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How to Predict Childbirth from Horoscope?

Facing pregnancy related issues? Learn what are the reasons might be for the issue/delay, and also learn how to predict childbirth from horoscope?
Childbirth prediction is the process of predicting pregnancy-related information using the help of stars and other planetary positions. Astrologers spent significant time in giving the best arrangements identified with pregnancy. It is the dream of every married couple to have a child in their life. But not every couple are lucky enough to get this happiness in their life and to solve these problems astrologers provide necessary remedies.

How to predict childbirth from horoscope?

Astrologers use horoscope/kundali to forecast pregnancy events. They analyze the planetary positions of planets and stars to foresee the upcoming events that are going to happen during pregnancy. Using this process astrologers can also detect any problem that can affect pregnancy time so that you can avoid the problems at the earliest.

Childbirth Prediction in Kundli: for accurate pregnancy prediction

As everyone knows that a Kundali contains every essential information about a person like his/her date of birth, time, place of birth, and planet transits during birth. And in Childbirth prediction in Kundli, astrologers use this information to precisely calculate the exact events during the pregnancy, which can help you in many ways.

Pregnancy Prediction horoscope free: for free pregnancy forecast

Using pregnancy prediction horoscope free you can foresee your pregnancy-related events without any cost. Our expert astrologers provide detailed future details of pregnancy using the date of birth or using kundali. With free prediction, anyone can detect the upcoming pregnancy events so that they can avoid problems at the earliest stage.

Child Prediction by date of birth: to know the reason behind the delay

There can be numerous reasons for the delay in childbirth yet at the same time using Child prediction by date of birth astrologers can detect the actual reason behind the pregnancy/infertility issue.

Malefic Planets: Malefics, for example, Lord Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu show flimsiness in the pregnancy stage. It demonstrates a danger of foetus removal or an unnatural birth cycle when they are operational in the Mahadasha, Dasha, or Antardasha and furthermore indicates when they travel or effect the fifth house.
Mars: Placement, viewpoint, and travel of Planet Mars are additionally painstakingly investigated. It helps in anticipating whether the youngster will be brought into the world through the characteristic procedure, surrogacy, or through a medical procedure.
Fifth house: 5th house is known as the major house which deals with pregnancy, love relationship, family related issues. If your kundali has Rahu, Ketu, & Saturn in the 5th place then it might create major problems in the pregnancy. Generally, Rahu in 5th house, Ketu in 5th house, and Saturn in 5th house kundali’s can create major problems in pregnancy.
Dosha: If spouses or wife's horoscope is caused by a Dosha (an imperfection in the combination of planets in the local's horoscope because of the past Janam and karmas), numerous occasions and parts of life are probably going to get seriously influenced, which incorporates the childbirth.
Wearing wrong Gemstones: Wearing a negative gemstone may likewise make issues in the pregnancy.

Solve your Pregnancy related issues with Free Pregnancy Horoscope

You can also avail free pregnancy horoscope to solve your pregnancy-related problems. If you are facing pregnancy problems like infertility, delay in pregnancy then you can take the help of our professional astrologers to find out the actual reason behind the problem. Additionally, our astrologers provide free remedies to solve your pregnancy-related problems.

