Build MLM Platform with Dapp Smart Contract

Are you running an MLM company in the UK and looking for a robust solution to make your platform more reliable for your users? Count on Antier Solutions, we build an MLM platform with Dapp smart contract that gives your business new wings to reach maximum heights. For more information, visit us at https://www.antiersolutions.com/cryptocurrency-mlm-software/
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Launch Smart Contract based MLM Software on TRON network
To generate tremendous profit within a short span of time, cryptocurrency MLM business is the right decision. This multi-level marketing business act as an efficient one due to its direct selling from the wholesaler to the end-users. Even though the MLM business has many benefits, it also has some acceptable facts that are facing to be drawbacks like fraudulent activities, cheating, and theft or loss of products or currencies and many more. To overcome such kind of activities, MLM platform development integrated either with the smart contracts will makes you stand out from the crowd by overcoming all the security issues. TRON Smart Contract Development While Ethereum remains as the most common mainstream option as a platform for developing smart contracts and decentralized technologies, TRON, the blockchain with a goal to be decentralized, has come up to attain the status of a feasible option and framework for developing decentralized applications/products. Developing on TRON provides a wide range of advantages compared to any other blockchain network. Generally, the developers reportedly enjoy the TRON framework because it can enable a higher level of throughput than other blockchain platforms. It also offers the potential for transparency and scalability. Switching Ethereum Smart Contract to the TRON Blockchain TRON has facilitated a quick switch to its own ecosystem for users who wish to go after the TRON blockchain instead of Ethereum. It’s important to know that each blockchain network has its own advantages and disadvantages and that should be researched by a developer to determine which one better suits their development. Indifferent, TRON has developed a framework for switching programmed contracts on Ethereum to TRON. Instead of setting up the contract and having it function particularly in the Ethereum network where ether and subsequent “Gas” is utilized to power the functionality in the contracts, the TRON protocol is implemented. Switching the smart-contracts to the TRON ecosystem normally requires replacing of parameters such as “ether/Gas” to “TRX/Sun.” In the same way that ether serves as the main currency and Gas is a simple fraction’s worth of Ether, TRX serves as the main currency and Sun is the ideal representative of fractions worth of TRX. Why Tron Blockchain for Smart Contract? Provides Robust solutions based on Tron-enabled blockchain technology Customizable Smart Contracts. Elimination of gas fee Secured Integrated code development. Profound Blockchain development. Transparent procedure. High quality and always available for service Benefits of Tron Smart Contract MLM Full decentralization Absence of risks The system will itself bring you free referrals Referrals from your uplines Unable to stop the system INactive referral multiplies your profit All transactions between participants Profit received for all time can be repeated every year. TRON (TRX) Smart Contract MLM Software Development Company We gamesdapp, as the acclaimed Smart Contract MLM Software Development company provides the option for MLM website development with TRON DApp along with advanced features, highly responsive, and attractive UI/UX. We have a team of skilled Blockchain Developers and we are the Worldwide MLM Software solutions Provider offering major smart contract MLM Clone Scripts like, Million Money clone script Forsage MLM Clone Script Double Way MLM Clone script Ethereum Cash MLM clone Script Etrix MLM Clone Script XOXO MLM Clone Script Click here >> To build your Smart Contract based MLM with TRON!! Call/Whatsapp : 9489606634 E-mail : support@gamesd.app Skype: gamesd.app
Forsage Clone Script to Start Smart Contract MLM like Forsage
Maticz technologies is the leading Smart Contract MLM Development Company that offers Forsage Clone Script to Start Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM platform like Forsage. We are well experienced in developing the clone platform of the famous Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Platforms like Forsage, Million Money, Doubleway, XOXO, Etrix, EtheremsCash, Lionsshare etc... Forsage Clone Script Forsage Clone script is a 100% Decentralized self-executing Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Clone Script, that enables you to Start a Smart Contract based Cryptocurrency MLM project on Ethereum blockchain that operates like forsage.io. Our Forsage MLM Clone Script is built with a customizable smart contract, so that one can customize the joining & commission fee and also the MLM plans. Once the smart contracts are defined on Ethereum Blockchain, it cannot be altered or accessed by the MLM participants. Our readymade script supports multiple matrix schemes. Benefits of Forsage Clone Script   - Risk-free way to earn a huge profit.  - Decentralized P2P Commissions structure.  - Use of Ethereum Smart Contract rules out chances of scams.  - Privacy and transparency at it's best.  - The best way to earn ETH in a short duration.  - Supports multiple Matrix schemes.  - Instant Peer-to-Peer Payments systems.  - Completely decentralized crowdfunding MLM environment. Why Choose Maticz for Forsage MLM Clone Development? Maticz Technologies - Leading Software Development Company offers end-to-end services on Blockchain, DApps, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Smart Contract based MLM development. We have developed and delivered more than 90+ projects on Blockchain and have specialized development team on various Blockchain platforms and certified developers for Ethereum Smart contract MLM Software Development. Get Live Demo for Forsage Smart Contract MLM Script >>>>
Man Dies on Mount Everest Over Crypto Currency?
