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"The BBC's documentary series, Human Planet, featured the incredible construction skills of the Korowai people in Papua New Guinea. The first Western contact with the Korowai is thought to have occurred in the 1970s, during an expedition co-led by anthropologist Peter Van Arsdale (now at the University of Denver). They are hunter-gatherers who also rely on some domesticated resources, including pigs, bananas, and tubers. Perhaps most famously, the Korowai also build elaborate houses high up in the trees of their tropical rainforest habitat." [via Incredible-Pictures]
Wow! No outside contact till the 1970s?? That's crazy! Just goes to show that there is still a lot we can learn about our planet
this is not a question either u like it or not but...how long will it take for u to get there?
OMG!!! i would be afraid to stay in that tree house...either way thats very interesting
Love it. Shows how innovative ppl can be.
Wow,its very high.how can they live in that house,how long to climbed?
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