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Signature multishop in Garosugil, Seoul
Garosugil means a tree-lined street. It is located near Cheongdam and Apgujeong area which has been the cultural frontier in early 2000s. Most young Korean fashion lovers today shop at Garosugil not at Apgujeong any more. Yeh! you can consider this a SOHO area of Seoul. Among lots of fashionable select shops, Flow + Hiroshi may be one of the most popular shops in Garosugil. Many celebrities shop there. Here you can also see the clothes designed by a "Project Runway", American reality show, winner.
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@tiffany87: thank you for all these great info :) You are a heroine
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Garosugil has been famous recently. But now it's too crowded. I prefer Samcheongdong.
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Would like to go there too.
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@jennylove: if you are interested in fashion and trend, you will like this place. :)
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