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Wearing: Escada Woah!! Davis made a statement back in 2012 with a green hue, and this year, made another huge splash in this emerald green dress by Escada! Don't you love the way that this hue pops on Davis? I Love the shape and color so much~!
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@onesmile totally my friend ...and her bright smile just added on top!! i mean with this colour play you have got to be confident and bright to walk down the carpet!!
@ameliasantos10 I think we could manage to match her conficence!! hahah maybe....I hope....
@onesmile hahahah comparing to her i think confident is the only thing i can match with but others... like getting my makeup or hair done as pretty as that!! hahhahahahah
@ameliasantos10 we just need to hire some people lol!!
@onesmile let's ship in some savings hahahahahahah :D