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Bali welcomes its first baby giraffe
A baby giraffe born at the Bali Safari and Marine Park on Jan. 2 marked the first birth of its kind on the island. To celebrate the occasion, the Bali Safari and Marine Park allowed the public to choose the name of the giraffe from four options that were taken from Zulu – a language used by the Bantu ethnic tribe in Southern Africa – with the name receiving the most votes being “Kuqala”, which means ‘firstborn’ in Zulu. Aside from the birth of the first giraffe, January has proven to be a busy time for caretakers at the Bali Safari and Marine Park as they also delivered two lion cubs and one elephant. The names of those newborn babies are to be determined by their keepers. “Names are usually given by an animal’s keeper after they briefly observed the character of the animal,” Tim Husband, animal curator at the Bali Safari and Marine Park, told The Jakarta Post Travel. ===================================== Follow the link above for the whole article.
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