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What is OPT (Optional Practical Training)?

What is OPT?

So many international students in the USA are on an F1 visa. F1 visa holders are allowed to work in the USA only when they have OPT.

So OPT is an optional training program that allows international students to work in the USA in their field of expertise for 12 months. The students who are undergraduates or graduates and who are pursuing their degree or have completed their degree can work in the USA and gain professional experience in the sector.
USCIS permits F1 visa holders who are pursuing their degrees or have completed applying for optional practical training.

The USCIS provides an F1 visa that is flexible and allows a lot of privileges to international students under OPT.

if you want to be read about Types of OPT Employment, Who is eligible for OPT?, How to apply for OPT? and When to apply for OPT? OPTnation is sharing some useful information regarding for f1 students.

Read About Wha is OPT? - OPT For F1 Students

What Work Privileges are Available on OPT

Although you can work under OPT during your graduation, you need to complete at least 12 months in the USA before you start working. There are some privileges given to international students to work in the USA.

As an F1 visa holder, when you are about to complete your graduation, you can apply for OPT, which permits you to work for any employer in the USA (Subject to all of the rules of OPT).

You can apply for a new OPT for each new course you pursue in the USA. For example, if you are completing your bachelor’s degree, you can apply for OPT and work for a year. Then go back to university, complete a Master’s, and apply for OPT again and work for another year in your field of study.


One thing interesting about OPT is that if you belong to the science, technology, engineering, or mathematics field, you get an additional 17 months of STEM extension after you complete your graduation and OPT. So basically, the USA allows you to work in your field of expertise for 29 months if you belong to the STEM field.

The degrees that qualify for the OPT STEM extension are:

· Computer Science Applications
· Engineering
· Actuarial Sciences
· Mathematics
· Engineering Technologies
· Life Sciences
· Physical Sciences
· Military Technologies

Staying updated with all the rules and regulations of an F1 visa and OPT is extremely important while you study and work in the USA or apply for OPT. This can be a little complicated due to its technicalities, but you need to make sure you get proper guidance and knowledge so that you do not miss out on any opportunities.

