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Oscars 2014: Glenn Close
Wearing: Zac Posen This two-piece hit was a no go for many fashion reviewers, who encouraged her to go for the sleeveless look without the jacket. I'm not sure I agree, though--she's not a 20-something girl looking to show of her shoulders, and I think this dress does really well to accent her lines, and the texture is really interesting. What do you think of this 'mermaid' dress?
i definitely agree with you of how this dress accents her line and the texture looks a little bit uncomfortable though
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@lillyann I think the texture looks pretty but yeah if its not lined with a different material I bet it was a but uncomfortable ><
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@onesmile the details of the textures amazing but like you said I hope it was lined with another dress under ... just imagining walking around with this dress is already uncomfortable even in my head :(
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@lillyann hopefully she has worn enough red carpet dresses thru the years to ask for it to be lined lol!!
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