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Redhead Girl - Ball Point Pen
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@ameliasantos10 actually I found it through mashable, and found this ID on Deviantart. I am not very familiar with the site, so I used Vingle It so that people may be able to link back to see more of the artist's work...
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Woah this is crazy! I might have a slight obsession with pens, but I can't make mine do anything that amazing!
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@goyo how many colors do you think were used?
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@onesmile i cant even draw a chair lol @joebiden god knows man lol i wish i could understand how something so creative and skilled could be accomplished
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@goyo ohh!! thanks for that ... sometimes I just forget that I can click on the links ... oops hahaha but yes great move with the vingle it so that you don't have to hear questions like mine LOLLL and again thanks for showing us great work that other people have accomplished with their art skill while i am here doodling ahhah
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