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My efforts to muster a favorable conversation about the Blue Lagoon beach in Padang Bai, Bali, are usually met with doubtful questions. “It’s right next to the harbor, won’t it get noisy with all the activities and ferries? Won’t it be crowded by transiting visitors?” It’s fair enough that these doubts are raised. Blue Lagoon is located a mere 100 meters from Padang Bai harbor - one of the busiest in Bali aside from Gilimanuk harbor on the western part of the island and Benoa harbor in the south. Located in the island’s eastern part, Padang Bai is Bali’s main hub connecting the island with other areas in the east such as Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Sumba. Vessels such as ferries and boats inevitably produce a lot of noise, and this is made worse with pollution in the form of waste from fish trading, since Padang Bai is also a bustling fishing village. All these human-made factors would theoretically render areas in close proximity to Padang Bai undesirable. But this is hardly the case, thanks to the natural barriers enclosing the harbor. On both of its sides stand tall cliffs that block most of the mess and noise made at the harbor. The Blue Lagoon beach, located on the eastern part of the harbor, possesses similar features. Surrounding cliffs serve as natural barriers to this 100-meter long coastline. ==================================== Follow the link above for the whole article.