ASKfm, the site that lets friends ask anonymous questions, decided to launch their own cryptocurrency. To celebrate the launch, they planned an elaborate promotional stunt involving four climbers and the highest mountain in the world. Theysent a team of three crypto enthusiasts on an expedition to climb Mount Everest. At the top, they would bury a small USB drive containing $50,000 worth of ASKT, their new cryptocurrency they have planned an Initial Coin Offering for. Why? They wanted to send their currency “to the moon.” The climbers reached the summit on May 14 and successfully buried the USB. In a Medium post, the company described the expedition and the intentions behind it. “While others try sophisticated marketing techniques, these guys went out there and put themselves right on top of the highest mountain on the planet. An elegant way to boast ideological superiority to every other crypto. A way quite strangely unexplored before. Even memes-wise, think about the closest starting point to reach the moon. It seems so obvious, yet no one has done it.” What the company failed to mention, however, was Lam Baby Sherpa: the Nepalese mountain guide who helped carry gear and lead these otherwise-inexperienced climbers to 29,000 feet. The sherpa, a veteran of three previous Everest climbs, was left behind by the group and is presumed to be dead. One of the climbers was reported as stating: “At the top of Everest the weather was very bad, and then we were coming down. We were going down to Camp 4, which is at about 7900m, and one Sherpa was dying. That’s all we know. He was behind us, so we don’t know what happened to him. We were going fast and the Sherpa wasn’t coming with us. He was coming behind so we didn’t see him.” Upon reaching Camp 4, one of the crypto climbers had developed altitude sickness. They descended to Camp 2, where they called for a helicopter evacuation. As for the $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency? There’s no word as to whether or not it’s been retrieved yet, but with climbing season in full swing and an average of 600 summits each season, it’s sure to turn up soon.
