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Learning Has Not Been And Never Will Be Limited To Classroom Activity
Self-disciplined people are learners. They rise to the challenges of life, and leap into its uncertainties. Self-discipline requires the letting go of security to take a chance and invest time and effort on something. People like our idols are people who surrender their security at one time or another in their lives. For some, security must be surrendered many times. This surrender of security is not always a comfortable way of living, but it is most often the way to reach beyond one's own temporary boundaries. When we let go of security, we actively reconstruct the filters. We let in information that was inconsistent with who we were before. For instance, if you are a student who plays high school basketball, you know that you are not a professional basketball player. You have neither the skills nor the knowledge to play the game professionally. You know yourself quite well don't you? But, would you say that you know your possibilities quite well? Just because you are not playing pro basketball right now does not mean that you cannot do it. The difference is this: the present is "known", the future "unknown". Many of us fear what we do not know or understand, yet to grow we must act on the world as if we know it and understand it even when we really don't. Doing so involves risk. Each of us has a life to live, but we don't all rise to life's challenges. We are not all self-disciplined. The challenges of life, though they are different for each of us, can include struggle, pain, happiness, contentment, suffering, hatred, friendship, love, belonging, or just about anything else. Life means different things to different people. Life can also mean different things to each of us at different times in our lives. I'm sure that you are not concerned with the same aspects of life as when you were five years old. This change in meaning as we grow, this learning, can show us some of the keys to success. The ability to learn offers us the experience of others before we have gone through the realities ourselves. If you don't believe me, answer the following question. What would you do with your life if you had more money than you could spend? That is a possibility that doesn't exist for most of us, yet we can sit here and think about it and come up with some very interesting answers! What would you do if you had an academic average an entire grade or two higher than you have now? This second question represents a realistic goal for many students if they only learn the skills necessary to be more effective students. For some the grade increases can be even more dramatic. If challenged to think of possibilities, we can imagine circumstances and realities beyond the one we are in now. Our ability to learn and our ability to imagine give us an open door to possibilities. Imagine how you could become better than you are now. What would you have to learn to become better? What, do you imagine, would you be like? Does anything come to mind? Life is full of challenges. Any and every conceivable situation we face in life carries this potential for challenge. The challenge always falls into the questions, 'where should I go?' and 'how should I get there?' The world changes, and each change brings challenges and choices with it. When we make important decisions that are relevant to our lives, we are living up to our expectations. When we make relatively unimportant decisions, we are living down to our expectations. Accepting responsibility means making the decisions, it means answering the questions we are challenged with, it means facing change. The next generation includes you and me. Changes and challenges are what our life is all about, and the rate of change is increasing. Whether we realize it or not we are always moving toward something, sometimes toward those things we want in life and at other times toward the things we don't want. The interesting thing however, is, we never face the option of not going. Not going is not an option; time will not wait. Because of time we have only two options. First, we can sit by, thinking that we don't want to change, and that time will wait for us, thinking that our lives will last forever, thinking that there will always be enough time when we need it. Or, second, we can realize that time isn't something that we can take whenever we want, that time is not like money in a bank account that we can save or use when we want, that time is something that flows. If we try to remain as we are, unchanged, we are destined to fail. The world doesn't cease its rotation for anyone. Seconds tick away, minutes pass, hours flow by, and days appear and disappear never to be witnessed again. Days flow into weeks, weeks into months, months to years, and finally to lifetimes. No one can stop the flow of time. We can't build reservoirs of time like we build reservoirs of water. Concrete and wood can hold back entire seas, while absolutely nothing can hold back the flow of time. We can't save time, trade it for something else, ask for and get more of it, slow it down, speed it up, stop it or in any way alter its flow. The flow of the river of time is much too strong. Time flows, and it carries us along with it. We can only use our time as it flows. That means making choices. To make good choices, you need to know your needs, your desires, your goals. There is no one else in the world who understands you, and your view of the world, better than you do. No one can better judge your thinking than you can. Though some people think that because they are specialists in their field, they can judge your situation, assess your ability and forecast your future, no one can better find out what meaning you should choose for your lives than you yourself can. Whether you choose to be engaged with life, or you choose not to choose, you have chosen. Sometimes our lives become filled with the choices of others. These choices are made for us by parents, teachers, advertisers, friends and relatives. These people can never understand the total complicated person that you are. That doesn't mean, though, that you are always right and that others are always wrong. Right or wrong are not the issues here. You only see through your own eyes (because of your own filters), and sometimes others have experienced things that you haven't. In the same way, you may have