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The Shire was the homeland of the Hobbits. It was located in the northwest of Middle-earth, in the region of Eriador and within the Kingdom of Arnor, that is, while the kingdom existed. By the Third Age it was one of the few heavily-populated areas left in Eriador. Its name in Westron was Sûza "Shire" or Sûzat "The Shire".
For me, the Shire was one of the most accurately represented locations. Even if every detail from the book wasn't correct, the feeling of it was, and thags what's important
@n3xt my personal fav has to be the first installment, The Fellowship of the Ring, it wasn't just the storyline but I was impress overall with everything, from the cinematography to the costumes itself...so from that first one I knew, I would love the rest.
@cheerfulcallie wat was ur fav LOTR movie? Personally huge fan of the Return of the King
I really enjoyed the The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit is good too...(*_*)
@onesmile really? I wouldnt think I would miss something like that lol
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