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While many can go on at length about their experience of surfing and sunbathing in Bali, there is a certain breed of travelers whose stories about the island involves face lifts and tooth repairs. Medical tourism is an ongoing global trend that sees people willing to travel large distances either for better or cheaper medical treatment. For Bali it is more the case of value for money when it comes to medical tourism. “Why choose Bali? It is because of cheaper price here, and people combine it with a vacation so they have time to recover,” said Louise Cogan owner of Cocoon Medical Spa, a modern beauty center established early this year in Legian, Bali. Cogan’s establishment states their prices are up to 83 percent cheaper than the United States, UK and Australia. ==================================== Follow the link above for the whole article.
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I looked into traveling outside the US for my work, but I just didn't want to risk it