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Wonder Ball! From the catchy theme song that came on every commercial break - to the surprise candy centers that await the thin, chocolate spherical shell. This was such a fun chocolate that made me want it just for the Disney character shaped candies and tattoos/stickers! :D hehe what was your favorite 90's chocolate??
as much as I loved these, I loved wonka bars back when they really came with a chance to win!!
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You're right hehe, I think they still sell Wonka Bars - but without the actual chance to win with an actual golden ticket - eh..not as enticing!!
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@samrusso716 and not as delicious anymore lol -_- wonder balls were crazy too but I never got any good prizes lol
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@onesmile, agreed hahah the chocolate itself wasn't very good.. I guess as a child, I was too enticed by the Disney princess-shaped candies ):
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