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QUESTION 226 You are developing a web application that runs as an Azure Web App. The web application stores data in Azure SQL Database and stores files in an Azure Storage account. The web application makes HTTP requests to external services as part of normal operations. The web application is instrumented with Application Insights. The external services are OpenTelemetry compliant. You need to ensure that the customer ID of the signed in user is associated with all operations throughout the overall system. What should you do? A.Create a new SpanContext with the TraceRags value set to the customer ID for the signed in user. B.On the current SpanContext, set the Traceld to the customer ID for the signed in user. C.Add the customer ID for the signed in user to the CorrelationContext in the web application. D.Set the header Ocp-Apim-Trace to the customer ID for the signed in user. Answer: D QUESTION 227 You develop and deploy an Azure Logic app thai calls an Azure Function app. The Azure Function app includes an OpenAPl (Swagger) definition and uses an Azure Blob storage account. All resources are secured by using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). The Azure Logic app must securely access the Azure Blob storage account. Azure AD resources must remain if the Azure Logic app is deleted. You need to secure the Azure Logic app. What should you do? A.Create an Azure AD custom role and assign role-based access controls. B.Create an Azure AD custom role and assign the role to the Azure Blob storage account. C.Create an Azure Key Vault and issue a client certificate. D.Create a user-assigned managed identity and assign role-based access controls. E.Create a system-assigned managed identity and issue a client certificate. Answer: C QUESTION 228 You develop a solution that uses Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). 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The Vacuum That Needs To Be Filled By The HRs
The ongoing pandemic has taken a toll on economies across the globe and the standstill seems to be rather longer than what we were expecting with no end at sight and the WHO confirming we might have to live with the virus for some time now. While all are confident things will return to normalcy but some organizations in the E-Commerce, Logistics, E-Services have taken upon themselves to do something about it with their demands ever-increasing with each passing day they seem to have transformed further digitally to ensure there are no brakes in their operations during this gloom. This looks to be the New World Order Digital Transformation along with upskilling your workforce working remotely enabling many possibilities. While millions are working from home, technology has in fact taken over our lives in a way very few predicted and even fewer for the year 2020. During these times of survival and staying along the growth curve human resources would play a pivotal role in ensuring they attract the right talent to organizations. Today our heroes are the front-line health workers, law enforcement agencies and sanitation workers but when this ensuing battle against the unknown ends the world would need a hero to bring back pace to its economies to bring back certainty among the working class to bring back trust in the Investors to bring back hope in humankind and that space is going to be filled by human resources since they are the people who make the company and the work culture in it. While experts predicted AI taking over human resources this ongoing lock-down has proved that recruitment does need a human touch it. Human resources as we know aren’t just people who work in corporates doing white-collar job hiring or people organizing birthday parties and decorating their desks they are also the people who bring the labor force into action in various industries ranging from Manufacturing to Infrastructure developments etc. who we call as Field Officers or Contractors on Field. With the guest workers across the country facing the wrath of Covid-19 and returning to the hinterland it will be the Human Resources department which would bring people back to the Industries companies and Assembling Plants. It could be safely assumed that the HR department would eventually bring the ailing world back to its feet once this pandemic comes to an end with finding the right resources for every job available and whenever the need arises. A company’s success is completely credited to the people working behind it and it is every CEO’s priority concern that Talent Acquisition development and Retention is taken care of and they have lost a lot in this ensuing battle and they would be very determined to draw first blood and attract the best talent to their organizations even if working remotely. If you are looking for the best staffing companies in chennai, you should get in touch with me right away.
Take the advantage of how artificial intelligence has provided base to Digital services
The basis dimension has taken a step further ahead when it comes to promoting your brand in order to capture the market share that used to be researched deeply into the physical market rather than being able to easily access it through virtual grounds. Now that things have changed the bed and people are now opting for research methods on the Internet life you can also find those people who can mentor and provide service to your brand. Now, these services can relate to virtual assistant in Australia that is the professionalism of how they can easily be used as freelancers in order to help you to manage the virtual stage of your business. You don’t have to come up with a forecasted budget in order to hire them instead they help you in finding grounds authentic to digital platforms. Sometimes are going to analyze your advertisements and understand how they have reached a promotional virtual assistant in Australia success or not. On the other hand, they can also come up with ideas of how your accounting budgets can be set with smart goals. Align your goals in the Earthly and Digital Dimensions with the Right Virtual Assistance Every business needs to grow and it is not important that you have to Hire a VA that individual in your business and expect a long-term contract with them. In terms of a situation, you can get a virtual assistant in Australia who is qualified enough in giving you quality services related to digital platforms and software management enablement. You can come up with various kinds of techniques and services that can be jotted down in the job analysis so that the individual who wants to work for you can actually e connect with you for the time being through a contract of temporary base. It is certainly not important for a virtual assistant in Australia to be e the employee of your company. They are just like promotional engines that you buy from B2B services in order to qualify your product in the customer's insights. Get yourself ready to upgrade your brand and it’s strategies in terms of financial and marketing rounds so that the virtual evaluation can happen according to your targets. The most important thing regarding business success is to be able to align all the main goals with subsets of each department even if it's organized digitally. Find yourself amused by the various ways of how your product can find potentials on the digital grounds by virtual assistant in Australia management. Managing our business is not an easy task but when you have the assistance of a virtual speaker who is not present physically but has the key to understanding the potential digital targets who can provide you with their in stream of revenues and long-term customer lifetime value. The most crucial part about your business existence is to hire the right people at the right time with the right kind of qualifications and most trusted value with exact results that you have always planned for.
How to make it as an amateur photographer
