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 Recap Ep 1: Recap Ep 2: Recap Ep 3: Recap Ep 4: Recap Ep 5: Recap Ep 6: Recap Ep 7: Recap Ep 8: Yoon Jae and Da Ran were rushing to the hospital from the airport. Yoon Jae said, "I obviously felt something. 3 seconds, no, 5 secs, I felt something. If I felt something, I'm sure there is something happen to Kyung Joon." They arrived in hospital, and Kyung Joon was on the floor, still unconsious. They met Se Young on the way, and asked her about Kyung Joon's condition. Se Young said, "Both of you came all the way here just to check Kyung Joon's condition? Are you not going for your honeymoon?" Meanwhile, Kyung Joon's uncle and aunt was looking from the far, and asked Se Young, why Yoon Jae asked for Kyung Joon's condition. Outside the hospital, Yoon Jae and Da Ran was outside, again, arguing with each other about what a waste their honeymoon didn't go well. They ended up seperated, Yoon Jae left with the car, while Da Ran walking on the street. Meanwhile, Ma Ri was standing outside Yoon Jae's house, feeling so depressed about the marriage. Da Ran ended up going to sauna, and Yoon Jae went home. Yoon Jae was at home, it is really dark, and there is a woman's shoes. In the dark, a shadow of a long hair woman and white dress coming closer and calling him,,,Kyung Joon...Kyung Joon... Yoon Jae saw an amulet too there! it turned out to be Ma Ri! HAHAHAHAHHAHA that is hillarious to see him freaked out! Ma Ri said, "even though your body is married with Yoon Jae, but your soul is married to me!" There is something weird happening with Da Ran in sauna! Chung SIk, and the parents are there too!! Chung Sik almost caught her in the act when she was eating egg and having a supposedly "Chinese style massage". She tried to escape and went to the ladies room, but Chung Sik couldn't go there! The parents found Chung Sik in front of the ladies room and scold him for being silly because his Noona is in China! Meanwhile, Yoon Jae was looking at China map and the Greatwall, drawing on the map, pretending that Da Ran and him are there. Yoon Jae feel curious why Da Ran didn't come home yet, so he went outside. Chung Sik and the parents were in the car on their way home, and they found Yoon Jae walking! Yoon Jae ended up went to Da Ran's house, and tried his best to explain why they are not in China. He said, it is difficult for him to take a leave. Yoon Jae called Da Ran that he is busted. Meanwhile at the house, Da Ran's mom already prepared dinner for Yoon Jae. The menu is spicy fish soup. The family said, it looks so refreshing. But Yoon Jae didn't understand. He said, it looks spicy and hot, how come they said that it's refreshing?? HAHAHA Se Young were together with Yoon Jae's mom. She said, "Yoon Jae didn't go for the honeymoon, because I saw them in the hospital today. They went to visit Kyung Joon." So Yoon Jae's mom asked,"Who is Kyung Joon?" Se Young said, "that's the kid that went into the same accident with Yoon Jae. He's in our hospital now." The mom felt something weird and called Yoon Jae's dad. She asked," what is the name of Gisu's son?" (I think Gisu is the name of Kyung Joon's mom). The dad said, "Kang Kyung Joon." Meanwhile, Yoon Jae is calling Da Ran. Da Ran is in Yoon Jae's house, with nothing to eat. Yoon Jae said, "I will bring something from your house, so wait for me." Yoon Jae ran as fast as lightning with the food, and interestingly, Da Ran is outside the house waiting for him too! (Ohh guys, am I seeing some love here???) They were having a great dinner together, and also a glass of homemade wine. Da Ran said, "You know, this wine is older than you, Kyung Joon." After that, Yoon Jae went back to Da Ran's house (oh i forgot to tell you guys that Da Ran's parents asked him to stay over until Da Ran is back from China - he told them that Da Ran went alone to China because he can't take a leave, remember?) Another intermezo, there is something going on with Da Ran's fellow teachers, the guy and the lady. The lady teacher is so drunk and the guy is piggybacking her home. It seems that she likes him, but he had a crush to Da Ran before. Yoon Jae was alone looking at a box where Da Ran keep her stuffs. He was talking to himself, "Dr. Seo, please come back soon..." Meanwhile in hospital, Kyung Joon is lying on