experiences in your life that other people may never even understand. To broaden your experience, you can share in the knowledge that other people have experienced. Notice I have written "you can share in the knowledge." It means that you are still responsible for getting actively involved with the sharing. By sharing in the knowledge, you don't just sit there and let other people pour knowledge into your head, you have to actively share it. If you choose not to take responsibility by allowing others to do the learning for you, they will also make your choices for you. Sometimes this happens in school settings. The choices for many things are made for the students without their input into the matter. Controlling people does not have to be a bad thing, but we have to look at this carefully. Schools exist to ensure that students grow up to become educated, responsible and respectable people; people that are willing to stand up for what they believe. This is very different from standing up for what someone else thinks you should believe. As other people make many decisions for us, they can spend our time. If we are not careful, the decisions that others make for us will largely dictate whether we have a good time or a lousy one. We can be a person to which things are always happening, like the kind of person who got stuck with the crummy teacher, and who has lousy parents and a useless boy/girl friend. The person to whom things are always happening is the person who (for whatever reason) will not make decisions for him/herself. Other people make the decisions and control the direction, and by virtue of this, our entire reality is focused in ways that seem arbitrary and unplanned. Sometimes the effects are good. Sometimes they are not, and when they are not, we feel like a billiard ball being smacked around the pool table by a whole bunch of other balls until we finally fall into a hole. If we allow other people to make choices for us without taking responsibility, we have resigned the responsibility for our future and left our accomplishments as rewards for others. Our potential rewards remain obscured, sunken like treasure at the bottom of the flowing river, while we pass by them oblivious to their existence. Once we pass, we can't paddle back against the flow to get them. We sometimes can't even slow down long enough to have a better look at what we could have done with our lives. We are washed away from the treasures of life helplessly, forever. Sometimes we see people demonstrating this when they say 'if only I knew then what I know now' and 'if I was 10 years younger, I'd...' Conversely, we can be the kind of person who makes things happen. For example, you can be the kind of person who asks special someone out and who works harder when the teacher doesn't give as much help as we need. You can be the kind of person who lets your parents know that there must be a way for everyone in the family to get along without someone feeling left out. You can become the kind of person who, through knowing your needs, desires and goals, is able to make choices that direct you where you want to go. When we accomplish something chosen for us by someone else, we often are not able to truly accept the rewards for it. We may get some rewards, sure, but we might end up feeling sort of artificial about the whole thing. This feeling of artificiality comes from the realization that we are capable people, perhaps capable of doing great things, but we haven't chosen any. Maybe you are one of those people who had well-meaning parents who told you that they would buy you something nice if you got better grades. So, what did you do? Most of the time the next report card showed improved grades didn't it? Then you get your prize. Wasn't that feeling great? Sure, you felt great for a while, because you got your prize, but what happened to your grades soon after? Chances are, your grades fell again until report card time was looming when you remembered your parents’ promise of a gift. The encouraging thing about situations like this is we realize that we can act on our world and accomplish things. We recognize that we have something that psychology call self-efficacy, that is, coping skills. We can change, grow and adapt. We can learn. Such situations become discouraging when you realize that the actions you took were not on your own behalf; they were for someone else. We didn't get better grades because we wanted better grades. Our parents were the one's who wanted us to have better grades. We did it because we wanted the prize. We did it for them, not out of concern for them, but rather because we were not willing to make our own choices. Even if their choice was out of concern for our own well being and interest, it was still not our choice. When other people choose goals for us that we would rather not strive for, all that we end up owning is the effort and time, nothing more. Others receive the satisfaction for our accomplishment because it is something that they wanted, not something that we wanted. If we choose to make our own choices rather than have these choices made for us, we can then begin to enjoy all of the happiness that our goals (and therefore our lives) have to offer. This is because all of our actions will be in line with our values, loves and desires. We will begin to feel the on-top-of -the -world feeling when we accomplish something. We would begin to control and own ourselves. Others may help us in our journey, but we set its course. If we begin on a journey that we want to travel, and someone wants to join us, it doesn't automatically become their journey. Our journey remains ours. Their journey remains theirs. It is simply a matter that most people enjoy journeys that are quite similar. That's why we have heroes, idols and mentors. We enjoy watching people who are doing things that are similar to what we want to do. We should always remember that our life remains ours. The person on the journey with us simply becomes part of a shared journey as a fellow traveler. On this journey through life, the thing that will make a difference to us in the future is the quality and quantity of information we understand, use and share. This knowledge and information could prove useful to us if our journey was a quest. If your life became a quest, that would mean that you would have some purpose to your journey. You would have some reason to be engaged with action. You would have a reason