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Why Breast And Colon Cancer Are Scary?

Any kind of cancer would be scary for an individual who has known someone, who went through the agony of cancer and won or lost. Breast cancer treatment Singapore registers many concerned women in their childbearing age coming regularly to get themselves checked or treated for cancer. Many other individuals also come up with symptoms of colon cancer. Both are a menace in their own way, but they can certainly be taken care well if the treatment starts early.

Breast Cancer

It is not a matter of age, but most women are always at risk. However, it becomes extremely upsetting and complicated for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer when they are within the age of childbearing. In the majority of times, it is the most unexpected reality. But it also brings out many difficult choices to select just one or maybe two.

First Concern: If a breast cancer survivor could or should conceive and risk having children after she has recovered from her treatment. This concern is because of the possibility of cancer coming back as well as major physiological, hormonal and psychological difficulties being faced by a breast cancer survivor.

Second Concern: If it is an expectant mother, then the breast cancer or any cancer for that matter becomes an extremely complicated medical case. For the usual treatments like radiation, chemotherapy, tamoxifen or the other known therapies where the use of drugs is necessary; can’t be applied to a woman who is pregnant.

Although, there is no certainty that breast cancer would return in another form of cancer like breast cancer treatment Singapore suggests, cancer in this form is scary.

Colon Cancer

Colorectal cancer or Colon cancer symptoms are found in numerous people each year. It becomes a bit scary because its symptoms are mostly not obvious until it is detected and needs immediate treatment to commence. It has nothing to do with gender, such as breast cancer happens only to women, colon cancer can happen to both men and women.

Pain: Stool passing is a natural process of the body to get rid of the solid waste, after consuming food daily. However, with colon cancer complicating this daily routine of a person with painful passing of the stool, some time or most of the time with blood; certainly makes it horrifying.

Psychological impact: Other than the pain, it is the psychological impact that this type of cancer brings to its patient. It is the constant uncertainty in the mind of the bearer if he or she will be completely treated and cancer will never return in any other form.

Lifestyle: A person suffering from colon cancer symptoms will have to undergo some serious lifestyle changes during and after the therapy. This is extremely complicated as well as agonising for both the patient and his or her family.

Social Stigma: For people who belong to a conservative society or community, they go through social stigma because this is a health problem of an extremely private part of the body. Not many are confident with their body image.

Nonetheless, both types of cancer are scary, but their cure is possible with adequate treatment as well as utmost care.