the bed, and guess who came!! It's Yoon Jae's mom. She just looked at him and said,"Kyung Joon, even when you were born, I didn't come and see you..." and she just left. The next morning, Yoon Jae went to hospital to visit Kyung Joon, and the caretaker ajumma told him that someone visited Kyung Joon the night before. It was a lady, look elegant and looks rich. Suddenly Ma Ri came, and Yoon Jae asked her, where he can find Kyung Joon's uncle and aunt. Yoon Jae and Ma Ri went to the uncle and aunt restaurant. They were surprised because Yoon Jae gave them some post it, with a Russian chef's name on it. They went to Yoon Jae's table, and Yoon Jae said, "Please give all Kyung Joon's stuff to Ma Ri, and Yoon Jae also gave the Russian Chef's phone number. After they finished, Yoon Jae told Ma Ri to go home first, because he needs to go somewhere. Yoon Jae met his mom. His mom asked, "I heard that there is a kid in the hospital who got into the same accident with you." Yoon Jae was about to leave, when his mom said, " Yoon Jae, I just want to let you know, that there is a person who you were looking for. I just hope that you don't meet each other." Meanwhile, Kyung Joon's uncle went to the dumpling house again, to see his first love, Da Ran's mom. The school principal is also there. This is the most awkward situation in the drama hahahaha Ma Ri went to Da Ran's house, and asked Chung Sik why he is there. Chung SIk said, "of course. Yoon Jae is a part of our family now." But Ma Ri said, "Kyung Joon is a part of my family." Ma Ri met Da Ran, and asked her to pass some stuffs to Yoon Jae (which is Kyung Joon's stuffs that he asked earlier from the uncle). Yoon Jae said, "OK, I'll put my stuff here, and you take Yoon Jae's stuffs with you to your house." and he threw away the box. Da Ran is so upset, because the tape recorder inside the box is broken because of that. Yoon Jae said, "Yoon Jae is the part of your family, not me!" Then he left to the room, with teary eyes TT The next morning, Da Ran tried to make it up by serving him breakfast, juice, etc, but he doesnt seem to be interested and he seems still mad about it. Da Ran went to his room, and he's not there. He left to the hospital. In the hospital, a colleague come to Yoon Jae and said, "your seminar material was really helpful. Thank you." Chung Sik is still not over Ma Ri! He tried to ask Ma Ri out for a date, by offering her 2 movie tickets. Ma Ri said, "OK I will go watch the movie!" But she just left Chung Sik, and took those tickets away! (I know she is going to give it to Yoon Jae). In hospital, Yoon Jae was with the kid patients when he received a call from Da Ran, asking him to buy her some bread. Yoon Jae said, "forget it, i don't want to eat it." and the kids there offer him some plastic toy food hahaha. CUTEEEE Yoon Jae went home with the breads, but Da Ran is not there. Da Ran is outside the house buying the bread. Yoon Jae called her and said, "today is the last day of the vacation leave right? Let's go out somewhere. Look at the bottom of the bread plastic bag, and you will find something." Da Ran came home and saw the ticket. She was happy and prepare herself to go out, when Ma Ri came! Ma Ri asked her where she is going to go. She said, "I will take this ticket and go with Kyung Joon. You don't need it right? Instead, I will give this movie ticket with Chung Sik for you. You don't have a problem with that, right, teacher?" Da Ran was speechless!! How is she supposed to answer that TT Yoon Jae went to fix her recorder and wait for her in the theater, but Ma Ri came. He is not happy, and he just left her. Ma Ri already got the clue that Yoon Jae likes Da Ran too. Meanwhile, Se Young went to Yoon Jae's mom house, and she overheard his mom's conversation on the phone with Yoon Jae's dad,"I don't want to see him! Kyung Joon is not my kid! My son is only Yoon Jae!!" And Se young finally understand what is going on! Da Ran was in front of the cinema alone. She talked to herself, "why do I have a weird feeling without him?" and suddenly Yoon Jae came. Yoon Jae gave her back the tape recorder, fixed, and they both listend to it. They look really happy. Suddenly Da Ran said to him, "Why do I like it...being with you?" Oh i finally finished, everyone! 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