to try. You would have a reason to live. You would have an incredibly powerful answer to the question "Why Should I?" The answer will define your quest. All of us are alive, but few of us have thought about it long enough to come up with our own reason for living. That is not to say that we don't have a reason, but we may not have our own reason. Can you imagine what reasons your heroes and idols might have for engaging in action? How might they have come up with this reason? Though your reason for doing something may be different, how you come up with the reason will be very similar. You might look to others for guidance. Ultimately, you look inside yourself. What will you find? Chances are, you will find you’re a results-oriented person. You are probably the kind of person that looks to discover new things. If you really are this kind of person, you are practically guaranteed to find the new things that you are searching for. This is the kind of person I would like to be too. I like to get good results when I do things. I like to find new and better ways of doing things. But, if we want to find things, we have to be searching. If we choose to make our life a quest, then we become empowered to learn everything that may somehow lead us to the goal of our quest. Learning has not been, is not, and never will be limited to classroom activity. Yet this is what many students see learning as. Learning is life itself. Every new experience that life offers us is in some way different from any other experience we have ever had. These differences, however subtle, allow us to learn. Learning is an ongoing process that isn't always under conscious control. We can't simply sit and think "I will learn now," like we try to the night before an exam. Sometimes we learn whether we wish to or not! I think of it this way: from the day that we come into this world, we change. There is no way that this can be denied. Our bodies are constantly changing and growing older. We know that our thoughts are a direct result of the neuro-chemical activity occurring in our brains, and our brains are part of our bodies. If our bodies change, the brains that control our bodies must correspondingly change. If our brains change, our thinking must change. If our thoughts change we change. If we change, we experience the world differently than we have in the past. This is learning. We truly engage our quest when we begin to direct our change and our learning. In other words, we begin our quest when we begin to learn on purpose. Understanding that change is inevitable leaves us wanting to learn. It is only through learning that we can be effective in our lives. Through learning, we cause our lives to go the way we want them to go. Learning offers us power. Learning gives us the power to control our own lives. Learning comes packed with the power to choose. Children are very accepting of this idea. We are amazed that children find everything interesting! They want to look at, listen to, touch, taste and feel everything. Successful adults are like children in this way. Unfortunately, children very quickly learn that some things are not to be looked at, listened to, touched, tasted or felt. Much of this is taught to them by their parents, often for the child's own protection so they can live long enough to become adults. Society also teaches us not to experience certain things because we think of them as bad. It seems that many of us are more often shown how not to be curious and willing to learn, than how to be like our natural state as learners. Anyone who doubts this can look at some of the data on the change in creativity that occurs between the ages of five (when we begin school) and early adulthood. We are naturally curious! We become distressed when we are not allowed to be curious and inquisitive about whatever we wish to be. The only way this changes is if it is forced out of us. Sometimes it was forced out of us long before we realized that we even had a choice. In other words we had our choices used up by those who had the power and the authority to choose. But, the good news is that we can take back the ownership of our life and choose to be as nature intended us to be. We can again become curious, inquisitive learners. We can stare out at the wonder of this huge thing that we call our world, and even beyond, and engage in the curiosity and wisdom of others, and their experience in it. All your life is available to you for learning. How you are going to spend your life is completely up to you, but if you wish to accomplish anything in life, you must learn. If we make the choice to learn, we can do anything we set our minds to. But how small a portion of learning 'the education system' really is. Learning in life is much more than what schooling has to offer. Without basic skills taught to us in the education system, life would be much harder, but usually schooling provides us with the most basic skills necessary for life. There is so much more that we must add to this if we are to achieve the goal of our quest. The skills presented to us in school are only a scratch on the surface of the sphere of knowledge. So how can we spend time to invest in ourselves through learning? The beginning for change as I wanted it began with learning. Learning is the key to all successful change in life. It is the engine of our mind that frees us from the cycle of being presented with a situation and reacting to it. Instead, we respond. Responding is different than reacting because responding requires thought. This is where the word responsibility comes from; consider the words response able. We are responsible for what we do, because we can think about the consequences of our actions. It is the tool that allows us to build the future that we want to have. Doing better in school is just the beginning. Learning is the key to success in anything. Since success means different things to different people, its definition is as individual as our personalities. I would like you to use a specific definition of success that will fit for anyone. Success is not the attainment of a goal that you have set for yourself. Success encompasses planning, acting, assessing, and accommodating for changes. This means that success is your activity in any aspect of goal attainment. In other words, you are successful as long as you are learning about and working on your goals. Success only stops when we stop working on our goals or when