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@cheerfulcallie hahahahahahahahaha well for me if there's like an amazing cake and i have to run through obstacles for it i probably would... hahahahahaha
@ameliasantos10 ...ohhhhh i love creme brulee...to me they taste kind of like flan and i love flan too...any food is good to me, im a major foodie but to give up my life for.. hmm, idk abt that, let me think on it, lolz ...@lillyann ohhh i agree with you, i love weddings and any parties b/c there's food, hahahaha!!! reminds me, i believe i have a pic of my creme brulee dessert i had a few wks, ill upload to share....
sometimes the 2 things i am happy for/about at weddings are the couple and the food ... HAHAH and i would say my happiness for them increase with the tastiness level of the food that are served! :D
these look like something i might actually give up my life for! hahah what do you think @cheerfulcallie @onesmile hahaha