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please buy this for our first anniversary! Then I'll love you with all my heart. >..<
@onesmile i mean the relationship we've got to push and pull yer? haahhah maybe we should pretend like we don't pay attention to them LOL the push and pull game hehehehe
@ameliasantos10 tired of our attention hahahahah
@onesmile hahaha older pets do get angry because they know that when you hug them like that you won't let go LOL they are probably like okay that's enough stop let me go hahahahha
@ameliasantos10 I think my dog would definitely get so angry if I tried to do that haha she's old!! I have done the same thing to cats, though....
@onesmile you know how cats are not so cuddly??? hahaha i sometimes force them? wow.. that sounds abusive lol but what i mean is like hold them and just hug them and not let them go LOL
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