we fail to make the adjustments necessary to reach our goals. When we fail at something, we should not give up. Most children know this naturally. If they really want to do something, they will keep on doing it until it works. They try until they can walk, until they can talk, until they can throw a ball, sew a perfect stitch, shoot the perfect basket, or even build the perfect secret fort. Children do not give up as easily as adults. Why? Because they have not learned to say 'no' to themselves. Children do not put so much worth in what cynics think of them. Children don’t accept when people say, "don't do that, it's too hard," or "don't do that it isn't worth it." Children decide what they want and they keep trying for it until they’ve reached it. If we try something and it does not work out the first time, we may easily give up if we come across a cynic. These people are tremendous fuel drainers. They are able to siphon the fuel right out of us and cause us to 'run out of gas'. This can happen long before our temporary failures have taught us the lessons necessary for the accomplishment of our goals. Cynics will gladly make our decisions for us if we will not make them for ourselves. You can make the decision to try again, and again, and again, and again, and again. If you never give up, it is inevitable that you will become successful. There is nothing shameful in trying again. The only shame is not learning from our trials. It means that every apparent failure contains within it a lesson that allows us to grow, to learn something. That acquired knowledge allows us to be successful later. Jeff C. Palmer is a teacher, success coach, trainer, Certified Master of Web Copywriting and founder of Jeff is a prolific writer, Senior Research Associate and Infopreneur having written many eBooks, articles and special reports. Source:
2023 Latest Braindump2go 400-007 PDF Dumps(Q83-Q120)
QUESTION 83 Which statement about hot-potato routing architecture design is true? A.Hot-potato routing is the preferred architecture when connecting to content providers B.Hop-potato keeps traffic under the control of the network administrator for longer C.OSPF uses hot-potato routing if all ASBRs use the same value for the external metric D.Hot-potato routing is prone to misconfiguration as well as poor coordination between two networks Answer: A QUESTION 84 Two enterprise networks must be connected together. Both networks are using the same private IP addresses. The client requests from both sides should be translated using hide NAT (dynamic NAT) with the overload feature to save IF addresses from the NAT pools. Which design addresses this requirement using only one Cisco I OS NAT router for both directions? A.This is not possible, because two Cisco IOS NAT routers are required to do dynamic NAT, with overload in both directions. B.The ip nat inside and ip nat outside commands must be configured at the interfaces with the overload option in both directions. C.The overload feature is the default and does not have to be configured. D.Two different NAT pools must be used for the ip nat inside source and the ip nat outside source commands for the overload feature in both directions. E.The Nat Virtual interface must be used to achieve this requirement. Answer: D QUESTION 85 Refer to the exhibit. As part of a redesign project, you must predict multicast behavior. What happens to the multicast traffic received on the shared tree (*,G), if it is received on the LHR interface indicated*? A.It is dropped due to an unsuccessful RPF check against the multicast source B.It is switched give that no RPF check is performed C.It is switched due to a successful RPF check against the routing table D.It is dropped due to an unsuccessful RPk8t8ck against the multicast receiver. Answer: A QUESTION 86 A BGP route reflector in the network is taking longer than expected to coverage during large network changes. Troubleshooting shows that the router cannot handle all the TCP acknowledgements during route updates. Which action can be performed to tune the device performance? A.Increase the size of the hold queue. B.Increase the size of the large buffers. C.Decrease the size of the small buffers. D.Increase the keepalive timers for each BGP neighbor. Answer: A QUESTION 87 Which two application requirements are mandatory tor traffic to receive proper treatment when placed in the priority queue? (Choose two.) A.small transactions (HTTP-like behavior) B.WRED drop treatment C.tolerance to packet loss D.intolerance to jitter E.TCP-based application Answer: CD QUESTION 88 Which two conditions must be met for EIGRP to maintain an alternate loop-free path to a remote network? (Choose two.) A.The Reported Distance from a successor is lower than the local Feasible Distance. B.The Reported Distance from a successor is higher than the local Feasible Distance. C.The feasibility condition does not need to be met. D.The Feasible Distance from a successor is lower than the local Reported Distance. E.A feasible successor must be present. Answer: AE QUESTION 89 You are designing a new Ethernet-based metro-area network for an enterprise customer to connect 50 sites within the same city OSPF will be the routing protocol used. The customer is primarily concerned with IPv4 address conservation and convergence time. Which two combined actions do you recommend? (Choose two) A.Use a multipoint Metro-E service for router connections B.Use a single address per router for all P2P links C.Use P2P links between routers in a hub-and-spoke design D.Configure address aggregation at each site router E.Determine which OSPF routers will be DR/BDR Answer: AC QUESTION 90 Which two statements about MLD snooping are true? (Choose two) A.When MLD snooping is enabled, QoS is automatically enabled. B.A VLAN can support multiple active MLD snooping queries, as long as each one is associated to a different multicast group. C.AN MLD snooping querier election occurs when any MLD snooping querier goes down or if there is an IP address change on the active querier. D.When multiple MLD snooping queriers are enabled in a VLAN, the querier with the lowest IP address in the VLAN is elected as the active MLD snooping querier. Answer: CD QUESTION 91 Which two design option are available to dynamically discover the RP in an IPv6 multicast network? (Choose two) A.embedded RP B.MSDP C.BSR D.Auto-RP E.MLD Answer: AC QUESTION 92 Company A has a hub-and spoke topology over an