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Chopped "cart": Challenge #1
First "cart" of unrelated mystery items :D Ingredients that MUST be used: 1. Peanut Butter 2. Frozen Cherries 3. Sauerkraut 4. Instant Oatmeal 5. Chicken Breast This is a tough basket. The frozen cherries and instant oatmeal make this the most challenging! From the ingredients, my first instinct is to make a dish somewhat resembling pad thai - because of the peanut butter. Then, with the frozen cherries and sauerkraut, I would make a sauce. Then, I would coat my chicken breast with the instant oatmeal, almost like breadcrumbs & fry them up! What would you all make given these ingredients?? Let your creativity run free! :o)
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@imliz hmmm peanut butter mustard. ... have you ever tried making anythingt that? sounds sort kd good but I have no idea what it would taste like!!
Hmmm... @onesmile i was inspired by honey mustard! I haven't tried making it yet, but i think it would be pretty good too!!
@imliz ohhh that's awesome! I love the idea of substituting peanut butter for the sweetness in the mustard :D !!