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Cool hairstyles for men who have curls or wavy hair. Yes, most girls are jealous of men with these types of hair. On contrary, most men gave up when they have these curls and just cut or shave them off. These are cool and takes a little practice to style it, as you can see, it's super lucky to be born with these sexy hair and you do have options to play around with cool cut and styling them.
@goyo @Meninstyles I totally mean it as a compliment! I'm the kind of person that wants to have nice hair naturally, and a few of these guys sure do. it has nothing to do with the face or insults, don't worry lol
Actually, it is more of a compliment, so don't worry about your masculinity lol
Because girls spent so much time or money on perm to get this curls..and many guys just born with it...that what's I meant.
@onesmile @meninstyles I never understood that. What does it mean to be envious of a guy's hair? As a guy, I felt like that would be just an insult to the face bc its almost calling u a girl no? Am I misreading this? lol
I feel like this collection was made for me to be jealous of! Beautiful hair on a guy always makes me so envious. number 5 is my fave too @maimuna , followed by mumber 2!
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