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Yoo Ah In & Kim Hee Ae - Elle Korea Magazine April Issue '14
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@ameliasantos10 shit maybe she started working out when she found out that she would be doing a couple scene with yoo ah in cuzi would. lol
3 years ago·Reply
@ZitlalitRodrigu hahahhah maybe you are right and I would probably have done the same! hahahahah I mean who woudn't want to look great in front of Yoo Ah In
3 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 ikr...I can't wait till this drama starts ;)
3 years ago·Reply
@ZitlalitRodrigu ahhaha me too!!!!!!!! i am so excited and i saw the trailer and it already seems amazing!!
3 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 wat!!! there's a trailer..and I'm here stuck with pics...gotta YouTube it now lol
3 years ago·Reply