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Promotional campaigns carried out by the government in cooperation with representatives of the tourism industry in Europe at the end of 2012 have had a positive impact, as could be seen from the rising number of European tourists visiting Bali, a tourism observer, Dewa Nyoman Putra, said on Wednesday. According to data from the Bali Tourism Agency, the number of European tourists to Bali has continued to increase, even though the global economic crisis has not fully recovered. Local culture, traditional customs and the beautiful natural surroundings remain the greatest attractions for foreign tourists choosing to visit Bali. "It's also because of strong promotions in their countries," Putra said as quoted by Antara. Putra said that in August, 2013, the number of European visitors jumped to 79,136 from only 75,133 in July. In 2013 overall, the number of tourists from Europe reached 719,212, accounting for 21.94 percent of the total tourist arrivals in Bali during the year. ==================================== Follow the link above for the whole article.
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i've heard bali is so expensive