Receiving compensation as an amateur photographer for a service performed is certainly a great satisfaction as well as an excellent incentive to improve and study new techniques. However, if you are an amateur photographer, it may seem ethically incorrect , and probably a little embarrassing, to get paid to take pictures. The problem is not naturally linked to your skill and competence, but precisely to the role you play, that is that of amateur photographer . Let's explain Those who dedicate themselves to a hobby do it mainly for passion, and therefore hardly think about the possibility of being able to profit from their passion. This at least at the beginning . It can happen that the passion turns into real work, but then things are a little different . For now, let's stay in the field of amateur photography : let's say that you are good enough to always take shots well done, and enough prepared both from a theoretical point of view and as regards the equipment, so much so that some friends and / or relatives ask you. to participate in a birthday party or an anniversary, not only as a guest but also as a photographer. Once such a request would have been accompanied by reassurance that the cost of the rolls and the printing process would be reimbursed. Today, of course, it would not make sense, especially because once your photos are finished you can download all the material on a USB pen drive or upload them online and the friend or relative concerned can print the photos they like best by themselves. Working for a friend In this case you would work above all for friendship for the love of photography and to make yourself a photographic portfolio and, from your point of view, it  can also be seen as an investment, not just a favor. Doing work for free can be a good method (and therefore investment) to create a series of photos that you can show to "potential new customers". What time did you decide to make this hobby a real profession. In any case, once you have had some experience in photos of birthdays or small events, even by participating in them completely free, you may be presented with the opportunity to have to ask for a fee as a photographer. The question of payment Sometimes it happens by pure chance, because a customer asks you a simple and banal question at the same time whose answer, however, the first few times, can be embarrassing. More for you than for the customer to be honest: "How much do I owe you?" These are only three words but you have to be ready to know how to answer in order not to seem unprofessional, but also unprofessional. Defining compensation It is not easy to define a compensation as a photographer but you can still follow these tips on how to determine a price that is at least "fair". If it is true that you do not want to enrich yourself with your hobby, it is also true that you cannot lose money on fuel, on the highway or on parking . First you have to quickly calculate the distance from home to work and do the math of how much it costs you to "move". Starting from this assumption, even assuming you want to do a “free” job : you can easily offer your neighbor a photo shoot at no cost, while someone further away you should at least ask for money as a flat-rate reimbursement of expenses .  Photographing a wedding A little 'different is the situation if they ask you to attend as official photographer at a major event such as a communion or a wedding. In this case, in addition to the basic price to cover expenses, it is good that you also consider the possibility of really feeling up to this situation , especially in the case of marriage. Today weddings include an infinite number of shots, in different locations, in the church or town hall, in the restaurant, etc. As strange as it sounds, you may also elect to do drone photography for golf courses. It is a very long and complex job that does not include a single day of work, that of the wedding, but also a period of preparation , to understand the wishes of the spouses on the type of photos they want and a subsequent sorting, to eliminate all bad shots and basic post-production. In fact, one cannot think of delivering all the photographic material to the newlyweds without first having eliminated photos that… would ruin your reputation as a photographer! ATTENTION: The professionals who work as wedding photographers did not get there by chance, but they have years of experience behind them and above all, since they do this profession, they are also prepared for the unexpected that could happen during the event. So do not take lightly the proposal that someone might make to you. Also consider well the duties and risks you face if you do some stupid thing. In any case, to return to the main question: how much do you have and can you get paid for a photo shoot during the wedding? Also in this case the answer may depend on different parameters, first of all, if you are also a guest or if you are only and exclusively the photographer. Basic decisions to make In the first case , you can decide to offer your skills in the photographic sector as a wedding gift for the newlyweds . If you choose to do this, you should also pay for the printing and photo book costs , to really offer a nice service and gift. In the second case , if your role is exclusively that of a photographer, then a minimum remuneration as a photographer must take into account both travel expenses and the whole day , especially if perhaps, to take photos at the wedding, you had to use one day vacation at work or in any case put aside other commitments . This is where the hourly price comes into play, which is very subjective. For a professional it can be "easy" to determine the hourly price, or at least he can make assessments on the basis of the "fixed" costs he incurs.  But you, as an amateur photographer, have to make an assessment of what you think is a fair price for your time. Personally, I would not "give" my time to strangers for less than $30 an hour . And this only includes my "time", not expenses. I would say that an honest price, especially if it is your first experience as a wedding photographer having albums printed by low-cost commercial firms, can be between $200 and $300 plus any travel expenses reimbursement. As you can understand, it is easy to get compensation as a pro photographer around $500-600 which are the prices that usually “amateurs” make for an occasional job . This, of course, if the wedding takes up a whole day. Conversely, if only the photos are requested in the church or at the Municipality or only at the refreshments, you will automatically have to lower the prices a little. Fiscal aspects to consider When you put the words "compensation" and "amateur photographer" together , it is usually like raising a crawl space: on the one hand, professional photographers  -  those who have to pay our bills and bread with photography  - accuse that this practice is illegal and harms those who work honestly and pay taxes: on the other hand, there are many amateur photographers who still get paid for their services based on an urban legend about the fact that up to $10,000 per year you don't need to have a business license. Well, both of them are wrong . But the solution is much simpler than you might think. Dissolving myths I have heard all sorts of things despite the obvious thing that would be simply asking an accountant for clarification. Anyway: getting paid for a job without having a business license is not illegal . Put your heart in peace professionals in the sector ... if one does not have a license number and is doing a photographic job, this is not why he is a tax evader or a "black" worker; the much-cited threshold of $10,000 exists but it concerns something else , therefore being paid without issuing a declaration and reporting the collection obtained to the revenue agency means doing things illegally and being subject to complaints and penalties. Doing occasional work Basically, without going to the technical (you can easily find all the technical details on the web), if it happens in a completely occasional way that an acquaintance / friend (but it can also be a company) asks you to do a paid job that does not it has nothing to do with your regular business, you can do it. And you can also get paid as long as you issue a receipt for occasional work (a kind of invoice) which you will also have to communicate to the tax office through the tax return the following year .
(May-2021)Braindump2go 300-820 PDF and 300-820 VCE Dumps(Q88-Q103)
QUESTION 88 Which complication does a NAT introduce in SDP for a SIP call? A.Additional headers due to NAT encapsulation can cause the packet size to exceed the MTU. B.When the client is behind a NAT they may be unable to determine the appropriate offset due to time zones. C.The IP address specified in the connection data field may be an unrouteable internal address. D.The encryption keys advertised in the SDP are only valid for clients not behind a NAT. Answer: D QUESTION 89 Cisco media traversal technology has enabled a secure environment where internal video endpoints call and receive calls from external video endpoints. How does the Expressway-C and Expressway-E communicate? A.Expressway-C establishes an outgoing request to Expressway-E, enabling the Expressway-E in the DMZ to notify the internal Expressway-C of an incoming call from an external endpoint. B.Internal endpoints are registered to Expressway-E in the DMZ. Expressway-C, which is also in the DMZ, will receive and make calls on behalf of Expressway-E because they are in the same network. C.Expressway-E establishes an outgoing request to Expressway-C, enabling the Expressway-C in the DMZ to notify the internal Expressway-E of an incoming call from an external endpoint. D.Internal endpoints are registered to Expressway-C in the DMZ. Expressway-E, which is also in the DMZ, will receive and make calls on behalf of Expressway-C because they are in the same network. Answer: A QUESTION 90 Which dial plan component is configured in Expressway-C to route a call to the Cisco UCM? routing B.traversal subzone policy rule Answer: A Explanation: QUESTION 91 Which attribute in the SDP for a call is affected by the static NAT address configuration in an Expressway-E? A.connection C.version D.bandwidth Answer: B Explanation: QUESTION 92 An engineer is deploying an Expressway solution for the SIP domain Which SRV record should be configured in the public DNS to support inbound B2B calls? Answer: C Explanation: QUESTION 93 A call is sent by Cisco UCM to Expressway with a URI of 75080001@expc1a.pod8.test.lab. If (7508...) @expc1a\.pod8\.test\.lab.