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Salak (snake fruit) was the star of food souvenirs in Bali before the pie susu and pia legong (Balinese pie) rose to prominence. Despite this competition, salak is still one of Bali’s iconic products and its plantations can be found in the island’s highland areas. Locals claim the best Balinese salak is grown in Sibetan, a village located in Karangasem regency in west Bali. “Those that are grown beyond the village don’t taste as sweet,” said I Made Pasek, a Sibetan salak farmer, who has been in the business for almost 50 years. The salak fruit is a crop unique to Southeast Asia, with many variations. Its western name, snake fruit, came from the scaly skin of salak, whichgives it a snake-like appearance. This skin peels off easily, allowing one to eat it without the need of a knife. ==================================== Follow the link above for the whole article.