LocalBitcoins Clone Script to Start Crypto Exchange like LocalBitcoins
Building up your very own bitcoin exchange website is a troublesome undertaking. Yes, You generally need proficient assistance that can control you with a total procedure for making a local bitcoins clone website. Attempt to search in for some all-around constructed and rich-included clone script specialist organization to build up your website. The motivation behind why you should fabricate a local bitcoins clone website It has a high market top and is expanding step by step. Bitcoin and different Cryptocurrencies gain the ubiquity method of installment move. The vast majority of the individuals began acquiring cash by means of bitcoins. Similarly, Localbitcoins Clone Script accomplishes you to start your own Bitcoin exchange website like LocalBitcoins. The clone script permits local purchasers just as global exchanges. Clients can purchase and sell any cryptocurrency and pay the particular party with fiat or some other cryptocurrency. This Local Bitcoin Clone Script encourages you to make and deal with your exchange site. It's likewise useful to individuals who claim their own websites for presenting to you an extra salary. Make your Bitcoin exchange business website with a sheltered escrow application. Bunches of B2B enterprises are furnishing local bitcoin script with escrow application. Along these lines, choose the privilege bitcoin escrow script will consistently lead your bitcoin exchange business to a triumph level. To locate the best specialist organizations to work with, attempt these four strategies. Local Bitcoins Clone Script Highlights 1. Escrow Wallet –Escrow script shields dealers from deceitful purchasers by requiring the Bitcoin to be stored forthright. 2. Two Factor Authentications –We will offer two-factor validation for purchasers and vendors in the market to assemble local bitcoins clone websites. 3. Localbitcoins application and Wallet Development –Creating your Local Bitcoin wallet for putting away your Bitcoins and different cryptocurrencies in a protected and secure way. 4. Multi-cash support –This wallet bolsters practically all the prevalent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so forth and enables you to store more than one simultaneously in a similar wallet. 5. AML/KYC –Localbitcoins offer a total answer for KYC and AML including ID check, revealing, and re-accommodation the board. Where would you be able to get the script to begin a Local bitcoin exchange website? BlockchainAppsDeveloper is one of the best Cryptocurrency exchange development company in United Kingdom. They incorporate all the most recent highlights like multi-way confirmation, Propelled CMS, Coordinated wallet, different cash paring, and Rest local bitcoin Programming interface, and so forth. They have an incredible tech group to build up your local bitcoin clone website, and furthermore give the best help and support to your Bitcoin exchange business. Undeniable Reasons to Choose BlockchainAppsDeveloper Local Bitcoins Clone script 1. Automatic exchange and introduce installment exchanges 2. Accept Numerous Installment Alternatives 3. Safe and dependable administration 4. Prevention of deceitful exchanges 5. The exchanges are quicker and exceptionally secure 6. User-accommodating dashboards will permit purchasers and merchants to exchange easily. Contact Us & Get a Live Demo Of LocalBitcoins Clone
Smart Contract MLM Script to Start Smart Contract MLM Platform
Smart Contract MLM Script Smart Contract MLM Script is a ready-made Smart Contract Based MLM Website Script to kick-start the Smart Contract MLM Platform instantly and this Smart Contract MLM Script is completely decentralized MLM software solutions built with Blockchain powered Smart Contracts. Maticz Technologies offers a ready-to-launch Smart Contract MLM Script to launch a Smart Contract based decentralized Crowdsale platform within a week! Maticz’s Smart Contract MLM Software - DEXARK Maticz provides a bug-free, multi-tested White-label Smart Contract MLM Software that is highly customizable based on your business requirements. DEXARK – A Professional Smart Contract MLM Software Solutions from Maticz helps you to build a completely Decentralized Smart Contract Based MLM platform. Smart Contract MLM Clone Script Smart Contract MLM Clone Script is a ready-to-deploy Smart Contract Based MLM Clone Script to build a famous Smart Contract MLM platform like Million Money, Forsage, Etrix, Lions Share, Supersage, EthereumsCash. Maticz’s Blockchain developers are experts in developing a clone of professional smart contract MLM platforms and experts in various blockchain platforms like Ethereum, TRON, EOS, etc..  Top Selling Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts We have ready-made Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts which is 100% replica (both in look and performance) of famous Smart Contract MLM platforms like Million Money, Forsage, Etrix, Lions Share, Supersage, EthereumsCash, etc...  << Forsage MLM Clone Script << Million Money MLM Clone Script << Lions Share MLM Clone Script << Etrix MLM Clone Script Top Selling Ready-made Smart Contract MLM Scripts At Maticz, We have certified Smart Contract Developers who are experts in all Blockchain platforms like Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Hyperledger, Stellar, Waves, etc… << Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Script (GENERIC) << TRON Smart Contract MLM Script (GENERIC) << EOS Smart Contract MLM Script (GENERIC) Why Choose Maticz’s Smart Contract MLM Script? Maticz Technologies is a preeminent Smart Contract MLM Development Company that offers an advanced & customizable Smart Contract MLM Script to kick-start Smart Contract MLM business. We also do Smart Contract Audit Services which is the added benefit for your Smart Contract MLM business. We have certified Blockchain developers who are having in-depth knowledge in Blockchain which makes us deliver stunning Smart Contract MLM Development Services which makes you stand out from your business competitions and become a billionaire. Now, this is your time to launch your Smart contract MLM platform!! Check Out Live Demo of Smart Contract MLM Script
How to set up a Smart Contract MLM platform like Lionsshare.io?