Finally, pregnancy prediction not only helps you to know the future pregnancy events, it also provides you with an added advantage of making the right decisions to avoid possible problems. For more details, you can call @+919776190123 or Visit TABIJ.IN
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Venus In 9th House Venus In 9th House For Aries Ascendant Here, Venus sits in 9th house in the Sagittarius sign and rules the 7th and 2nd house. This exhibits someone who loves travelling distant places and learning from the people they meet. They adore discussions about philosophy and religion. It also exhibits that spouse may be of another religion. Love for higher education may make them create a career in academics. Venus In 9th House For Taurus Ascendant Here, Venus sits in 9th house in Capricorn sign and rules 1st & 6th house. Here, Venus though loves to travel and learn about higher philosophy but since it is in Capricorn sign which is ruled by Saturn, natives have very constrained approach towards religion. They desire to be taught only about their own religion and their beliefs. They are stiff about opening their prospect to other philosophies. Venus In 9th House For Gemini Ascendant Here, Venus sits in 9th house in Aquarius sign and rules 12th & 5th house. This exhibits someone who earns by working with different ethnicity’s followers and at distant places in large institutes or MNCs. This also suggests that native serves others through spiritual/religious knowledge for some superior cause. Native may also travel to distant places for knowledge or may find love in those lands. Spouse can be of dissimilar culture. A guy will indeed marry a girl of different culture. Religious beliefs won't be constrained and they will acknowledge views of all the faith systems. Venus In 9th House For Cancer Ascendant Here, Venus sits in 9th house in Pisces sign, where it is exalted and rules 11th & 4th house. Native loves traveling and meeting people of other ethnicities. Native may involve in a relation with foreigner. They like reading ancient texts and scriptures. Rather than being religious, they are Spiritual. They are extremely creative. Only one flaw of, Venus in Pisces is that natives may not be realistic in love. Exalted Venus means highest devotion and Venus is devotion. Therefore, they search for a lover who will be devoted to them as Radha was to Lord Krishna, which is unreasonable to expect.
Lizards Falling
Lizards Falling Lizards Falling On The Head Events that are certain to happen are foreshadowed by omens. People all across the world have this belief. It was regarded by the ancients as a message or signal from the God. The occurrences might be favorable or unfavorable in character. Hindus have a strong belief in superstitions and omens that predict the future events. In fact, they consider the study of omens to be a science. The Sanskrit term for omen is "shakunam," and the understanding of omens is known as Shakuna Shastra. Gauli Shastra When a lizard lands on a person's body, it portends either generally good or very bad luck, depending on where it lands. Gauli shastra for the most part is the science of lizards falling in a subtle way. According to this shastra, a lizard's every movement mostly is significant, and there mostly are at least 65 spots on the basically human body where the lizard would for all intents and purposes land, foretelling good and terrible omens in a very major way. When a lizard generally falls on one's head, according to this shastra, it specifically is not a favorable omen, but rather a terrible one, which generally is quite significant. It denotes a disagreement or quarrel, pretty contrary to popular belief. If the fall occurs in the middle of the head, it for the most part is a sign of illness. Muhurat Martand According to a well known astrological literature, if lizard lands on any region of the body other than the stomach, navel, or chest, it is a favorable omen. If the lizard appears on the right side of a man's body and the left side of a woman's body, it is regarded lucky. Tirumala Tirupati Devastana Telugu Almanac It is not considered good luck for the maternal uncle if the fall occurs on back of head. If the fall is on right side of the head, the omen is bad for one's brother. It signifies personal illness if it settles in the middle of the head. If the fall falls on the crown of the head, it portends death. It is a sign of good fortune if the fall is on the back of crown, while it is a sign of ill luck for maternal uncle if it is on the front. If fall is restricted to hair, it indicates that there are issues. An Oriya Almanac is the Kohinoor Panjika. If a lizard lands on a person's head, it portends riches, land, or the fate of a great king or ruler. A lizard is said to have fallen on the Chief Minister's head when he was fighting for re-election in Orissa for his third term. A lizard landed on CM Biju Patnaik's head when he opened the doors of the drawing room of his house to see away another political leader who had paid him a visit on May 16, 2009 which was just before the elections. This omen prophesied his triumphant return to power for a third term. His party members were overjoyed.
Shukra Hora
Shukra Hora Venus Hora Shukra Hora is another name for it. On Shukrawar, or Friday, it is first Hora. Shukra hora is healing, beautiful, and unifying. Hence, it is suggested for activities such as love, romance, marriage, and mating. During Hora of Venus, recreational pursuits such as music, painting, and dancing are also encouraged. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are the days when Venus Hora is most effective, while Sunday is day when it is least effective. Hora of Venus is suitable for use with Opal Jewels and other diamonds. Lord Shukra is appeased by the use of opal. From dawn to sunset, each hour has its own significance and specialties, some with a good impact and others with a bad effect, according to vedic astrology. When you contact an astrologer to discover a favourable time or shubh muhurat to start anything new or do something auspicious, he consults the Hora chart to determine the celestial bodies dominating each hour before deciding on the best time. The Venus Hora is typically considered auspicious and should be employed for all major undertakings.It is particularly lucky for love, marriage, and sex-related matters; it is ideal for proposing to your girlfriend/boyfriend, for buying and wearing new ornaments and clothes, for dealing with women, for recreation and entertainment, for buying or using new vehicles, cars, or luxury items, and for dance, music, movies, and photography. Meaning Of Hora Hora is derived from Ahoratra, where "Aho" denotes day and "Ratra" denotes night. Hora is a Spanish word that also signifies time. The period between dawn and the following sunrise, according to vedic astrology, is called (a)hora(tra). Hora is regarded as a crucial aspect of astrology. When no auspicious Muhurat is available for a certain task, vedic astrology is used to guide the administration of Hora Chakra. Hora Shastra has long been regarded as an infallible means of achieving job goals.
