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여자친구 [GFRIEND] 200710 [SuperStar GFRIEND]♩<바람에 날려 (Gone with the wind)> 업데이트! 이 곡도 재미있게 즐겨 주세요🎶

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GFRIEND Official Rhythm Game, SuperStar GFRIEND! # Featuring GFRIEND official soundtracks♬ GFRIEND hits from debut to the latest! Enjoy a rhythm game with various songs! # Featuring GFRIEND! A gameplay always with GFRIEND☞ Select your favorite GFRIEND member! Meet the members everywhere in game! # Collect GFRIEND cards♣ Collect members’ cards and upgrade them to prettier, stronger cards! Get all the GFRIEND cards with various themes! # Exciting Weekly League for every week♨ Additional rewards from your Weekly League ranking! Match your theme, upgrade the cards for the higher scores! # Various missions for each day♥ Level up from clearing missions! Clear more missions and achievements for many rewards! [Application Permission Usage Notice] We are requesting for access permissions to provide services as below. Required Access Permissions Camera/Storage: For saving the game data in your storage Read, write on external storage: For saving settings and music data cache Device ID and phone calls: For tracking and analyzing advertisement records and creating tokens for push notifications Wi-Fi connection information: For sending guide messages upon downloading additional data ID: For creating and confirming user accounts [Access Permission Revoke] Settings > SUPERSTAR GFRIEND > Access Agree or Access Revoke ※ Visual Setting If you experience lags in the game you can change your visual setting to low resolution for better performance. ※ If you have any inquiries or require any further information, please contact us at. E-MAIL: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SuperStar GFRIEND Dalcomsoft Contact Information Email: Call : +82 02-548-9531
SuperStar GFRIEND - Apps on Google Play

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