Lion’s Share is a peer to peer,decentralized, Ethereum Smart Contract Matrix program built using Ethereum smart contract technology, working on the blockchain. This platform is self operating, which means it can never be change or hacked. Just like other crypto MLM’s (example- forsage and million money) Lions share is the first of its kind in connecting different countries right from the start and you need to go into it because Smart contract is playing the major role in Crypto earning programs and they are going to change how we see Cryptocurrencies. If you are willing to make money with cryptocurrency, then starting an MLM like Lion’s share is the best choice to do. We, GamesDApp are offering a ready made Smart contract MLM clone scripts of various popular Cryptocurrency MLM websites. Benefits of starting a Smartcontract MLM like Lion’s Share? 1. It is Built on Ethereum blockchain 2. No Admin is Involved. 3. 100% Decentralized 4. Payment can be done automatically to the individuals wallet without any withdrawal request. 5. Impossible to hack/scam 6. Start up cost — only 0.04 ETH 7. It is binary level earning system. 8. Withdraw to local bank anytime with no limitations 9. It is 100% open source smart contract system. Why GamesDApp for Lion’s Share Clone Script? To Start a Smart Contract MLM like Lion’s Share, you should need an experts consultation & the best development support. GamesDApp — As a Prominant Smart Contract Based MLM Development Company offers a Ready-made Lion’s Share MLM Clone Script to start Smart Contract based MLM platform like Lionsshare.io in a week! We also build Similar Ethereum smart contract MLM clone Scripts of Popular websites like, Million Money Clone Script Forsage Clone Script DOUBLEWAY Clone Script XOXO Network Clone Script Etrix Clone Script Ethereum Cash Clone Script Click here >> To Explore more in detail or contact through Call/Whatsapp: 9791703519 E-mail: support@gamesd.app Skype: live:support_60864
Decentralized Social Networks: Can They Work?
What does "decentralized social media" even mean? LAST YEAR JILLIAN York, a free expression activist, was temporarily booted off Facebook for sharing partially nude images. The offending photos were part of a German breast cancer awareness campaign which featured, well, breasts. Facebook flagged the post as a violation of its Community Standards, which strictly prohibits most types of female nudity. Though the account suspension lasted only 24 hours, it had a powerful impact on York’s ability to get things done. Locked out of Facebook, York was unable to complete her work or post comments on news sites that use Facebook’s commenting tools. And without Facebook credentials, York could not access apps like Spotify and Tinder. Tick off Facebook and you may be unable to work, date, or listen to music. York’s suspension highlights the ever-expanding ways in which we now rely on large private platforms to facilitate our online activities. Over the last 13 years, Facebook has evolved from a lifestyle site for college kids into a cornerstone of civic life. It is one of a handful of very large platforms that dominate our online world. As such platforms have gained traction, the web has transformed from an open space for free expression into a corporate-owned gated community of private platforms. The power of giant platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter leads to problems ranging from the threat of government-ordered censorship to more subtle, algorithmic biases in the curation of content users consume. Moreover, as these platforms expand their reach, the ripple effects of exclusion can have serious consequences for people’s personal and professional lives, and users have no clear path to recourse. The platforms that host and inform our networked public sphere are unelected, unaccountable, and often impossible to audit or oversee. In response, there is a growing movement among free speech advocates to create new technology to address these concerns. Early web pioneers like Brewster Kahle have called for ways we might “lock the web open” with code, enabling peer-to-peer interactions in place of mediated private platforms. The idea is to return to the good old days of the early '90’s web, when users published content directly in a user-friendly decentralized fashion, without the need for corporate intermediaries and their aspirational approach. Communities for users, run only by other users. No companies and giant corporation behind it. Just social networking for the sake of social networking. Now, WIRED makes the argument that they'll never work but I'm not so convinced. I love the idea. What do you think? Can we drop Facebook and find a decentralized way to connect again?