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is thought to be a gift from Lord Shiva. Rudraksha is said to have sprung from Lord Shiva's tears, according to legend. Rudraksha is a fruit kernel in appearance. Rudraksha has been a component of spiritual activities from ancient times to the present. Wearing a rudraksha is thought to provide positive energy. Rudraksha is said to have been produced exclusively to relieve the world's physiological ailments by Lord Shiva. Rudraksha is available in a wide range of forms and sizes. This Rudraksha is thought to be Lord Shiva's form. It removes all of a person's sorrows and crises from his or her existence. By removing the gloom from that person's life, it fills beams of brightness. It also cures illnesses and brings serenity when it creates a direct connection with the skin. Wearing Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is also said to purge sins related to the death of Brahmins. In addition, the individual rises beyond the shackles of worldly wants. They are saved and go to paradise. Ek Mukhi's optimism guides a person toward a healthy lifestyle and spiritual growth. Placing and worshipping an authentic ek mukhi rudraksha in one's house, according to mythical traditions, gives serenity and joy. It takes away the dread of dying. “Ek Mukhi Rudraksha symbolises Lord Shiva and it purifies one of all types of sins,” according to the Padma Purana's Chapter 57 Verses 38 and 30. As a result, it should be worn to cleanse oneself of misdeeds. It is said that those who wear it will find a position in Lord Shiva's paradise. One-faced rudraksha is obtained via religious merit and Shiva's favour. He who wears it will also be granted Kailasha.” Ek Mukhi Rudraksha- Shape And Impact The Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is a moon-shaped or circular Rudraksha. The sphere is a Rudraksha stream that has been raised. It is extremely rare, and it is not readily available or accessible to the general public. Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is a powerful, energising, truth-telling, and salvation talisman. The person who wears it becomes enamoured with Lord Shiva. They are also guided by Shiva's everlasting light. The planet Sun is the Lord of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha, according to Vedic astrology. This is why, after wearing it, a person feels a surge of energy within them. They see the doors to success open up in their lives. It also improves their social status, reputation, and respect.Rudraksh's energy gradually blends with their spirit, assisting them in moving forward in life.
Know About Planet Moon In Vedic Astrology
Know About Planet Moon In Vedic Astrology Moon is the nearest and the only satellite of the planet earth, and it shows extreme impact upon human life. It is known for the ruler of emotions, it is the best representation of an individual's inner Profundity, instincts, mood swings, emotions, feelings, and behavior. If sun rules over our spirit and soul, then Moon rules over our inner emotions and mind. In Vedic Astrology, Moon is the symbol of the goddess, that taking care of us from the very beginning of life in the form of our mother. Moon is the best symbolization of Mother, Femininity, care, love, sensitivity, compassion, and relationship between child & mother. A native of the moon turns out as best parents in the universe. According to Uttara kalamrita, a strong Moon will be good for the mentioned significations and weak will causes deficiency of the same. These significations are as follows: Mother, worship of Gauri, Pearls, Mind, Muhurta or 48 minutes duration, Intelligence, Salt, Perfumes, Fondness of Curd, Hidden of ulcerous troubles in the stomach, Strong at night, Woman, Sleep, Happiness, Liquids, Malarial fever, One who does tapas or penance, Eating, Facial Lustre, Good Fruits, Fish and other Aquatic beings, clothes. A strong moon considered as a person is emotionally and mentally strong. Such a person is capable of creating an emotional connection with others and has a good concentration. Strong moon natives are supportive and loving. They think of others' before their own comforts or needs. A weak moon considered as a person is mentally and emotionally weak, laughs a lot, cries a lot, and has no control over their senses. Such a person deals with a lot of problems, on the mental level and emotional level. As the moon is representative of fertility and bodily fluids, the weak moon in horoscope causes issues related to blood, health, milk, lungs, breast and reproductive system.
Ketu In 3rd House
