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The Best Job Board Software At An Affordable Cost

Our ready to use white label job board script can be used by businesses, organizations, agencies to make their own job board. This software aid to bridge the gap between the job seekers and recruiters. It is a simple yet advanced, user-friendly solution which even nontechnical person can also operate with an ease. Get your own online job board software that will help you to manage the hiring process in no time.  
Post Unlimited Jobs
Multi-Language/Currency Support
Gmail/FB/Linkedin login
Advanced Search Filter
Responsive & SEO Friendly
Manage Candidate Database
New Announcement
Social Media Sharing
Multiple Payment Gateway
Auto Suggestion Filtering

Job Board Script Features

Our job board PHP script features the employer to post the jobs with required skill sets  and other details. Jobseekers can easily search the jobs matching their qualifications, location, experience, etc. once the registration is done , they are eligible to apply to a particular post. An employer can filter the job applications and mark the candidate as favorites who are relevant to the job post which can be a potential match for the particular position. With the help of a secure admin dashboard, one can manage the employers, job seekers, jobs postings etc.  

What does our Job Board Software do for you?

Our ready to use Job Board Software can help you to launch your own job board in less time.  This ready to use script is secure, responsive yet user-friendly that has a dedicated dashboard for admin, employer, jobseeker. It is very simple to use as no coding knowledge is required for setup, our technical team will do it for you.
Jobseekers can register themselves by Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email id. They can also create and manage their profiles in this  Job Board Software. Candidate Can mark the particular job as favorite can also apply directly or nearby in the future. Prospect can also share jobs over social media with their dear ones. With the help of the  “Generate A CV” feature ,they can create their own CV in the given format.  
This job board clone provides an incredibly great experience for employers to post unlimited jobs and can review the pool of prospects accordingly. Employers can send the email notification directly to job seekers & can also update the job status by activating or deactivating the listed jobs. Employers can also track the membership plan and payment history, mail history, and applications in the dashboard.    
The admin dashboard is the main aspect of our job board app as the Admin can monitor and manage the total number of jobseekers, employers, categories, skills, designations, locations, jobs, blogs and many more in this dynamic job board app. Since dashboard is the control center, one can easily manage the username, password, email security questions, plans etc . Same way the Admin can update or change the configurations of payment gateways.   