Some Significant Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin
What are cryptocurrencies? Before talking about Bitcoin the famous crypto giant firstly talked about the cryptocurrency and altcoin. A cryptocurrency is virtual decentralized money which is in the form of coins or tokens. While some cryptocurrencies already ventured with the physical world with credit cards and additional projects. The word crypto refers to the creation or processing of digital currencies with the transactions beyond the decentralized system. The cryptocurrencies are ought to design so that it is free from the control of the government. The modified currencies after bitcoin are collectively known as an altcoin and they are the improved versions of bitcoin. Afterall the other currencies then bitcoin can mine easily. The modified currencies can include higher risks on lower levels of liquidity. Ethereum (ETH) It is a decentralized platform that provides smart contracts and building decentralized applications (DApps) and can run without any downtime, fraud, control, interference within the third party. The cryptographic token is the platform that runs the applications of Ethereum. ETH is just like a vehicle for moving throughout the Ethereum platform and also the developers look to develop and run the applications for Ethereum. Ethereum had recorded an effective response when launched a presale in 2014. According to Ethereum, it can be used to “codify, decentralize, secure and trade just about anything.” from the attack in 2016 the ethereum was split into Ethereum ETH and Ethereum Classic ETC. Ripple (XRP) The ripple offers instant international payments at a lower cost. It is a real-time global network. It was launched in 2012 “enables banks to settle cross-border payments in real-time, with end-to-end transparency, and at lower costs. It does not require mining as it is a reminder coin before its launch as there is no creation of XRP over time. As mining is not required by Rippe thus in this way it can save the use of processing and power of the computer. Ripple has the market capitalization of $9.2 billion with the per coin of $0.21 as of June 8, 2020. Litecoin (LTC) Litecoin originated in 2011, was amongst the initial cryptocurrencies to accompany in the footprints of bitcoin also it is correlated as “silver to bitcoin’s gold.”. Litecoin is based on an open-source global payment system which is not regulated by any principal authority and utilises “script” as a proof of work, which could be decoded by the help of CPUs of consumer-grade. Though Bitcoin has some features of bitcoin in it consists of faster block generation including faster transactions with time. Litecoin has a market capitalization of $3.0 with a per token value of $46.92. ORMX The ORMX coin runs on the basis of ORMX core. It has the configuration characters of the two most modern blockchains to create a hybrid core. The ORMX core will rely on proof-of-stake as the agreement model managed to accomplish smart contracts on the blockchain. The ORMX core will additionally include value transfer to help some industries which require value transfer. ORMX core also solves the affinity of bitcoin and ethereum, both the platform uses the UTXO and smart contract amalgamation for different notes as well as e-wallets. The ORMX core technology will utilize not only for the evolution of bitcoin and ethereum but for developing smart contracts. Binance Coin (BNB The Binance coin BNB was launched in 2017, it has become an official token on a crypto platform. Binance has speedily progressed to become the most considerable exchange of its class globally in terms of the overall trading volume. The Binance platform allows users for trading numerous distinctive cryptocurrencies. BNB is practiced to promote transaction fees on the exchange and besides it is used to pay for certain goods and services, combining travel fees and more numerous. The market capital of BNB as of Jan 8, 2020, was $2.3 billion with a token value of $14.71. Monero (XMR) It was launched in 2014 and is secured private and untraceable currency. The currency has gained so much enthusiasm. The advancement of this cryptocurrency is totally donation-based and community-driven. The coin has launched with the focus of decentralisation and privacy by utilizing the special technique called “ring signatures”. By this method, there seems a collection of cryptographic signatures including at least one authentic member. The market capital of Monero as of Jan 8, 2020, was $994.0 million with the token value of $57.16. Bitcoin cash (BCH) The earliest and the most successful cryptocurrencies in the history of altcoins is Bitcoin cash. The BCH enlarges its block size from one MB to eight MB with the concern of that large block size will provide quicker transactions. Indeed it removes the segregated witness protocol that impacts the size of the block. However, the Bitcoin network has limited the size of blocks i.e one megabyte (MB). As of Jan 8, 2020, the market cap of BCH is valued at $4.4 billion per token of $240.80. EOS It is one of the latest digital currencies and is launched in June 2018. It is designed by Pioneer Dan Larimer. The EOS provides the platform for which developers can build decentralised applications. It is the longest and the most profitable coin in history which has ranked $4 billion. The EOS provides a proof-of-stake mechanism which it expects to be smart to offer scalability beyond its competitors.
Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Development
MLM business may strike every business people's mind to begin a multi-level marketing business like a Million Money, Forsage, Doubleway, etc...  But when it comes to investing in MLM platform, most of the people say it’s a scam. So if you want to start trusted Cryptocurrency MLM business, then my suggestion would be “you can develop decentralized ethereum smart contract MLM platform" With an Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software, You can easily launch your own Smart Contract based MLM Platform. Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software is a readymade smart contract-based MLM website script developed on Ethereum blockchain by deploying which you can launch your own decentralized & automated MLM businesses like Million Money, Forsage, Doubleway, LionShare, Etrix, etc... At Maticz Technologies, we offer a highly customizable Ethereum Smart Contract MLM script that supports all types of matrix plans & schemes. The major functions of the MLM website like member allocations, commission systems and other internal p2p transactions will be automatically handled by the ethereum smart contracts. Why Choose Maticzs for Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Development? Maticz Technologies - A preeminent Blockchain Development Company having a proven track record of success with 100% customer satisfaction offering a top-notch software solutions for blockchian, cryptocurrency exchange, smart contract based MLM, DApps, cryptocurrency & ethereum tokens development etc... Our strong knowledge in blockchain helps us to develop an advanced ethereum smart contract based MLM platform. Here are some key reasons to choose our Ethereum MLM Script: < 100% un-hackable MLM platform. < Handle upto 10 Million users at a time.  < Supports multiple Matrix schemes. < Privacy and transparency at it's best.  < Fully automated MLM environment. < Decentralized P2P Commissions structure. < Use of Ethereum Smart Contract rules out chances of scams.  < The best way to earn ETH in a short duration. < Instant Peer-to-Peer Payments systems. < Risk-free way to earn a huge profit. < Completely decentralized MLM environment. Contact Us & Get a Live Demo for Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Script >>>>
What is ORMX Token Design Concept?