* is the pattern string, what would be the replacement string of the transform in Expressway to re-write the call so that it becomes 75080001@conf.pod8.test.lab? A.\1@conf\.pod8.test.lab.@ B.\1@conf\.pod8\.test\lab.* C.\1@conf.pod8\.test\.lab D.\1@conf\.pod8\.test.lab.! Answer: C QUESTION 94 Refer to the exhibit. Calls to locally registered endpoints are failing. At present, there are two endpoints registered locally to this Expressway. An H.323 endpoint with an alias of "EndpointA" is registered, and a SIP endpoint with an alias of "EndpointB@pod1.local" is also registered. How is this issue resolved? A.The dialplan must be redesigned to use the transforms to convert the alias into SIP URI format and then use separate search rules for each format that needs to be dialed within the local zone. B.The calls are failing because there are insufficient licenses. Additional licenses must be installed for the Expressway to route these calls. C.The current search rule does not match the call, so the search rule must be modified to include a SIP Variant of "Standards-Based". D.Calling parties are placing calls with the wrong domain. End-users must be instructed not to use the pod1.local domain as that is owned by the local system. Calls to any other domain would work. Answer: A QUESTION 95 Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is deploying mobile and remote access in an environment that already had functioning Business to Business calling. Mobile and remote access SIP registrations are failing. To troubleshoot, SIP logs were collected. How is this issue resolved? A.Change the SIP profile on the SIP trunk for the Expressway-E to Standard SIP Profile for TelePresence Endpoint B.Change the "Incoming Port" in the SIP Trunk Security Profile for the Expressway-C to not match SIP line registrations C.Enable autoregistration for the appropriate DN range on the Cisco UCM servers running the CallManager service D.Write a custom normalization script since the "vcs-interop" normalization script does not allow registrations Answer: B QUESTION 96 Refer to the exhibit. Logins and failing via mobile and remote access. How is this resolved? A.Mobile and remote access login has not been enabled for the domain configured in the Expressway-C. The domain must be edited to allow Cisco UCM registrations. B.SIP is disabled on the Expressway-E. The SIP protocol must be enabled on the server. C.No Cisco UCM servers are configured in the Expressway-C. Servers must be added for CallManager and IM and Presence services. D.Although a traversal client zone exists, there is no Unified Communications traversal client zone. One must be created. Answer: C QUESTION 97 Refer to the exhibit. Mobile and remote access is being added to an existing B2B deployment and is failing. When the administrator looks at the alarms on the Expressway-C, the snippets are shown. Which configuration action should the administrator take to fix this issue? A.The listening port on the Expressway-C for SIP TCP must be changed to a value other than 5060 B.The listening port on the Expressway-C for SIP TLS must be changed to a value other than 5061 C.The listening port on the Cisco UCM for the Expressway-C SIP trunk must be changed to something other than 5060 or 5061 D.The listening port on the Cisco UCM for the Expressway-C SIP trunk is set to something other than 5060 or 5061. It must be set to 5060 for insecure and 5061 for secure SIP Answer: A QUESTION 98 Refer to the exhibit. The administrator attempted to log in, but Jabber clients cannot log in via mobile and remote access. How is this issue resolved? A.Skype for Business mode must be disabled on the DNS server because it conflicts with Jabber login requirements. B.The domain pod1.local must be deprovisioned from the Webex cloud for Jabber logins. C.A DNS SRV record must be created for _collab-edge._tls.pod1.local that points to the Expressway-D. D.The username jabberuser@pod1.local is invalid. The user should instead sign-in simply as jabberuser. Answer: C QUESTION 99 Refer to the exhibit showing logs from the Expressway-C, a copy of the Expressway-E certificate, and the UC traversal zone configuration for the Expressway-C. An office administrator is deploying mobile and remote access and sees an issue with the UC traversal zone. The zone is showing "TLS negotiation failure". What is causing this issue? A.The Expressway-E certificate includes the Expressway-C FQDN as a SAN entry B.The Expressway-C is missing the FQDN of Cisco UCM in the Common Name of its certificate C.In the UC Traversal Zone on the Expressway-C, the peer address is set to the IP of the Expressway- E, which is not a SAN entry in the Expressway-E certificate D.The Expressway-E does not have the FQDN of Cisco UCM listed as a SAN in its certificate Answer: D QUESTION 100 An administrator has been tasked to bulk entitle 200 existing users and ensure all future users are automatically configured for the Webex Hybrid Calendar Service. Which two options should be used to configure these users? (Choose two.) A.Export a CSV list of users in the Cisco Webex Control Hub, set the Hybrid Calendar Service to TRUE for users to be enabled, then import the file back to Manage Users menu in the Cisco Webex Control Hub. B.Set up an Auto-Assign template that enables Hybrid Calendar. C.Select the Hybrid Services settings card in the Cisco Webex Control Hub and import a User Status report that contains only users to be enabled. D.On the Users tab in the Cisco Webex Control Hub, check the box next to each user who should be enabled, then click the toggle for the Hybrid Calendar service to turn it on. E.From Cisco Webex Control Hub, verify the domain that your Hybrid Calendar users will use, which automatically activates them for the service. Answer: AE QUESTION 101 What is a requirement when configuring the Cisco Webex Hybrid Message account for accessing the API of the Cisco UCM IM and Presence Service? A.Add a new end-user with the "Standard AXL API Access" role B.Use an application user with only the "Standard CTI Allow Control of All Devices" role C.Use an application user not the main administrator account with the "Standard AXL API Access" role D.Use the main administrator account if it includes the "Standard AXL API Access" role Answer: C QUESTION 102 The Cisco Webex Hybrid Message service is deployed geographically for separate Cisco Unified IM and Presence clusters. What must be configured in the Cisco Webex Control Hub to achieve this deployment? A.geo-locations B.distributed DNS C.verified domains D.resource groups Answer: D QUESTION 103 What should an engineer use to create users for a Cisco Jabber Cloud Deployment? A.Cisco Webex Administration Tool B.Cisco UCM C.Cisco Webex Directory Connector D.Cisco Unified IM and Presence Server Answer: A 2021 Latest Braindump2go 300-820 PDF and 300-820 VCE Dumps Free Share:
Best Way to Learn Python Programming Language
Python is an essential programming language to know. it's widely-used in arenas like data science, web development, software engineering, game development, automation. But which is the best way to learn Python? That can be hard and painful to figure out. Check the Best Way to Learn Python Tip: Code Daily Reliability is very main when you are learning a new language. We recommend creation a promise to code each day. It may be hard to trust, but muscle memory shows a big part in programming. Obliging to coding daily will actually support develop that muscle memory. Though it may seem scary at first, reflect starting small with 25 minutes normal and working your method up from there. Tip: Write It Out As you growth on your journey as a new programmer, you may surprise if you should be taking notes. Yes, you should! In fact, study advises that taking notes by hand is most helpful for longstanding retention. This will be mainly helpful for those working towards the aim of becoming a full-time developer, as various interviews will include writing code on a whiteboard. Tip: Go Interactive! Whether you are education about basic Python data structures (strings, lists, dictionaries, etc.) for the first time, or you are servicing an application, the interactive Python shell will be one of your best knowledge tools. Tip: Take Breaks Breaks are mainly important when you