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DAMN DIS MAKES ME REALLY THINK I SHD'VE CONT W YOU WHO CAME FROM ANOTHER STAR :( noooo only if dat annoying unnie was not in in the show sorry got nothing against her but i thght she was really annoying hehess :p BUT I LOVE OPPA NO MATTER WHAT <3 <3
Aww @saharhyunjoong - which character did you dislike? main's mom?
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@serbshavemofun i never dislike him lol i love him adore him solo muchhh <3 <3 but just the main female lead was soooo annoying in you who came from the stars she gave me a headache lol :-D but i am trying my best 2 finish the show 4 him i love him nd finally now i like it more after ep 6 :) <3
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