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There are hundreds of cafes on every corner on Sinchon - it's hard to be a regular at just ONE cafe. The thing with Korea is that cuteness and trends really can make or break the flow of customer traffic. I stumbled upon a cozy and artsy cafe called "Cafe A to Z" in a hidden alley way in Sinchon. First, the presentation: The cafe itself is very artsy and romantic. The lighting is dim, but perfect for taking the BEST pictures of the cute aesthetics. It seems like a very cozy place for couples or just to have a relaxing time with a group of friends! The Strawberry Latte: Wow.. does this not look too pretty to eat? I got the strawberry latte, which is undoubtedly the cafe's signature & most popular item. The strawberries on top were semi frozen and were sculpted into a shape of a rose. The latte itself was delicious! It had chunks of real strawberry that really boosted the flavor and texture of the creamy latte. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS IF YOU LOVE SWEETS. One of my friends opted for the Grapefruit Squash. He said it was very refreshing and he could really taste the sourness and bright flavors of the grapefruit. And lastly, a milk tea was ordered. It did NOT disappoint! The cute teapot it was served in made this experience extra special. The milk tea was very smooth and comfortingly warm. YUM. Each beverage comes with a snack - pretzels and chewy, colorful cereal pieces. They also come with a cute animal buddy! My favorite was the penguin that was just chilling on the tray :P Overall, love this place & will DEFINITELY come back for more :D Here's some information on Cafe A to Z: Location: ** 13-42 Seodaemun-Gu, Changcheon-dong, Seoul 120-180 *A map has also been uploaded! Price: 5000-15000 won Hours: 11:30am-2:00am Phone Number: 02-313-7523
@goyo it WAS AMAZING! almost too pretty to eat. @ameliasantos10 hahaha that's the best combination, is it not xDD
@samrusso716 i am loving how the cocktail and the studying go together in one sentence! hahahhah and i think their popular dish was the chicken pasta! maybe if i get a chance to go soon i will let you know how they are!!
Never one to really be impressed by sweets but that strawberry thing looks amazing @samrusso716 great job lol
@ameliasantos10 YES! they have some awesome stuff there, but sadly I wasn't able to try the brunch ): but they also have cocktails & provide the best atmosphere for studying or dates hehe
@samrusso716 i looked it up a bit more and i heard they have pretty good brunch dishes too!! now this is climbing up to my must visit places hahahaah
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