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Connie D’Innella and Hanna Lund are two hard-working Europeans who work in Singapore, a country with a high business work ethic. Over a period of time, it’s only natural for them to feel the need to escape the stress. The idea of escaping may seem bizarre for those who do not have the luxury of extensive vacation time. These people don’t have a generous amount of time for a soul-searching break that could take weeks – or even months. A specially designed retreat program is the best solution if you have time limitations. Luckily, for Connie and Hanna, Bali is only a short flight away. Being one of the region’s favorite getaway locations, Bali has what it takes to be the ultimate quick break with a combination of alluring scenery and interesting communities on the island. The combination is perfect as over the past few years Bali has become one of the most sought-after places for retreats. “We have been holding retreat programs for almost every week now and most of them are fully-booked,” said Claude Chouinard, who manages ONEWORLD retreats (oneworldretreats.com). ===================================== Follow the link above for the whole article.
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This looks like a kid's dream tree house! Wow I really want to go!