SP-managed infrastructure. To measure traffic performance metrics. IP SLA senders on all spoke CE routers and an IP SLA responder on the hub CE router. What must they monitor to have visibility on the potential performance impact due to the constantly increasing number of spoke sites? A.memory usage on the hub router B.interface buffers on the hub and spoke routers C.CPU and memory usage on the spoke routers D.CPU usage on the hub router Answer: D QUESTION 93 Which two descriptions of CWDM are true? (Choose two) A.typically used over long distances, but requires optical amplification B.uses the 850nm band C.allows up to 32 optical earners to be multiplexed onto a single fiber D.shares the same transmission window as DWDM E.Passive CWDM devices require no electrical power Answer: DE QUESTION 94 SDWAN networks capitalize the usage of broadband Internet links over traditional MPLS links to offer more cost benefits to enterprise customers. However, due to the insecure nature of the public Internet, it is mandatory to use encryption of traffic between any two SDWAN edge devices installed behind NAT gateways. Which overlay method can provide optimal transport over unreliable underlay networks that are behind NAT gateways? A.TLS B.DTLS C.IPsec D.GRE Answer: C QUESTION 95 Company XYZ runs OSPF in their network. A design engineer decides to implement hot-potato routing architecture. How can this implementation be achieved? A.Enable iBGP and apply prepend to ensure all prefixes will have the same length of the AS path attribute value. B.Redistribute the external prefixes onto OSPF and ensure the total metric calculation includes only the ext value and the value is the same in all ASBRs. C.Enable OSPF load-balancing over unequal cost path. D.Redistribute the external prefixes onto OSPF and ensure that the total metric calculation includes external internal values. Answer: D QUESTION 96 What are two primary design constraints when a robust infrastructure solution is created? (Choose two.) A.monitoring capabilities B.project time frame C.staff experience D.component availability cost Answer: BE QUESTION 97 SD-WAN can be used to provide secure connectivity to remote offices, branch offices, campus networks, data centers, and the cloud over any type of IP-based underlay transport network. Which two statements describe SD WAN solutions? (Choose two.) A.SD-WAN networks are inherently protected against slow performance. B.Control and data forwarding planes are kept separate. C.Improved operational efficiencies result In cost savings. D.Solutions include centralized orchestration, control, and zero-touch provisioning. E.Solutions allow for variations of commodity and specialized switching hardware. Answer: CD QUESTION 98 An architect designs a multi-controller network architecture with these requirements: - Achieve fast failover to control traffic when controllers fail. - Yield a short distance and high resiliency in the connection between the switches and the controller. - Reduce connectivity loss and enable smart recovery to improve the SDN survivability. - Improve connectivity by adding path diversity and capacity awareness for controllers. Which control plane component of the multi-controller must be built to meet the requirements? A.control node reliability B.controller stale consistency C.control path reliability D.controller clustering Answer: D QUESTION 99 Company XYZ is planning to deploy primary and secondary (disaster recovery) data center sites. Each of these sites will have redundant SAN fabrics and data protection is expected between the data center sites. The sites are 100 miles (160 km) apart and target RPO/RTO are 3 hrs and 24 hrs, respectively. Which two considerations must Company XYZ bear in mind when deploying replication in their scenario? (Choose two.) A.Target RPO/RTO requirements cannot be met due to the one-way delay introduced by the distance between sites. B.VSANs must be routed between sites to isolate fault domains and increase overall availability. C.Synchronous data replication must be used to meet the business requirements. D.Asynchronous data replication should be used in this scenario to avoid performance impact in the primary site. E.VSANs must be extended from the primary to the secondary site to improve performance and availability. Answer: CD Explanation: RPO and RTO tend to vary based on the application involved. These metrics tend to fluctuate between data that cannot be lost (i.e., low RPO but high RTO) such as financial and healthcare data as well as real-time systems that cannot be down (i.e., high RPO but low RTO) such as an E-commerce web server. QUESTION 100 Which undesired effect of increasing the jitter compensation buffer is true? A.The overall transport jitter decreases and quality improves. B.The overall transport jitter increases and quality issues can occur. C.The overall transport delay increases and quality issues can occur. D.The overall transport delay decreases and quality improves. Answer: C QUESTION 101 Which three tools are used for ongoing monitoring and maintenance of a voice and video environment? (Choose three.) A.flow-based analysis to measure bandwidth mix of applications and their flows management analysis to identify network convergence-related failures management analysis to identify CAC failures and call quality issues monitoring via synthetic probes to measure loss, latency, and jitter E.passive monitoring via synthetic probes to measure loss, latency, and jitter F.flow-based analysis with PTP time-stamping to measure loss, latency, and jitter Answer: ACD QUESTION 102 Which two advantages of using DWDM over traditional optical networks are true? (Choose two.) A.inherent topology flexibility and service protection provided without penalty through intelligent oversubscription of bandwidth reservation B.ability to expand bandwidth over existing optical Infrastructure C.inherent topology flexibility with built-in service protection D.inherent topology flexibility with intelligent chromatic dispersion E.inherent topology flexibility with a service protection provided through a direct integration with an upper layer protocol Answer: AB QUESTION 103 Refer to the exhibit. This network is running OSPF and EIGRP as the routing protocols. Mutual redistribution of the routing protocols has been configured on the appropriate ASBRs. The OSPF network must be designed so that flapping routes in EIGRP domains do not affect the