are debugging. If you knockout a bug and can’t quite figure out what is going incorrect, take a break. Step away from your workstation, go for a walk, or chat with a friend. In programming, your code need follow the instructions of a language and reason exactly, so even lost a quotation spot will break all. Fresh eyes make a big change. Tip: Become a Bug Bounty Hunter Talking of hitting a bug, it is predictable once you start writing difficult programs that you will path into bugs in your code. It chances to all of us! Don’t let bugs irritate you. Instead, hold these instants with pride and think of yourself as a bug bounty hunter. Tip: Edge Yourself with Others Who Are Learning Python Though coding may appear like a lonely activity, it really works greatest when you work together. It is very main when you are learning to code in Python that you edge yourself with other people who are learning as well. This will let you to share the instructions and tricks you learn beside the way. Tip: Explain It is said that the greatest way to learn somewhat is to teach it. This is factual when you are learning Python. There are various methods to do this: whiteboarding with other Python lovers, writing blog posts clarifying newly learned thoughts, recording videos in which you clarify somewhat you learned, or simply speaking to yourself at your computer. Each of these plans will set your understanding as well as representation any gaps in your understanding. Tip: Pair Program Pair programming has various benefits: it provides you a chance to not only have somebody review your code, but also understand how someone other might be thoughtful about a difficult. Being exposed to many planning and ways of thinking will support you in difficult solving when you got back to coding on your individual. Tip: Ask “GOOD” Questions Good questions can save a lot of time. Skipping any of these stages can outcome in back-and-forth discussions that can reason battle. As a beginner, you want to make sure you query good questions so that you practice interactive your thought process, and so that persons who support you will be happy to remain supporting you. Tip: Build Somewhat, Anything For learners, there are various small trainings that will actually support you become assured with Python, as well as develop the muscle memory that we spoke about above. Once you have a firm grip on basic data structures (strings, lists, dictionaries, and sets), object-oriented programming, and writing programs, it’s time to start structure! There are various lists out there with thoughts for learner Python projects. Here are some ideas to get you on-going: · Number predicting game · Simple calculator app · Dice roll simulator · Bitcoin Price Notification Service Tip: Contribute to Open Source Contributing to an open-source Python project is a great way to create extremely valuable learning practices. Let’s say you choose to submit a bug hit request: you submit a “pull request” for your fix to be fixed into the code. Go Forward and Learn! Now that you have these plans for learning, you are set to begin your Python journey! Find Actual Python’s Beginners Roadmap for knowledge here! We also offer a beginner to advance level python course in noida, which practices remarkable examples to support you learn programming and web development.
Learn Web Designing From Industry Experts
What is Web Design? Having a perfect user interface and easy to usage website will finally lead to a well user experience for your target viewers. There are various features of effective web design like HTML, HTML5, cascading style sheets, colors, JavaScript, responsive design, layouts, social media, text size, graphics, and so much more. Understanding an excess of programming languages back-end code development, and more will be serious for a web browser version your content. If you've been speculating how to learn web and ux design, you've come to the right place! Web Designing Courses for Beginners SSDN Technologies provides web design training with online courses for all stages. Learn web design with starting tutorials and courses from some of the world's top universities. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)'s CSS Basics shows you about many design areas including best practices in web design, design values, design tools, and much more. You will learn how to design your Web pages from bland to bold with the control of CSS styling. Learn the basic range of CSS properties, fundamental CSS selectors, and designing page layout over relation positioning with CSS. Online Courses in Web Design As said above, web and graphic design is an essential part of having an effective web presence. Here at SSDN Technologies, we offer an extensive choice of web design and ui design classes to suit your desires. We offer some web design courses online to support advance your career. Whether you are looking for web designing courses for beginners, or rather more advanced, we've got you covered. At SSDN Technologies, we provide only the best online web designing course in gurgaon to support you succeed. Jobs in Web Design According to Glassdoor, you can imagine an average salary of $64,468 in the United States for web design. As your knowledge raises in website design, you can expect to see advanced salary ranges. For example, you can think a usual Junior Web Designer to make around $62k in the United States. As a Front End Web Developer, you can assume to make over $90k. Take a web design class today!
(April-2021)Braindump2go 300-435 PDF and 300-435 VCE Dumps(Q98-Q114)
QUESTION 98 What is a benefit of developing an application in a Python virtual environment? A.The application operates in multiple target systems simultaneously. B.The application supports concurrency or multithreading. C.The application operates across systems that have different operating systems. D.The development environment is isolated from Python projects that already exist. Answer: B QUESTION 99 Refer to the exhibit. Which device type is functioning in a degraded state? A.access point B.distribution switch C.access switch D.wireless LAN controller Answer: C QUESTION 100 When working with MV Sense APIs, which type of protocol is MQTT based upon? A.publish-subscribe messaging protocol B.simple mail transport protocol C.heavyweight messaging protocol vision protocol Answer: A QUESTION 101 Refer to the exhibit. What is a characteristic of the tree? A.three optional metrics B.two leaf-lists C.ten leaf-lists D.three containers Answer: A QUESTION 102 Refer to the exhibit. A RESTCONF GET request is sent to a Cisco IOS XE device. The base URL of the request and the response in XML format are shown in the exhibit. What are the two YANG data nodes and modules referenced in the response? (Choose two.) A.description is a key field defined in the interface list B.The ethernetCsmacd type is imported from the iana-if-type module C.address is a container defined in the ietf-interfaces module D.ipv4 is a container defined in the ietf-ip module E.interface has the YANG data node type of container Answer: AB QUESTION 103 Refer to the exhibit. Which interface is included in the payload resulting from the script? A.ethernet 1 B.ethernet 100 C.ethernet 1/1 D.ethernet 0 Answer: D QUESTION 104 Refer to the exhibit. Interfaces named Loopback0, Loopback1, and Loopback2 must be created and enabled on a Cisco IOS XE target device in the lab group. Which loop must be added to the end of the Ansible "create int" task? A.with_items: "{{intlist}}" B.with_parent: "{{intlist}}" C.with_list: "{{intlist}}" D.with_groups: "{{intlist}}" Answer: C QUESTION 105 Refer to the exhibit. A Python script is used to configure a Cisco IOS XE router. The Loopback2 interface currently has a description of Management2 and an IP address/netmask of What is the result of executing the script? A.The interface description remains the same. B.The router rejects all commands and the configuration remains the same. C.The interface is removed from the configuration. D.The interface description is removed from the configuration. Answer: A QUESTION 106 Refer to the exhibit. NTP server must be configured on the target Cisco IOS XE device without using authentication and logging. Which state should be added on a new line at the end of the Ansible task? A.state: true B.state: started C.state: present D.state: installed Answer: C QUESTION 107 Refer to the exhibit. The configuration commands are entered in CLI config mode to configure a static telemetry subscription on a Cisco IOS XE device. The commands are accepted by the device, but the consumer receives no telemetry data. Which change must be made to ensure that the consumer receives the telemetry data? A.The IP address of the receiver must be set. B.The stream type must be set to YANG. C.The update policy period must be shortened. D.The sender IP address must be set. Answer: B QUESTION 109 What is an advantage of software-defined networks as compared to traditional