee Pictures With Arabian Eagles
Sheesha, Hubble Bublee Smoking but only for Adults.
Henna designing for ladies and children.
Belly Dance, Arabian Tanoura Dance
Stickman & Fire Show.


Desert Safari of Sharjah will provide a breathtaking outing experience. It will allow you to have different extraordinary deals. The undulating sands are ought not to miss it. The attraction of sparkling sand and other puzzle has made this place one of the exciting orientated places. The exciting blend of this adventure tour is packed with cheering Sharjah's intense nature. Thus, this place is perfect for people who have a spirit of living on the edge. For individuals who are adventure lovers. Desert Safari is a must place to visit!