SPF runs within OSPF. The design solution must not affect the way EIGRP routes are propagated into the EIGRP domains. Which technique accomplishes the requirement? A.route summarization the ASBR interfaces facing the OSPF domain B.route summarization on the appropriate ASBRS. C.route summarization on the appropriate ABRS. D.route summarization on EIDRP routers connecting toward the ASBR Answer: D QUESTION 104 Company XYZ is running OSPF in their network. They have merged with another company that is running EIGRP as the routing protocol. Company XYZ now needs the two domains to talk to each other with redundancy, while maintaining a loop free environment. The solution must scale when new networks are added into the network in the near future. Which technology can be used to meet these requirements? A.multipoint route-redistribution with route filtering using ACLs B.multipoint route-redistribution with route filtering using route tags C.single point route-redistribution with route filtering using route tags D.single point route-redistribution with route filtering using ACLs Answer: B QUESTION 105 Company XYZ is in the process of identifying which transport mechanism(s) to use as their WAN technology. Their main two requirements are. - a technology that could offer DPI, SLA, secure tunnels, privacy, QoS, scalability, reliability, and ease of management - a technology that is cost-effective Which WAN technology(ies) should be included in the design of company XYZ? A.Software-defined WAN should be the preferred choice because it complements both technologies, covers all the required features, and it is the most cost-effective solution. B.Internet should be the preferred option because it is cost effective and supports BFD, IP SLA. and IPsec for secure transport over the public Internet. C.Both technologies should be used. Each should be used to back up the other one; where the primary links are MPLS, the internet should be used as a backup link with IPsec (and vice versa). D.MPLS meets all these requirements and it is more reliable than using the Internet. It is widely used with defined best practices and an industry standard. Answer: A QUESTION 106 Which MPLS TE design consideration is true? A.MPLS TE replaces LDP and the dependency of the IGP to identify the best path. B.MPLS TE provides link and node protection C.MPLS TE optimizes the routing of IP traffic, given the constraints imposed by backbone capacity and application requirements. D.MPLS TE requires Layer 3 VPN full-mesh topology deployment Answer: C QUESTION 107 The network designer needs to use GLOP IP address in order make them unique within their ASN, which multicast address range will be considered? A. to B. to C. to D. to Answer: C QUESTION 108 Drag and Drop Question Drag and drop the multicast protocols from the left onto the current design situation on the right. Answer: QUESTION 109 Drag and Drop Question Drag and drop the end-to-end network virtualization elements from the left onto the correct network areas on the right. Answer: QUESTION 110 Which two data plane hardening techniques are true? (Choose two) A.warning banners B.redundant AAA servers C.Control Plane Policing D.SNMPv3 E.infrastructure ACLs F.disable unused services G.routing protocol authentication Answer: CE QUESTION 111 You have been asked to design a high-density wireless network for a university campus. Which two principles would you apply in order to maximize the wireless network capacity? (Choose two.) A.Implement a four-channel design on 2.4 GHz to increase the number of available channels B.Choose a high minimum data rate to reduce the duty cycle. C.increases the number of SSlDs to load-balance the client traffic. D.Make use of the 5-GHz band to reduce the spectrum utilization on 2.4 GHz when dual-band clients are used. E.Enable 802.11n channel bonding on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to increase the maximum aggregated cell throughput. Answer: BD QUESTION 112 Company XYZ is redesigning their QoS policy. Some of the applications used by the company are real- time applications. The QoS design must give these applications preference in terms of transmission. Which QoS strategy can be used to fulfill the requirement? A.weighted fair queuing B.weighted random early detection C.low-latency queuing D.first-in first-out Answer: C QUESTION 113 As part of workspace digitization, a large enterprise has migrated all their users to Desktop as a Sen/ice (DaaS), by hosting the backend system in their on-premises data center. Some of the branches have started to experience disconnections to the DaaS at periodic intervals, however, local users in the data center and head office do not experience this behavior. Which technology can be used to mitigate this issue? A.tail drop B.traffic shaping C.WRED D.traffic policing Answer: B QUESTION 114 A healthcare provider discovers that protected health information of patients was altered without patient consent. The healthcare provider is subject to HIPAA compliance and is required to protect PHI data. Which type of security safeguard should be implemented to resolve this issue? A.technical and physical access control B.administrative security management processes C.physical device and media control D.technical integrity and transmission security Answer: D QUESTION 115 Which two technologies enable multilayer segmentation? (Choose two.) A.policy-based routing B.segment routing plane markings D.firewalls E.filter lists Answer: AD QUESTION 116 IPFIX data collection via standalone IPFIX probes is an alternative to flow collection from routers and switches. Which use case is suitable for using IPFIX probes? A.performance monitoring C.observation of critical links D.capacity planning Answer: A QUESTION 117 Company XYZ wants to use the FCAPS ISO standard for network management design. The focus of the design should be to monitor and keep track of any performance issues by continuously collecting and analyzing statistical information to monitor, correct, and optimize any reduced responsiveness across the network. Which layer accomplishes this design requirement? A.fault management B.accounting management C.performance management management Answer: C QUESTION 118 While designing a switched topology, in which two options is UplinkFast recommended? (Choose two ) A.when switches of different spanning-tree types are connected (for example. 