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oh my... after thinking about it, I think i'm a chocolate cake kind of gal. But I still won't say to a big rock!!!
@nokcha hahaha well with all these shoes talk i feel like i should be persuaded to join the club but again for me it's all about the food and the cake hahahahhahahhah
i got the puma ones.. very comfy!! the other one yet to arrive! i love shoe talk... i wish someday i can wear pumps too!
@neaa … wow … i love the puma's … should see if i could get them here in dxb … and the red ones are darling too
@neaa too funny, we've gone from diamonds to cake and now shoes, now those i really like, its cute!!! ohhh im sorry i just saw you replied on my KKT...i was wondering why you havent replied?! im the one not paying attention, hahaha!!! im coming there...
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