networks? A.They simplify operations by creating a concrete copy of the network. B.They reduce complexity by coupling the control and the data plane. C.They enable older hardware to be repurposed without an investment in new infrastructure. D.They deliver a distributed management architecture that provides better resilience to errors. Answer: D QUESTION 110 What does Cisco DNA Center use to manage third-party devices? A.command runners B.multivendor SDK C.templates D.device packages Answer: D QUESTION 111 Refer to the exhibit. After executing the call, an engineer obtains the result of the Command Runner execution. The three commands show as blocklisted in the downloaded file. What is the cause of the error? A.The API user in Cisco DNA does not have write privileges on the devices. B.The engineer attempting to access the devices in Cisco DNA Center does not have privilege 15. C.The format of the JSON body must follow the CLI format. D.Command Runner supports only the show command and the read-only command. Answer: D QUESTION 112 Refer to the exhibit. Cisco SD-WAN deployment must be fixed using vManage APIs. A call to vEdge Hardware Health API returns the data in the exhibit (only a portion is shown). If the JSON shown in the exhibit is converted to a Python dictionary named "d", how is the "status" property referenced? A.d[`data'][`statusList'][`status'] B.nbvnbvvnbhg C.d{`data'}[0]{`statusList'}[0]{`status'} D.d[data][0][statusList][0][status] Answer: C QUESTION 113 What is a capability of Cisco SD-WAN vManage Certificate Management API? A.deletes existing installed certificates B.distributes the root certificate to client devices C.generates SSL certificates D.creates certificate signing requests Answer: D QUESTION 114 Refer to the exhibit. A template is provided to a junior developer to automate the creation of a network on the Meraki dashboard. The new network needs to have the id 123456789 and support only wired network connections. What type needs to be added to the API? A.switch B.wireless C.appliance D.systemsManager Answer: C 2021 Latest Braindump2go 300-435 PDF and 300-435 VCE Dumps Free Share:
What are some good ways to find OPT students?
Many companies all over the world aim to hire OPT candidates or students who have had their education and professional training in the USA for their skills and knowledge. OPT students have better hard skills as well as soft skills that eventually make them ace all the work they are assigned that benefits the overall performance of the company. Hiring OPT students is difficult as well because of the competing job market. Right from finding OPT students offering the best packages, employers and recruiters need to do a lot of hard work. Also, OPT students, before working in any company, need to get done with the formal paperwork that the country’s respective government needs. The companies that hire OPT students have increased with time post lockdown due to restrictions imposed by the USA government. Though demand has increased for both OPT jobs and OPT candidates have soared, employers and recruiters still face some difficulties while hiring international students. And so before we start with some good ways to find OPT students, let us first know what you should know before hiring OPT candidates. What should you know before hiring OPT students? · If you are a USA based company, you should know that hiring OPT students does not require any documentation or fee from the employer’s side. Although the OPT student will need to pay a fee to the officials for the OPT permission · But before recruiting, recruiters need to check if the OPT candidate has received an EAD card. · Although OPT students can be hired for paid as well as unpaid services, it is advisable to pay good wages to attract potential talent for better working of the organization. Also know that you should not pay below the minimum wage set by the government for a particular position. · If you are hiring OPT candidates outside the USA, there are no particular working hours that need to be followed. · If the OPT candidate has just returned to their own country, employers should check if they have all the essential documents that the respective government needs for work permits. Good ways to find OPT students: Recruiters hiring OPT candidates often face challenges while hiring due to their high demand in the job market. So here are ways you can find potential OPT candidates. Employment Portals: Digitalization has had a huge impact on hiring. Employment portals have made hiring extremely easier, whether it is hiring a national candidate or international candidate. Various job portals have potential candidates looking for good opportunities. Employment portals also have paid services like resume blast and resume database for recruiters to hire top talents that visit the portal looking for job opportunities. One such portal that I came across a few days ago was OPTResume. They had affordable packages making hiring international talent easier. You can check out various job portals available online to hire OPT students. Also Read: Are There Any Job Sites That Allow Employers to Find OPT Students? Social Media: Social media has been a great platform for hiring entry-level talent. Many job seekers use hashtags to search for jobs, and so recruiters can post content with appropriate hashtags for better reach with jobseekers.LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. are good ways to reach potential OPT students seeking job opportunities. Network: Your company’s social network is one of the good ways to find good OPT students. Your employees might know someone who is an OPT candidate and is seeking job opportunities for better professional training. Hiring candidates that your employees already know proves to be secured hiring. So ask your employees if they know anyone who can fit a particular position. Hiring OPT students will be easier if you choose to hire them through your network, social media, and job portals. Hope now it will be easier for you to hire potential OPT students for your organization.
DC Office Nagaon Recruitment 2020 – 32 Orunodoi Sahayak Posts
DC Office Nagaon Recruitment 2020  Apply Last Date – 05/09/2020 Deputy Commissioner, Nagaon has released a notification for the recruitment of 4 (four) Orunodoi Sahayak in each of 8 LACs i.e. Raha, Dhing, Batadrava, Rupahihat, Nagaon Sadar, Berhampur, Samaguri and Kaliabor LAC for implementation of Orunodoi Scheme in Nagaon District. DC Office Nagaon Recruitment Details Post Name – Orunodoi Sahayak Numbers of Post – 32 Eligibility She/he should be a Permanent resident of Assam. She/he should preferably have a personal Desktop / Laptop for the purpose of Data Entry / Uploading of Application’ Documents in the online portal. Educational Qualification She/he should be a Graduate in any stream. She/he should hold a certificate in a year Computer Diploma Course from any recognized institution. Age Limits She/he should not be more than 35 years of age, on the day of publishing of this recruitment advertisement. Remuneration Monthly fixed remuneration of Rs 15,000/- Per Month for a period of two months only. Function To facilitate the implementation process of the Orunodoi Scheme at District Level and to assist the applicants in filling up the Detailed Application Form (DAF), to be filled up by the approved beneficiaries in the Legislative Assembly Segment. Orunodoi Sahayak at GP/ ULB shall facilitate this process. Data Entry / Uploading of the approved list of beneficiaries in the online portal. To assist Deputy Commissioner, Nagaon in the timely implementation of the scheme. Read Next: DC Office Hailakandi Recruitment 2020 – 12 Orunodoi Sahayak Posts Recruitment Selection Procedure Candidates will be shortlisted based on the eligibility criteria and shortlisted candidates will be called for interview. Documents to be submitted with the application: Graduation Certificate/ 1 Year Computer Diploma Certificate/Address Proof/Age Proof. How to Apply – DC Office Nagaon Recruitment 2020 Application in Standard form should reach this office during working hours along with all testimonials within 05.09.2020. Candidate should furnish his/ her email id, phone number along with the application form. Official News Paper Advertisement Details -
“Work From Home” - What COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Means For Businesses