Enquire now at info@logicspice.com
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Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill, and this changed how people meet new people. As clubs, malls, and coffee shops were all closed recently, people were locked up in their homes looking for a connection. It is at this point that one realizes the value of dating applications. Even if the use of dating apps was common prior to the COVID-19 era, it is now prioritized over the convenience and luxury of meeting someone online due to a social need. The quickest and simplest way to do this is to download Tinder and create an account. Once a development team has been selected, the discovery (inception) phase will begin. The project requirements as well as your business objectives and project prototypes will be made clear at this point. The Tinder app is currently used in almost 200 countries, and each user spends at least 30 minutes there each day. Its dominance of the market alone demonstrates its success. Tinder is one of the top-earning dating applications right now, with user spending exceeding $78.4 million. This is $50 million more than Bumble, its main competition. Note: Are you thinking to create an app like Tinder then you must know the top mobile app development company in egypt How to create your own dating app: A Step-by-step guide Step 1. Find our niche Selecting a specialization is the first step in developing a dating app. You still have a chance to separate out from the crowd even if there are many dating applications available right now. You have to decide on a market for it. Preferences in food Many people have specific menu preferences, including those who must avoid gluten, are vegetarians, or are vegans. They still struggle to encounter a soul mate in their daily lives who shares their preferences. So, you can incorporate some personal dietary preferences into your dating app. Preferences in lifestyle Everybody has a different concept of what the ideal home is. Some of us grew up in big cities, while others may prefer the country. Similarity in lifestyle preferences may serve as a solid relationship building block. Favorite pets Another topic that could unite people is favorite pets. While some of us prefer dogs, others adore cats. As a result, you may build your dating app around shared passions for animals. Related Article: Mobile apps development companies in Saudi Arabia Step 2. Choose a business model Premium business model Users can purchase a premium app version with the following advanced capabilities in addition to the basic app features that are provided for free: Boosting profile To have their profile appear top in the search results, the app charges users a set amount. Advanced swipe This feature alters how users view photographs and is powered by a machine learning system. What technology is it based on? The clever algorithm modifies user photographs in accordance with other users' interests. The owner of a premium account thus has a greater chance of matching. Unlimited likes Users of the subscription account have an infinite number of likes, whereas users of the free app version have a restricted number of right swipes or likes. Other methods of app monetization include: In-app purchases The ability to send and receive presents between app users is enjoyable. Boost your app with purchased gifts like greetings, bouquets, and kisses to achieve this. Ads This monetization method is utilized by many applications. You can charge other companies to run their advertisements on your app. These could be models with a cost-per-click or cost-per-mile. Step 3 Choosing the tech stack for a Tinder-like app Scalability should be your top priority as you choose the technology that will power your project. Why does it matter, though? As we consider Tinder as an illustration: Since the app's release, the Tinder developers have matched users using the NoSQL database MongoDB. However, as the programme acquires popularity and users, the team finds it challenging to manage the MongoDB database performance. The team had to switch to Amazon Web Services' more robust hosting as a result. Step 4: Select a development team for a dating app. You should take into account the following factors to choose the best app development team from the many possibilities available on the mobile app development market: Developers hourly rate It is no secret that developers in various nations charge varying rates per hour. They might have similar backgrounds and skill sets at the same time. Therefore, you might think about working with developers from different nations if you wish to lower development costs. Portfolio Another thing you should look for when choosing a mobile app development company is their portfolio. You will gain knowledge of the company's level of expertise in this method. Additionally, it would be fantastic if the mobile app developer included dating apps in their portfolio. Previous clients Request a list of recent clients from the mobile development team. You can learn more about the dependability, commitment, and communication abilities of your potential developers by getting in touch with them. Development Capabilities Another factor to take into account is the size of the development team. You need a large development team if you want to build an enterprise-level solution. On the other hand, you can work with a group that includes one or two mobile developers to construct a project MVP. Step 5: Create and release the MVP Once you've selected them, the development team will start the discovery (inception) phase. At this point, the project specifications will be clarified along with your company goals and project prototypes. Related Article: How Much Does It Cost to develop a Dating App Author: an interesting Technical Content writer working at "Hyena Information Technologies," one of the leading and top mobile app development companies in Jordan. I'm interested in cutting-edge technology advancements. Information on iOS, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and mobile app development.
Security Services Bangalore
Handiman is offering the best Security Services in Bangalore. We are your go-to for all your security needs, whether for home, office, or any other premises. We never compromise on you and your property's safety. Our security services are quality & client-oriented and solely dedicated to your overall protection, in and out. We are 24 years old trusted facility management and maintenance service-providing company. We offer a comprehensive and fully-fledged security solution to residents, corporates, manufacturers, warehouses, education, retail, and health care sectors. Handiman offers security management of multiple segments associated with medium to large, private to public premises. Our integrated facility management services offer reliable and robust property management services. We have a well-established network, and the services, we provide for your safety are the best in their class. Physical guarding officers, armed guards, personal protection officers, and electronic surveillance services are all part of our Security Services. Our security personnel is highly-trained to meet the desired expectation and add value in the market due to their flexibility, quick reflexes, trustworthiness, and preparedness. Our trained and experienced guards will keep your property safe. Our security personnel is trained to meet all of the unique needs of the area/premises. Our presence is also in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Maharastra. Our security guards also provide security services for events, transportation of people or assets, and monitoring criminal activities. Believe us, Handiman helps you secure you and your premises from any hindrance. Handiman provides reliable and skilled security staff to improve your overall safety and protection. We provide guards who are highly dedicated, motivated, and customer-centric. We guarantee a fast security breach to keep your property safeguarded from criminal activities day and night. We guarantee that our security staff is dedicated, integrated, and adheres to moral values. Our comprehensive services ensure that our clients feel more secure about their Assets, Facilities, Life, Employees, loved ones, and other things. Handiman knows what is best for your security and safety, and our processes can attest that our service reliability remains among the best in the industry. By this, we mean that we have a stringent safety range to scan our methods to confirm what is best for your facility or premises. Our security team is a group of intelligent professionals who can meet all of your security and safety requirements while also accepting any challenges that come their way. Reasons why Handiman should be your first option for security services: All our guards get recruited after detailed background screening and police verification. They are thoroughly trained before being deployed to the client's location. We use those that are a perfect fit for our client's requirements. We hire smart, alert people to look after your property. Our security guards are skilled communicators. Our company ensures that all of our security guards are properly licensed. Our company ensures that all of our security guards have prior experience and success in security management. We provide our clients with a transparent background checklist, before the deployment of each staff. Why Choose Us? ISO-9001:2015 Certified Company More than two decades of experience Well-trained & experienced security guards Regular supervision of the security guards by managers Usage of tools and technology in use 100s of happy customers