Ketu In 3rd House Ketu In 3rd House For Aries Ascendant It exhibits someone who has very spiritual way of interaction. They do not like to talk much but when they talk then it is always in a spiritual way. So, they can do decent as Spiritual Counselors. Since Ketu separates a person from the things associated to the house Ketu is sitting, here it actually separates person from his siblings, either mentally or physically. Simultaneously, they remain worried for their siblings. Native may not be much interested in running a business and travelling. Ketu In 3rd House For Taurus Ascendant Since Ketu separates a person from the things associated to the house Ketu is sitting, here it actually separates person from his siblings, either mentally or physically. They never find the balance in relation with siblings. Simultaneously, they remain worried for their siblings. Native may not be much interested in running a business. They may also not be much willing to travel around. Native does not getting proper love from mother. Ketu In 3rd House For Gemini Ascendant  Since Ketu separates a person from the things associated to the house Ketu is sitting, here it actually separates person from his siblings, either mentally or physically. Simultaneously, they remain worried for their siblings. Native may not be much interested in running a business. They may also not be much willing to travel around. He is contended with the routine life and doesn't want to pursue the creative pursuits. Ketu In 3rd House For Cancer Ascendant Since Ketu separates a person from the things associated to the house Ketu is sitting, here it actually separates person from his siblings, either mentally or physically. They never find the balance in relation with siblings. Simultaneously, they remain worried for their siblings. Native may not be much interested in running a business. Ketu In 3rd House For Leo Ascendant Since Ketu separates a person from the things associated to the house Ketu is sitting, here it actually separates person from his siblings, either mentally or physically. They never find the balance in relation with siblings. Simultaneously, they remain worried for their siblings. Native may not be much interested in running a business.
Benefits Of Dry Grapes
Benefits Of Dry Grapes Raisins are grapes that have been dried. Because the nutrients and sugars in grapes are concentrated throughout the drying process, raisins are nutrition and calorie dense. Raisins were 1st discovered in Middle East and later were brought to Europe, where they were especially popular among the Romans and Greeks. Raisins were once used as cash, as prizes in sporting events, and as a treatment for illnesses including food poisoning. Raisins are now widely available in supermarkets and appear in a variety of hues, depending on the drying procedure employed. Red and brown raisins are popular for snacking, whereas golden yellow raisins are widely used in baked dishes. Raisins are a nutrient-dense, minimally processed food that has no artificial chemicals or preservatives. However, since they're high in sugar and calories, consumption should be moderation. Nutrition Information A quarter-cup of raisins has the following nutrients: Calories: 108 Fat: 0 grams Protein: 1 gram Carbohydrates: 29 grams Sugar: 21 grams Fiber: 1 gram Raisins are a decent source of:   Potassium  Copper  Iron  Vitamin B6  Manganese Boron is also found in raisins. This mineral aids in the maintenance of good bone and joint health, as well as wound healing and cognitive performance.  Health Benefits Of Raisins Raisins are a healthy snack that may supplement your diet with a variety of nutrients. Raisins, on the other hand, are a dried fruit and lack the water content of ordinary grapes. As a result, they are less satisfying than whole fruit and are easier to consume too much of. To prevent adding too many calories to your diet, eat small quantities. Adding A Handful To Your Snack May Provide Some Health Benefits, Including:  Heart Health Raisins have been shown in studies to lessen the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Raisins' fibre helps to lower LDL cholesterol, which eases the load on your heart. Raisins are high in potassium too. Low potassium levels have been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke in studies. When our sodium intake is excessive, as it is in many people's diets today, the amount of potassium our bodies require increases. Raisins are a fantastic way to obtain enough potassium because they are a low-sodium meal.
Malachite Stone
Benefits Of Malachite Stone Malachite is a naturally occurring gemstone with a beautiful rich green colour that attracts the attention of observers. Malachite is an opaque green gemstone with bands or oval-shaped formations on its surface that come in a variety of green colours. This gem's beauty has made it well-known throughout history. The Kings and Royal Families wore this jewel as a talisman. Malachite was utilised in jewellery and gemstone sculptures from ancient times, and it is being used now. Malachite was given its name because of its hue, which mimics the leaves of the Mallow plant. Malachite is a magical stone with numerous therapeutic properties that is not only gorgeous to look at. Malachite is also known as the "Kidney Stone" or "Kidney Gemstone" since it treats and relieves a variety of kidney ailments. Malachite is one of the semi-precious stones that can be worn by anyone and it provides a variety of advantages to its wearer. It is also said to protect its wearer from negative energies and misfortunes. Malachite Is Ore Of Which Metal? Malachite, commonly known as Kidney Stone, is a copper carbonate mineral that forms as a result of prolonged contact to copper ore. Calcite, Azurite and Goethite are commonly found with Malachite. In comparison to Azurite, Malachite is a more common stone. Both the stones Azurite and Malachite have the same characteristics. Both of these semi-precious gemstones are crystalline in nature. These gemstones have appealing blue and green hues that attract people's attention. Kidney Stone, also known as Malachite gemstone, is effortlessly powdered and was previously used as a mineral pigment in green paints, but later has been superseded by synthetic colours. Many people wear Azurite Malachite bracelets, pendants, and rings, which are created from the stone. Malachite (Kidney Stone) Gemstone: Benefits, Properties, Healing Powers Because of its extraordinary properties in curing renal problems, Malachite gemstone is also known as Kidney Stone. Malachite is a copper carbonate complex with hydroxide ions that is a derivation of copper carbonate complexes. Malachite stone is a dark green inorganic stone that is thought to have been produced by the help of microbes. There is an organic hue called ‘Malachite Green' in the colour palette that is used as an organic dye to colour/dye objects like paper, leather, and silk. Aside from that, it's also utilised to treat several fish infections. Please keep in mind that the Malachite green is unrelated to the Malachite stone or gemstone. This organic dye is named after the semi-precious Malachite gemstone as the hue of green impersonates that of the Malachite (Kidney gemstone).