Employsure is here to support business owners to comply with the restrictions under the COVID-19 alert levels. The Government last week outlined the details of what relaxing restrictions from Alert Level 4 would look like, and has now announced the lowered restrictions under Alert Level 3 will come into effect at 11:59pm on Monday 27 April. Alert Level 3 will last for a minimum of a fortnight, and will then be reviewed by the government, before it makes a further decision on 11 May. Business owners that want to open can spend the next week preparing to do so, e.g. get stock etc, but have been asked to stick to social distancing and their bubbles. Schools and Early Learning Centres can be accessed for cleaning, preparation and maintenance. On 28 April, teachers will be allowed into the building – students who can attend will be allowed in the next day. “For those who can work from home during this period, it will allow them to still enable cash flow into their business, while eliminating the risk of spreading the virus between potentially infected employees,” said Employsure Senior Employment Relations Adviser Ashlea Maley. “While this may not be an option for all businesses, it is still the best course of short-term action, to keep things running as smoothly as possible. “Allowing more businesses to resume operations will help reduce the unemployment rate and will allow the economy to begin to correct itself. “While it would be good to see all businesses operating as soon as possible, the risk is still too high.” What businesses are open? Under Alert Level 3, major restrictions apply to hospitality businesses like restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as retail and hardware stores. Non-essential businesses that meet safety guidelines will be allowed to operate, but transactions but must be done through an app or online portal - not be face-to-face. Contactless food delivery or click and collect services must also be adhered to. Businesses that don’t have a customer-facing function and are only accessed by staff can reopen, but staff must practise physical distancing and comply with health and safety standards. The Government’s main message to employers is to still work from home if you can. Schools will open for children up to and including year 10 but physical attendance is voluntary. Those in years 11-13 will continue to learn from home. Looking ahead: “We won’t yet know the full extent the government’s decision to lower the alert level will have on small business owners,” said Ms. Maley. “For those non-essential businesses that can’t operate from home and have to return to the workplace, these next few weeks will be the factor in deciding if the decision to relax restrictions was the right one. “If they stick to good hygiene and abide by the safety measures they put in place, I can see this as a positive step forward. “Employers should ensure all staff are abiding by the rules and should take the correct steps in maximizing safety if a worker breaches them. “The coming months will be a new test for New Zealanders, and it’s up to all of us to work together, to ensure we can come out of this on the other side.” Resource Hub For Employers: To help employers meet this unprecedented challenge, Employsure has built a free Resource Hub, containing workplace policies, communications, checklists and FAQs. All information is free for business owners and can be found at #covid19 #newzelandbusiness #employee
(May-2021)Braindump2go 350-801 PDF and 350-801 VCE Dumps(Q176-Q200)
QUESTION 176 Which two steps should be taken to provision after the Self-Provisioning feature was configured for end users? A.Dial the self-provisioning IVR extension and associate the phone to an end user. B.Plug the phone into the network. C.Ask the Cisco UCM administrator to associate the phone to an end user. D.Enter settings menu on the phone and press *,*,# (star, star, pound). E.Dial the hunt pilot extension and associate the phone to an end user. Answer: AB QUESTION 177 On a cisco catalyst switch, which command is required to send CDP packets on a switch port that configures a cisco IP phone to transmit voice traffic in 802.1q frames tagged with the voice VLAN ID 221? A.Device(config-if)# switchport access vlan 221 B.Device(config-if)# switchport trunk allowed vlan 221 C.Device(config-if)# switchport vlan voice 221 D.Device(config-if)# switchport voice vlan 221 Answer: D QUESTION 178 An end used at a remote site is trying initiate an ad hoc conference call to an end user at the main site the conference bridge is configured to support G.711 remote user phone only support G.729 the remote end user receives an error message on the phone "cannot complete conference call, what is the cause of the issue? A.The remote phone does not have the conference feature assigned. B.A Media Termination Point is missing C.The transcoder resource is missing. D.A software conference bridge is not assigned Answer: C QUESTION 179 An administrator is in the process of moving cisco unity connection mailboxes between mailbox stores the administrator notices that some mailboxes have active message waiting indicators, what happens to these mailboxes when they are moved? A.The move will fall If MWI status Is active. B.Moving the mailboxes from one store to another falls If MWI Is turned on. C.If source and target mailbox store are not disabled. MWI status is not retained. D.The MWI status is retained after a mailbox is moved from one store to another. Answer: D QUESTION 180 Which command must be defined before an administrator changes the linecode value on an ISDN T1 PRI in slot 0/2 on an IOS-XE gateway? A.isdn incoming-voice voice B.pri-group timeslots 1-24 C.card type t1 0 2 D.voice-port 0/2/0:23 Answer: C QUESTION 181 Which DSCP class selector is necessary to mark scavenger traffic? A.CS1 B.AF21 C.AF11 D.CS2 Answer: A QUESTION 182 Which service must be enabled when LDAP on cisco UCM is used? A.Cisco AXL Web Service B.Cisco CallManager SNMP Service C.Cisco DirSync D.Cisco Bulk provisioning Service Answer: C QUESTION 183 Which two protocols should be configured for the cisco unity connection and cisco UCM integration? A.SIP B.H.323 C.MGCP D.RTP E.SCCP Answer: AE QUESTION 184 An end user at a remote site is trying to initiate an Ad Hoc conference call to an end user at the main site. The conference receives an error message on the phone: Cannot complete conference call. What is the cause of the issue? A.The transcoder resource Is missing. B.The remote phone does not have the conference feature assigned C.A software conference bridge is not assigned. D.A Media Termination Point is missing. Answer: A QUESTION 185 What dialed number match this cisco UCM route pattern? 1[23]XX A.1200 through 1399 only B.1230 through 1239 only C.12300 through 12399 only D.1200 through 1300 only Answer: D QUESTION 186 Users want their mobile phones to be able to access their cisco unity connection mailboxes with only having to enter their voicemail pin at the login prompt calling pilot number, where should an engineer configure this feature? A.message settings B.greetings C.alternate extensions D.transfer rules Answer: C QUESTION 187 Refer to the exhibit. Which Codec is negotiated? A.729ILBC B.711ulaw C.728 Answer: C QUESTION 188 An engineer is setting up a system with voice and video endpoints using auto-QoS policy on the switches. Which DSCP values are expected for interactive voice and video? A.EF AND AF41 B.EF AND AF21 C.EF AND CS3 D.EF AND CS6 Answer: A QUESTION 189 During the Cisco IP Phone registration process the TFTP download fails. What are two reasons for this issue'? (Choose two) A.The DNS server was not specified, which is needed to resolve a hostname in an Option 150 string. B.The Cisco IP Phone does not know the IP address of the TFTP server C.The Cisco IP Phone does not know the IP address of any of the Cisco UCM Subscriber nodes D.Option 100 string was not specified, or an incorrect Option 100 string was specified E.Option 150 string was not specified, or an incorrect Option 150 string was specified Answer: BE QUESTION 190 Refer to the exhibit. An administrator configures fax dial-peers on a Cisco IOS gateway and finds that faxes are not working correctly. Which change should be made to resolve this issue? A.codec g723ar63 B.codec g729br81 C.codec g726r32 D.codec g711ulaw Answer: D QUESTION 191 An administrator is integrating a Cisco Unity Express module to a Cisco UCME system A test call is placed to the Cisco Unity Express pilot number, but the administrator receives a busy signal. The dial- peer is configured as follows: How is this issue resolved? A.The dial-peer needs to be reconfigured to support the G 711 voice codec. B.The dial-peer needs to be reconfigured to support vad. C.The destination pattern needs to be changed to match the dialed number of 4100. D.The dial-peer needs to be reconfigured to support H 323 instead of SIP. Answer: A QUESTION 192 What is the difference between Cisco Unified Border Element and a conventional Session Border Controller? A.SIP security B.DTMF interworking C.Voice policy D.Address hiding Answer: C QUESTION 193 How does traffic policing respond to violations? A.AH traffic is treated equally. B.Excess traffic is retransmitted. C.Excess traffic is dropped. D.Excess traffic is queued. Answer: C QUESTION 194 Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is confining class of control for a user in Cisco UCM. Which change will ensure that the user is unable to call 2143? A.Change line partition to Partition_A