802.1d connecting to 802.1w) B.on distribution layer switches C.when hello timers are changed to more aggressive values D.on access layer switches E.on the core switches Answer: AD QUESTION 119 You are using iSCSI to transfer files between a 10 Gigabit Ethernet storage system and a 1 Gigabit Ethernet server. The performance is only approximately 700 Mbps and output drops are occurring on the server switch port. Which action will improve performance in a cost-effective manner? A.Change the protocol to CIFS. B.Increase the queue to at least 1 GB C.Use a WRED random drop policy D.Enable the TCP Nagle algorithm on the receiver Answer: A QUESTION 120 Customer XYZ network consists of an MPLS core. IS-IS running as IGP a pair of BGP route reflectors for route propagation, and a few dozens of MPLS-TE tunnels for specific tactical traffic engineering requirements. The customer's engineering department has some questions about the use of the Overload Bit in the IS-IS networks and how it could be used to improve their current network design. Which two concepts about the Overload Bit are true? (Choose two.) A.It can be set on a router during the startup process for a fixed period of time B.Networks advertised within the LSPs of the respective node will become unreachable C.It forces the midpoint MPLS-TE node to reoptimize the primary tunnels going through the OL node. D.It can be set on a router until other interacting protocols have signaled convergence. E.It is not recommended on BGP Route Reflectors Answer: AD 2023 Latest Braindump2go 400-007 PDF and 400-007 VCE Dumps Free Share:
How To Become CS? | Ultimate Preparation Tips To Crack CS Exam
Becoming a Company Secretary (CS) in India requires a combination of education, training, and passing a series of exams. Here are some tips on how to prepare for and pass the CS exams: Understand the Exam Pattern: The CS exams are divided into three levels: Foundation, Executive, and Professional. It is important to have a clear understanding of the exam pattern, including the number of questions, time limit, and weightage of each section. Create a Study Plan: Create a study plan that includes a schedule of the topics you need to cover, the time you need to spend on each topic, and the resources you need to use. Stick to the plan and make sure to allocate enough time for each section. Get the Right Study Materials: Get the right study materials, including books, notes, question papers, and mock tests. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) provides study materials and question papers on its website. Join a Coaching Class: Joining a coaching class can help you stay motivated, stay on track, and get guidance from experienced teachers. Practice with Mock Tests: Take as many mock tests as possible to familiarize yourself with the exam format and to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Time Management: Manage your time effectively during the exam. Make sure to attempt all the questions and not spend too much time on any one question. Stay Focused and Stay Positive: Preparing for the CS exams can be a stressful and time-consuming process. It is important to stay focused and stay positive throughout the preparation process. Take breaks when you need to and make sure to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Keep Yourself Updated: Keep yourself updated with the latest laws and regulations related to corporate governance. In conclusion, Becoming a Company Secretary requires a combination of education, training, and passing a series of exams. To prepare for the CS exams, it is important to understand the exam pattern, create a study plan, get the right study materials, join a coaching class, practice with mock tests, manage your time effectively during the exam, stay focused and stay positive, and keep yourself updated with the latest laws and regulations related to corporate governance.
2023 Latest Braindump2go 300-720 PDF Dumps(Q46-Q76)
QUESTION 46 Which two statements about configuring message filters within the Cisco ESA are true? (Choose two.) A.The filters command executed from the CLI is used to configure the message filters. B.Message filters configuration within the web user interface is located within Incoming Content Filters. C.The filterconfig command executed from the CLI is used to configure message filters. D.Message filters can be configured only from the CLI. E.Message filters can be configured only from the web user interface. Answer: AD QUESTION 47 What occurs when configuring separate incoming mail policies? A.message splintering B.message exceptions C.message detachment D.message aggregation Answer: A QUESTION 48 Which default port is used by the Cisco ESA to quarantine the message on the Cisco Security Management Appliance? A.port 25fTCP B.port110/TCP C.port443/TCP D.port 6025/TCP E.port4766/UDP Answer: D QUESTION 49 When configuring CRES, where do you enable read receipts? A.In the encryption profile B.In the content filter condition menu C.In the content filter action menu D.In the mail policy Answer: A QUESTION 50 Which type of query must be configured when setting up the Spam Quarantine while merging notifications? A.Spam Quarantine Alias Routing Query B.Spam Quarantine Alias Consolidation Query C.Spam Quarantine Alias Authentication Query D.Spam Quarantine Alias Masquerading Query Answer: B QUESTION 51 Which two factors must be considered when message filter processing is configured? (Choose two.) A.message-filter order B.lateral processing C.structure of the combined packet D.mail policies E.MIME structure of the message Answer: AE QUESTION 52 How does the graymail safe unsubscribe feature function? A.It strips the malicious content of the URI before unsubscribing. B.It checks the URI reputation and category and allows the content filter to take an action on it. C.It redirects the end user who clicks the unsubscribe button to a sandbox environment to allow a safe unsubscribe. D.It checks the reputation of the URI and performs the unsubscribe process on behalf of the end user. Answer: D QUESTION 53 Which method enables an engineer to deliver a flagged message to a specific virtual gateway address in the most flexible way? A.Set up the interface group with the flag. B.Issue the altsrchost command. C.Map the envelope sender address to the host. D.Apply a filter on the message. Answer: D QUESTION 54 An administrator is trying to enable centralized PVO but receives the error, "Unable to proceed with Centralized Policy, Virus and Outbreak