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Running Man Ep 101 - CSI Episode! It’s the musicians’ special with solo artist Kim Bum Soo, rocker Yoon Do Hyun, and singer (and ‘Family Outing’ alum) Yoon Jong Shin. At an amusement park in Seoul, the cast are divided into groups of two (with Song Ji Hyo by herself) and told to find the honored guests. Predictably, hi-jinks ensues and the three guests are not found without quite a bit of laughter and some spectacular ad-libs from the members. “You must be here on vacation? Goodbye, then!” Everything seems to be going well – until they find out someone has stolen their gold: the endgame prize for the glorious winner of that episode. The Running Men receive their new task – retrieve the pilfered gold from the thief, Ji Hyo! Ji Hyo makes her escape via helicopter, but not before dropping off her GPS tracker to throw her chasers away from the scent. After barely missing the helicopter takeoff, the ‘Running Man’ team must follow her scent and pick up clues along the way to divine her final location. While the ‘Running Man’ team are busy playing games, Ji Hyo manages to arrive at the final location, after meeting up with several clandestine agents who have all given her a mysterious black card for safekeeping. She’s given a bombshell piece of information by a kindly robot, Kibo: her gold is fake! Cue the dramatic rewind – we find out that the real gold was taken by today’s trio of guests! That puts Song Ji Hyo right back at the beginning – save for a crucial hint, courtesy of Kibo: those mysterious black cards have letters on them which will appear when doused with water. In possession of only three of the cards, Ji Hyo sets out for the rest, and the rest of the cast discovers the existence of these cards as well. Meanwhile, two of the spies are preparing a diversion. Kim Bum Soo and Yoon Do Hyun conspire to rip the name tag of one of the blue team members, but goes horribly wrong when resident traitor HaHa catches on to their weak plot, and Yoon Do Hyun becomes a casualty of the ill-thought out tactic. Yoo Jae Suk becomes trapped between the Two Kids, and egged on by Ji Hyo, becomes a casualty of the blue team as well. Yoon Jong Shin, meanwhile, attempts to use Song Ji Hyo for his own means. They meet up with HaHa and Gary - the strongest team left standing – and attempt a surprise attack. Jong Shin’s legacy from his ‘Family Outing’ days works against him, though, and the ‘surprise’ goes down in failure. While Ji Hyo isn’t looking, Gary and HaHa manage to run away with Ji Hyo’s cards. Figuring out that water makes the letters appear, they rush to the restroom and reason out the hint – the “wooden door at the sky bridge“. With the rest of the crew hot on their tail, the Two Kids reach the final location, open the safe, and claim the real gold for themselves. Sweet victory! The three ‘spies’ are despondent, Ji Hyo is angry, and Gary and HaHa are joyous at the win (and the massive loot). But it looks like HaHa and Gary won’t be celebrating for long – next week, Kim Soo Hyun is out to get revenge, and it looks like he’s got a water gun with him! My personal fav scene: Ji Hyo waving to everyone as she takes off in a helicopter, outsmarting the boys as usual teeheehee. dunno about you guys but I cant wait for next week for us to see KIM SOO HYUN!!! Woot! source: allkpop, weibo
keke i just watched ep 101 too its tooo funny thanks for the synopsis!
thanks Priscillalala!
ohhh thanks for this!!! i didnt have time to watch the entire Ep 101, so thank you so much for this priscillalala!