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Mateo is a 3yr old who's arguing and debating with his mother Linda over cupcakes b/c he wants that instead of dinner. His point is its his grandma's house so her rules shouldn't apply therefore he went against his mother's wishes and ask his grandma for cupcakes, lolz. To those who may wonder, he calls his mom Linda b/c she made a point early on in the cmmt section that children should know their parents name in case of emergency. She and her husband once found a missing 3 yr old who didn't know his parents name but knew them only as "mommy and daddy" this case I guess its an emergency b/c Mateo is addressing her as Linda, lolz. *He was also featured on Ellen*
love this! little kids are hilarious!
this is so adorable!!! hahahahhahahahah as creepy as it sounds but these babies videos are adorableee !!!
@cheerfulcallie i first saw it on your card and then saw it on Ellen youtube and omg the full original video!! it's adorable LOOK IT LOOK IT hahahahahahha and the mum's explanation was adorable too!! and you are right he's so smart! and the part about speaking Spanish? hahaha
@YinofYang @ameliasantos10 i know aint he soo cute and smart?! lolz...i just edit and added his clip from his visit at the Ellen show....
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