Quarantines configuration as esa1 in Cluster has content filters / DLP actions available at a level different from the cluster level." What is the cause of this error? A.Content filters are configured at the machine-level on esa1. B.DLP is configured at the cluster-level on esa2. C.DLP is configured at the domain-level on esa1. D.DLP is not configured on host1. Answer: A QUESTION 55 Which feature must be configured before an administrator can use the outbreak filter for nonviral threats? A.quarantine threat level B.antispam loss prevention D.antivirus Answer: B QUESTION 56 Which type of attack is prevented by configuring file reputation filtering and file analysis features? A.denial of service C.backscatter D.phishing Answer: B QUESTION 57 Which two service problems can the Cisco Email Security Appliance solve? (Choose two.) A.DLP B.IPS C.Antispam D.URL filtering Answer: AC QUESTION 58 Which of the following types of DNS records deals with mail delivery for a specific domain? A.A B.TXT C.MX D.PTR Answer: C QUESTION 59 When DKIM signing is configured, which DNS record must be updated to load the DKIM public signing key? A.AAAA record B.PTR record C.TXT record D.MX record Answer: C QUESTION 60 Which attack is mitigated by using Bounce Verification? A.spoof B.denial of service C.eavesdropping D.smurf Answer: B QUESTION 61 When outbreak filters are configured, which two actions are used to protect users from outbreaks? (Choose two.) A.redirect B.return C.drop D.delay E.abandon Answer: AD QUESTION 62 Which two features are applied to either incoming or outgoing mail policies? (Choose two.) A.Indication of Compromise B.application filtering C.outbreak filters D.sender reputation filtering E.antivirus Answer: CE QUESTION 63 What must be configured to allow the Cisco ESA to encrypt an email using the Cisco Registered Envelope Service? A.provisioned email encryption profile B.message encryption from a content filter that select "Message Encryption" over TLS C.message encryption from the mail flow policies with "CRES" selected D.content filter to forward the email to the Cisco Registered Envelope server Answer: A QUESTION 64 Which two configurations are used on multiple LDAP servers to connect with Cisco ESA? (Choose two.) A.load balancing B.SLA monitor D.failover Answer: AD QUESTION 65 What is the default port to deliver emails from the Cisco ESA to the Cisco SMA using the centralized Spam Quarantine? A.8025 B.6443 C.6025 D.8443 Answer: C QUESTION 66 Which two steps are needed to disable local spam quarantine before external quarantine is enabled? (Choose two.) A.Uncheck the Enable Spam Quarantine check box. B.Select Monitor and click Spam Quarantine. C.Check the External Safelist/Blocklist check box. D.Select External Spam Quarantine and click on Configure. E.Select Security Services and click Spam Quarantine. Answer: AB QUESTION 67 Drag and Drop Question Drag and drop the steps to configure Cisco ESA to use SPF/SIDF verification from the left into the correct order on the right. Answer: QUESTION 68 Drag and Drop Question An Encryption Profile has been set up on the Cisco ESA. Drag and drop the steps from the left for creating an outgoing content filter to encrypt emails that contains the subject "Secure:" into the correct order on the right. Answer: QUESTION 69 Drag and Drop Question Drag and drop the Cisco ESA reactions to a possible DLP from the left onto the correct action types on the right. Answer: QUESTION 70 Drag and Drop Question Drag and drop the AsyncOS methods for performing DMARC verification from the left into the correct order on the right. Answer: QUESTION 71 A network administrator is modifying an outgoing mail policy to enable domain protection for the organization. A DNS entry is created that has the public key. Which two headers will be used as matching criteria in the outgoing mail policy? (Choose two.) A.message-ID B.sender C.URL reputation D.from E.mail-from Answer: BD QUESTION 72 To comply with a recent audit, an engineer must configure anti-virus message handling options on the incoming mail policies to attach warnings to the subject of an email. What should be configured to meet this requirement for known viral emails? A.Virus Infected Messages B.Unscannable Messages C.Encrypted Messages D.Positively Identified Messages Answer: C QUESTION 73 An administrator is managing multiple Cisco ESA devices and wants to view the quarantine emails from all devices in a central location. How is this accomplished? A.Disable the VOF feature before sending SPAM to the external quarantine. B.Configure a mail policy to determine whether the message is sent to the local or external quarantine. C.Disable the local quarantine before sending SPAM to the external quarantine. D.Configure a user policy to determine whether the message is sent to the local or external quarantine. Answer: B QUESTION 74 A Cisco ESA administrator has several mail policies configured. While testing policy match using a specific sender, the email was not matching the expected policy. What is the reason of this? A.The Tram* header is checked against all policies in a top-down fashion. B.The message header with the highest priority is checked against each policy in a top-down fashion. C.The To" header is checked against all policies in a top-down fashion. D.The message header with the highest priority is checked against the Default policy in a top-down fashion. Answer: D QUESTION 75 An administrator identifies that, over the past week, the Cisco ESA is receiving many emails from certain senders and domains which are being consistently quarantined. The administrator wants to ensure that these senders and domain are unable to send anymore emails. Which feature on Cisco ESA should be used to achieve this? A.incoming mail policies B.safelist C.blocklist D.S/MIME Sending Profile Answer: A QUESTION 76 An engineer is testing mail flow on a new Cisco ESA and notices that messages for domain are stuck in the delivery queue. Upon further investigation, the engineer notices that the messages pending delivery are destined for, when they should instead be routed to What configuration change needed to address this issue? A.Add an address list for domain B.Modify Destination Controls entry for the domain C.Modify the SMTP route for the domain and change the IP address to D.Modify the Routing Tables and add a route for IP address to Answer: C 2023 Latest Braindump2go 300-720 PDF and 300-720 VCE Dumps Free Share: