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I absolutely adore, 오형균. 왜 내 맘을 흔드는 건데, 오형균-shhi!!
I am OBSESSED with K-Tigers, Have you seen their EXO Growl cover?!??!
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@nokcha … yeah I have … although, I had their Ringa Linga version on repeat for a few months … :D
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@davalycious I LOVE their flips and kicks, it doesnt even look like its hard for them! i wonder how long they've been training?
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@nokcha … srsly .. i watched tho so many times …and they make it look effortless… even the lil kids … i got delusional n i thought i could do a few … actually my younger sisters learned Karate when we were little … i really believed by association i could do a few kicks … silly silly me … :D
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@divalycious I can throw a few punches and thats about it HAHAHA
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