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Wearing: Elie Saab Haute Couture dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, a Ferragamo clutch & Piaget jewelry Another Elie Saab Haute wearer from this years Oscars! Nude colors and gold sparkle is such a theme this year; I love the jewelry that Sarah chose to accompany her outfit. On the model (pictured right) the dress looks transparent to me?! But not at all on Paulson! What's going on??
@mrjockx im gonna have to check it out!! youre making me curious again lol
haha. well I was really in to it. yup I'd watch like 2 eps a night haha. the name game scene in season 2 was my all time favorite
@mrjockx wow thats a lot!! I just watched some episodes....I find it hard to marathon some shows lol
yup I do. a friend got me in to it last season, so I downloaded the first 2 and watched those while I was enjoying coven lol
@mrjockx right?? shes really great XD. do you keep up with american horror story?
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