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Having recently released a debut single album in Japan, B1A4 held a event in Japan. On June 30, B1A4 met over 35,000 fans at an event held in Tokyo in celebration of their debut in Japan. As they met over 15,000 fans at another event at Lazona Kawasaki Plaza on July 1, they attracted over 50,000 fans to their debut event. According to reports, nearly a thousand fans stayed up all night for B1A4′s debut event. The morning of the event, over ten thousand fans gathered and waited for the event to start. At the event, B1A4 performed “Beautiful Target,” the lead track of their debut album, “Bling Girl,” and “CHU CHU CHU” in Japanese. B1A4 say, “So many people came to see us and sang along our songs. We were so surprised. Some of the fans were dressed just like us with the same outfits and accessories. We’ll try our best to show you the best performance all the time.” B1A4, who recently finished their domestic activities with “Good Night,” will take a break for a while. Some of the members will have individual schedules. Source: TV Report via
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