6 Advantages Of Employing A Dedicated Software Development Team For Your Business
The business sphere is transforming quicker than ever before as an upshot of the newest technologies. This development has thoroughly changed the fashion businesses' work at every level.  The big race for an escalating number of organizations competing with each other is to embrace innovative technologies. Recruiting a dedicated software development team is becoming an excellent way to deal with this efficiently.  Depending on an internal development squad to investigate, embrace, and develop emerging technologies is becoming tougher.  It can also be challenging and useless to employ new developers when new software or hardware requires to be launched into the workflow.  This is where hiring a dedicated team can be helpful. There are countless benefits of appointing a team of dedicated developers. Let’s discuss a few of them. 6 Advantages Of Employing A Dedicated Software Development Team Here are some key advantages of working with a dedicated development team. Agility The primary perk of employing a dedicated crew is the level of nimbleness it provides, particularly to startups and medium-sized companies.   You can keep your internal staff smaller and stay agile by outsourcing your technology needs to these squads.  However, you should not look at the dedicated crew as a third-party working for your business.  Instead, you should view them as an addition to your in-house team so that you can completely engage with them.  The verdict to employ a dedicated team for one-time or regular jobs can enhance the effectiveness of your latest releases, technology migrations, and other identical necessities while keeping your company operations nimble. Expertise By allocating your development projects to a dedicated team, you boost your odds of procuring a superior quality solution that will gratify your end-users.  These experts have already built identical products, so they are aware of what methods, technologies, and functionalities to offer.  Moreover, they can improve your software with unique notions to help it outshine the competitors. Fully Concentrated On Your Project Another substantial advantage of appointing a dedicated software development team is that the developers are fully devoted to accomplishing the finest outcomes. In their work, they adhere to their clients' values, philosophies, and business objectives, while the clients choose the management tools and methodology. The high engagement level pushes them to acquire an exhaustive understanding of your business requirements, making them extraordinarily efficient. No Need To Spend Money On Pricier Software And Hardware Apart from recruiting internal development staff, hefty expenses involved in arranging offices and buying requisite resources are also linked with software development.  Nevertheless, when you appoint a team of dedicated developers, you won’t have to spend extra money on software and hardware.  The specialists have all the necessary resources, and their workstations are already established. It means you only need to pay for the expertise and labor.  Cost-Effective Traditional approaches to employing a group of developers include expenditures for training, workplace, and other legal costs.  As dedicated crews are hired remotely, some of these expenses are incurred without compromising the work’s quality.  A perk of recruiting a dedicated team is that you don’t have to invest time interviewing and choosing aspirants yourself to build a team for your projects.  Once the project requirements and scope are given, the agency will provide you with a group of professionals who are highly suitable for your project.  The pay rate can be adjusted based on project requirements. It is an outstanding fashion to streamline your expenditures and save your organization considerable money over time. Access To A Wide Range Of Skills When depending on your internal staff, the skills you can take advantage of can be limited.  For instance, you will utilize the identical crew for all projects your organization will work on.  Even if you involve freelancers or additional staff members, your core squad will forever be the same, leading to stagnation in notions and views.  It may hinder your company's ability to work on various dynamic projects. Nonetheless, when you appoint a dedicated team, this is not a problem. Every crew will be a new set of specialists with diverse skills, each well-suited to a particular aspect of the job.  The verity that you are not restricted by locality also means that the pool from which you can discover experienced developers is broader and less limited. Frequently Asked Questions How Does The Model Of A Dedicated Development Team Work? The client states the primary goals of the project and the talents, expertise, and technologies required. Also, they specify the team size and preferred development methodology.  The dedicated squad is completely set up and prepared to commence when the candidates have been interviewed. And the parties have agreed on the managing processes such as accounting, schedule, communication, etc.  Then, the client has full control over the squad and their work and time. The agency handles managerial support and guarantees that all job requirements are fulfilled.   When Should You Employ Dedicated Developers? Here are the signs that show you should hire dedicated developers. Want To Keep Your Duties To A Minimum You can appoint dedicated developers to reduce the hazards connected with task management—from beginning to end. Want To Accelerate The Process You should hire dedicated staff if you have to cater to projects that need a swifter time to market. Have A Defined Budget If you don’t want to overstretch your budget by hiring in-house developers, consider outsourcing your projects to a dedicated team. Conclusion The decision to appoint dedicated developers offers you the double advantage of leveraging experienced services at affordable prices.  This model works efficiently for one-time, short-term, and long-term projects. However, to take full advantage of it, companies should have a strong grasp of recruiting and working with dedicated squads.  They permit you to concentrate on your main areas of expertise and aid you in growing technologically with full attention to the job they work on.
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If you are looking for Consultancy services then you are at the perfect place. Consultancy is a leading business & franchise consultancy platform in Pakistan. We give brand franchise services to clients and businesses. A consultant is a professional that provides advice and expertise to a client. They are usually hired by companies or individuals to solve problems and help their businesses grow. Why Do You Need Consultant Professional? The main purpose of the consultant is to provide unbiased, objective information and make recommendations. These are typically used in fields such as management consulting, human resources, finance, marketing, etc. With many consultants in high demand these days, it can be tough for companies who want to hire one. In this article, I will outline how you can hire a professional consultant for your business or project with ease. Check out Hire consultant online. The best practices of consulting are the way that a business consultant can work with their client to help them achieve their goals. They help businesses in the following ways: Identify and prioritize key challenges faced by the client's business in order to assess what will be the most effective solution. Provide tools and resources that will help clients address these challenges. Develop an action plan for achieving these solutions and monitor progress towards achieving these goals. Here is the 6 Steps Process: Brand Policy Brand Development Space Acquisition Documentation Contract Payment Process Consultancy is one of the leading franchising consultancy platforms in Pakistan, that gives the best franchise services to clients and businesses. The core responsibility of consultancy is to deal in brand & Business Development, Franchise Consultancy, Space Acquisition, and business consultancy as well. For more information regarding Small business consultancy services visit our site: https://consultance.online/