ORMX coins aim to create a third or a hybrid ORMX core language as blockchain by assimilating widely used 2 blockchain languages by using the design elements. The platform of blockchain model operates the ORMX core i.e on proof of stake (POS) which can access the smart contracts. From the technology of ORMX core the developers can work easily instead of using the complex Dapp engineering in ethereum virtual machines (EVM). ORMX core also poses functionality of value transfer required in industries. The technology allows easy execution to social media, finance, internet of things etc. The POS consensus 3.0 can run both the bitcoin and ethereum effectively as a transaction output. The POS 3.0 technology proved that the bitcoin will run without any problems on the ORMX core. POS provides similarity in private levels as developed in the bitcoin UTXO models by combining UTXO and ETHEREUM VIRTUAL MACHINES that one can scale up the ORMX core. ORMX core also solves the affinity of bitcoin and ethereum, both the platform uses the UTXO and smart contract amalgamation for different notes as well as e-wallets. The uniting of UTXO and EVM will be possible when there is the integration of the ORMX concept layer. This will enhance the operationality of the bitcoin and the working capability of the bitcoin process without any issues, and the ethereum will convert into the UTXO model via abstraction layers. The developers can purposely use the bitcoin related functions which could access without changing the code. One can avoid blindness as well as blockchain and complete the turing process. The upcoming future will be secured and supportive by the ORMX core as it will support the computer languages such as java, python, node js etc. also it provides more features to the cryptocurrency. In the past, bitcoin required complex machines which possessed less functionality, since ORMX core solves such issues by applying the POS architecture linked within the UTXO through the abstraction layers. The application of mobile will then be developed easily through ORMX technologies. For developing the core applications the developers will have to work with other developers for providing the base and infrastructure. The major point was to implement the payment processing systems for the online as well as offline services. ORMX core technology is used not only for the development of bitcoin and ethereum but for developing smart contracts. Smart contracts have not been resolved as potential problems have not been fully solved. The problems are seen during the development of the smart contracts as EVM 1 is not compatible with the EVM 2. Thus ORMX surges compatibility for the development of the smart contracts. For some security purposes, the EVM community is working to protect virtual machines and ORMX core is preparing for the event that removes the mishandled codes. ORMX core provides alpha, beta and lastly testing for fixing the security issues. POS 3.0 is more effective then POS architecture which will un-affect the attack of plague on the bitcoin blockchain. There is no need for GPU intensive machines used by miners in bitcoin. The specific programming language will be used whose codes will be similar to solidity and node js for integrating cross-platform dapps without having problems.
ICON Network: An Overview
What Is ICON? ➤ #1 Blockchain project in Korea with an expanding global footprint ➤ Open source platform building a community of communities based on consensus, governance and protocol specifications ➤ BTP(chain interoperability), parallel processing, multichannel and modular architecture creating a highly scalable network able to interconnect private and public chains. ICON Benefits ➤ Various blockchain platforms are able to interact via smart contracts. ➤ No need to make multiple wallets. ➤ No need to buy multiple tokens: Owning just ICX gives access to all interconnected chains. ➤ Ease of dApp accessibility: frictionless dApp usage across multiple chains. ➤ DPoC: (Delegated Proof of Contribution) variant of PoS based on contributions. ICONSENSUS P-Reps: A Public Representative (P-Rep) is a block validator on the ICON Network that participates in consensus and governance. ➤ P-Reps consist of the top 22 Main P-Reps and 78 Sub P-Reps,. ➤ P-Reps are elected by delegation of stake. 1 ICX token is worth one vote. ➤ For delegating and voting for P-Reps, ICONists (ICX token holders) receive rewards. ➤ I-SCORE: All contributions are quantified in the form of I-SCORE that can be converted 1ICX to 1000 I-SCORE to redeem rewards. DBP (DApp Booster Program) DApps on the network receive a portion of block rewards based on their delegation ranking. EEP (Ecosystem Expansion Program) Community members receive a portion of the block rewards by proposing and implementing projects that expand or grow the network. Fee Sharing 2.0 Developers can choose to pay for transaction fees themselves so users may access their dApps easily. Virtual Step Virtual fee that credits developers transaction fees for locking up their ICX. ICX: ICON’s unique native token ➤ Provides governance rights to the network ➤ Used for computation, transaction fees and rewards ICON’s Unique Reward System Dynamic reward system that autonomously adjusts based on varying network conditions: ➤ When high % of network is staked, then reward is decreased to encourage using ICX elsewhere. ➤ When low % of network is staked, then reward is increased to encourage staking more ICX. Select Blockchain Products On ICON Network somesing.io The world's first Karaoke app on a blockchain. DPASS Global authentication system with sovereign identity. A Decentralized Passport/DID, and cryptocurrency wallet, all in one. broof.io Blockchain certificate issuance service. Permanent record of genuine certificates. Facilitates blockchain adoption with secured partners including, Seoul City, Citizen Hall, Postech and Studypie. ICON Ecosystem ICONLOOP MyID Alliance ICON Strategic Partner - ICON DAO P-Rep candidate and ICON strategic partner committed to providing the tools and services needed for users to develop and manage decentralized communities to mass collaborate and fund projects. ICON DAO Medium ICON DAO Twitter ICON DAO Telegram Resources Homepage: https://icon.foundation Community: https://icon.community Developer Center: https://icondev.io Github: https://github.com/icon-project Medium: https://medium.com/helloiconworld Works Cited ▸ Dr. Ben Lee, "Economic Incentives of ICON Network", Hashnet 2019 Blockchain Conference, October 2019. ▸ "ICON Network Partnerships" Retrieved from: "https://spec-rationality.com/icon/#21Nov" ▸ Amy Dang, November 5, 2019, "A Comprehensive look at ICONLOOP's MyID Alliance" Retrieved from: "https://theicon.ist/2019/11/05/a-comprehensive-look-at-iconloops-myid-alliance-its-partners-advisors-and-upcoming-roadmap/"
Start Smart Contract MLM like Doubleway
Cryptocurrency MLM Business Model with Ethereum Smart Contract combinations are getting enormous high profits. Business People or Entrepreneur who wants to make money online then employ blockchain-based MLM schemes to get high ROI ( Return On Investment). So if you want to be a successful billionaire list, then this is the perfect time to Start Smart Contract based MLM like Doubleway. Doubleway Clone Script Doubleway clone script is an Ethereum based smart contract MLM clone script, which can benefit you to build a legalized cryptocurrency MLM like a famous doubleway website. At BlockchainAppsDeveloper, you can get the best and advanced Doubleway MLM clone script, which is an Ethereum based smart contract MLM website script that can be used under the control of the Ethereum smart contract. How Doubleway Smart Contract Works?  Doubleway smart contract works based on the 2X8 binary matrix, whereas the smart contract controls every matrix operation, from members registration to all the payment processing. The Gifting scheme doesn't offer any product/service to anyone, instead it encourages people to earn more cryptos by referring other people into the network. The Network grows exponentially from one person as below. "Proof Of Many Transactions That Makes The System to Grow Each and Everyday" -this is the major advantage of Doubleway Smart Contract. Additional advantages are No risk zone, Complete decentralized business model, High secure oriented smart contract. Mainly, you can join directly from crypto had and get P2P Transactions also. CryptoHands - The First Risk-Free Blockchain Project Actually, CryptoHands is the first launched blockchain project of this major relationship. Two different smart contract projects running for different business reasons. Doubleway.io and Cryptohands websites claim there are no admin or manual actions and both business models are completely decentralized.  In fact, Doubleway business has been started with the main goal of solving two major issues. Crypto Hands is designed a 1-time investment project for many years. So the customers could face a long pause after taking a massive income by completing a particular level. Doubleway can complete this long pause and it can balance with also crypto hands. Participants and users always like to have earn repeat income, so with the support of doubleway crypto hands, members can also directly join to doubleway. Both the crypto hands and doubleway balancing each other to keep the participants inside a community.  If you want to start Smart Contract MLM like CryptoHands, Get our readymade Crypto Hand MLM Clone Script Similar Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts 1. Million Money Clone Script 2. Etrix Clone Script 3. Forsage Clone Script Why Choose Us for Doubleway MLM Clone Development? BlockchainAppsDeveloper - Leading Blockchain Development Company offers end-to-end services on Blockchain, DApps, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Smart Contract based MLM development. We have developed and delivered more than 100+ projects on Blockchain and have specialized development team on various Blockchain platforms and certified developers for Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Development. We are expertise in Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Clone Development like, 1. Million Money 2. Forsage 3. XOXO Network  4. DOUBLEWAY 5. EtheremsCash 6. Etrix, etc… Contact Us & Get a Live Demo for Smart Contract MLM Script Know more - Smart Contract based MLM