B.Change line CSS to only contain Partition_B C.Set the user's line CSS to <None> D.Set the users device CSS to <None> Answer: D QUESTION 195 Users dial a 9 before a 10-digit phone number to make an off-net call All 11 digits are sent to the Cisco Unified Border Element before going out to the PSTN The PSTN provider accepts only 10 digits. Which configuration is needed on the Cisco Unified Border Element for calls to be successful? A.Option A B.Option B C.Option C D.Option D Answer: A QUESTION 196 A customer enters no IP domain lookup on the Cisco IOS XE gateway to suppress the interpreting of invalid commands as hostnames Which two commands are needed to restore DNS SRV or A record resolutions? (Choose two.) A.ip dhcp excluded-address B.ip dhcp-sip C.ip dhcp pool D.transport preferred none E.ip domain lookup Answer: DE QUESTION 197 An administrator is asked to implement toll fraud prevention in Cisco UCM, specifically to restrict off- net to off-net call transfers How is this implemented? A.Implement time-of-day routing. B.Use the correct route filters. C.Set the appropriate service parameter D.Enforce ad-hoc conference restrictions Answer: C QUESTION 198 A network administrator with ID392116981 has determined that a WAN link between two Cisco UCM clusters supports only 1 Mbps of bandwidth for voice traffic. How many calls does this link support if G.711 as the audio codec is used? A.15 B.16 C.13 D.12 Answer: D QUESTION 199 An engineer is asked to implement on-net/off-net call classification in Cisco UCM. Which two components are required to implement this configuration? (Choose two) A.SIP trunk B.CTI route point C.route group D.route pattern E.SIP route patterns Answer: AD QUESTION 200 An administrator installed a Cisco Unified IP 8831 Conference Phone that is failing to register. Which two actions are taken to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose two) A.Disable HSRP on lhe access layer switch. B.Verify that the switch port of the phone is enabled C.Check the RJ-65 cable. D.Verify that the RJ-11 cable is plugged into the PC port. E.Verify that the phone's network can access the option 150 server. Answer: BE 2021 Latest Braindump2go 350-801 PDF and 350-801 VCE Dumps Free Share:
Major Benefits of Short Term Training Programs for Students
The rise in the population mark of India has brought a flood of competition among young people for work. Rather than merely choosing degree programs, students nowadays are focusing more on keeping up with the learning process while also gaining financial independence. The integrated on-job training program -Short Term Training Programs is a chance for amateurs to attempt year learning based opportunity and prepare for entry-level positions in the IT companies. Short term trainings are exceptionally design for learning and getting prepared on specific points which candidates are discovering hard to comprehend or need to learning for upgrading their skills. In right now, the organization not only check's the basics of the fresher's candidates but also how deep knowledge they do have of their respective technology. Other short term training programs just helps students to learn basics of the technologies which are not enough for them to get a job at fresher level. There are a few basics factors which should be there in the mind of the students while showing up for any of the interviews at fresher's level - There communication skills must be up-to the mark i.e. both written as well as spoken. The basics fundamentals and ideas of the innovations for which they are appearing must be very strong. The students must also know the latest news and updates of the respective technology. For understanding advanced topics of any technology, one needs to have strong and clear fundamentals. In most the cases, students lacks clear fundamentals and basics and find it very difficult to grasp advanced topics which are greatly in demand for getting jobs and other career opportunities. Adjusting into professional workplace is another significant benefit of short term training program. The candidates get colossal measure of time for getting aware of working culture of the organization in which they are enrolled for career training program.
¿Qué marca la ley federal del trabajo sobre los días festivos?
La Ley Federal del Trabajo menciona que los días feriados o festivos son considerados como días no laborables, lo que los convierte en días de descanso obligatorio. ¿Qué es un día festivo? Es un día no laborable dedicado a alguna celebración nacional y en el cual se cierran las oficinas y establecimientos públicos y no se trabaja en los privados. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un día festivo y un día feriado? No hay diferencia, Los días feriados o festivos son días en los que el Estado Nacional conmemora o festeja hechos patrióticos, históricos o religiosos, y se encuentran establecidos en una norma legal. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un día festivo y un día de asueto? Ambos corresponden a días no laborables, pero la mayor diferencia es que el día de asueto se aplica a todos los que realizan alguna actividad laboral o educativa. Mientras que los días festivos se aplican solamente a una categoría de trabajadores o de estudiantes. Los asuetos son días no laborables que suelen establecer las autoridades ante alguna circunstancia especial. Muchas veces la declaración de la jornada festiva se aplica a un solo sector: así, en el Día del Bancario, los trabajadores que se desempeñan en un banco no concurren a sus lugares de trabajo ya que tienen asueto. El resto de los trabajadores, en cambio, debe cumplir con sus obligaciones como siempre. ¿Cuántos días festivos nos otorga la ley del trabajo ? Según el artículo 74 de la ley del trabajo, los trabajadores tienen derecho a descansar con goce de sueldo durante los días festivos (públicos y religiosos). Estos incluyen fiestas conmemorativas y fiestas religiosas (origen cristiano). Los días festivos son por lo general siete. Los Feriados Nacionales en México caen en dos categorías. Días feriados obligatorios (descanso obligatorio) y Días feriados otorgados usualmente (comúnmente concedidos). ¿Cuánto tienen que pagar un día festivo? Los artículos 74 y 75 de la Ley Laboral de México permiten que los trabajadores que trabajan en los días festivos tienen derecho a percibir un salario doble por el servicio prestado, independientemente del salario que les corresponda por el descanso obligatorio. Así que te puedes ganar 3 veces tu sueldo diario trabajando un día festivo Ahora, queda claro para todos lo que es un día festivo, cuantos días festivos tenemos y cuánto se paga, vamos a hablar de nuestras queridas vacaciones. ¿Los días festivos se contemplan como vacaciones? No, los días festivos y las vacaciones son cosas diferentes. Los días festivos son días de descanso obligatorios, mientras que las vacaciones son consideradas como un derecho laboral de los trabajadores y los días que se aplican varían según el tiempo que lleve laborando en la empresa. ¿Cuántos días de vacaciones anuales nos otorga la ley del trabajo? La Ley Federal del Trabajo garantiza las vacaciones anuales dependiendo de la antigüedad del trabajador o el tiempo de servicio. De este modo: 6 días laborables cuando la antigüedad es de un año de servicio Por los siguientes 3 años, el periodo vacacional se incrementa 2 días por cada año de servicio, de modo que cuando un trabajador completa los 4 años de servicio, la duración de las vacaciones anuales es de 12 días naturales. Al término de cada 5 años de servicio, el trabajador tiene derechos a 2 días adicionales de vacaciones anuales En caso de que el trabajador termine su relacion laboral con la empresa, debe de entregarce en el pago de la Liquidación lo equivalnete a la prima vacacional y las utilidades. ¿Mi empleador debe pagarme mi prima vacacional? No, el artículo 79 de la LFT establece que “las vacaciones no podrán compensarse con una remuneración”. Solo en caso de que termine la relación laboral y no hayas disfrutado de tus vacaciones, éstas deberán ser pagadas en efectivo. Todos los trabajadores tienen derecho a la prima vacacional. El artículo 80 de la Ley Federal del Trabajo establece que: Los trabajadores tendrán derecho a una prima no menor de veinticinco por ciento sobre los salarios que les correspondan durante el periodo de vacaciones”. La prima vacacional es la prestación en dinero, a la cual tiene derecho el trabajador con el objeto de recibir un ingreso extraordinario para el disfrute del periodo de descanso. ¿Cómo se calcula la prima vacacional? Es necesario conocer 2 elementos fundamentales para calcular tu prima vacacional. Salario mensual Vacaciones correspondientes La prima vacacional se calcula de la siguiente manera: Salario diario x días de vacaciones = X X x 0,25 = prima vacacional Así un empleado con un sueldo diario de 200 pesos con 8,5 días de vacaciones anuales, tendrá una prima vacacional de 425 pesos.