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Snow Monkeys at Jigokudani Yaenkoen (Yamanouchi, Japan)

Have you heard of the Snow Monkeys of Japan? These so-called snow monkeys are actually Japanese macaque monkeys that have made their home in this northern area of Japan. These monkeys are brown or gray, have the typical macaque red face, and, like most primates, are almost eerily human-like. This particular area is called the Jigokudani Yaenkoen Park, or Snow Monkey Park, and was established after people discovered these monkeys enjoying the hot springs during the cold, winter months. Since it was set up in 1964, people have been coming to the area to check out the monkeys winter bathing habits~! Now, I always thought that these monkeys were living in the wild. But these ones are not; not really. They are fed 3 times a day by park keepers, and no longer fully scavenge for seeds, fruit and other nourishments like other monkeys of the same variety do. Regardless, it's an amazing site! I believe the park is currently owned by a railway company in Japan, and they do make a profit off it, but its still a cool place. Admission money is also used to feed and maintain the monkey group. The area the monkeys inhabit is nicknamed "Hell's Valley" because of the way the steam seems to come from the hell due to the hot springs. Visiting these are is definitely possible, and comes recommended. For more specific information about getting to the Snow Monkeys, as well as some tips for use while visiting, check out this card! (
I could use a nice warm bath--look at those two in the first image. I can hear the one just saying "aaaaahhhhhhhh"... !
@gabyrich they look so cozy lol
@onesmile gotta build a good pathway for my internet careert lol
@pampam93 yeah should start with something a little more graceful
hahahahhahahahah @onesmile i have been pushing away for a while LOL hopefully... i don't want to start my internet career like that lol
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Soooo, for this week's talk about it Tuesday (started by @invinsybll) , the theme was Anime Accessorizing, but I already showed off my accessories last week! So, instead, I wanted to show off something fun I got to do back in September when I took a short trip to Japan. Now, I don't like to brag, but I was lucky enough to go to the Sailor Moon Cafe that was going on at that time!! I haven't really talked about it before, so here goes~ Now, I didn't take many pictures , but this is the food that I ate! Isn't it cute? It was a Sailor Jupiter themed bento box. I loved it! Everything in it was tasty. The rice balls were mushroom veggie rice balls, the spaghetti was sweet, and the little pieces of cutlet were seafood cutlet! Yummmmmmyyyy!! I also got a Tuxedo Mask Coffee! Isn't it cute?! It really didn't taste THAT great (ever had a cold, canned coffee? It sort of tasted like that, lol). But it was adorable and that's all that matters. I also got the Sailor Mars coaster you see in the background, and a little Sailor Mars dessert, too!! I didn't take pictures of the interior, but it was basically just a bar set up with a lot of memorabilia. They played episodes of the show on the TV screens throughout the room, and music from the series the whole time! You could text in a request & they would play that, too. They also had goods for purchase, but it was a bit pricey just to be there so I didn't buy anything. And that was my experience at the Sailor Moon Cafe!