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kozaza helping WWW2014 Seoul participants finding a unique and better accommodaion. kozaza is an partner of WWW2014 Seoul: http://www2014.kr/ Tim Berners Lee, the Inventor of Web, will come to Seoul. We are helping participants finding good accommodation with better value: 10% discount of accommodation fee and 50% of discount of service fee. Here is the direction described at http://www2014.kr/local-information/hotel-information/ - We also provide you two types of homestay: Seoulstay and Hanokstay which will make you a pleasant memory and leave a unique experience while staying in Korea. For more information and reservation, please click the links below. Seoulstay link: http://www.kozaza.com/picks?name=www2014#modified=true And please remember to enter “WWW2014_Seoul”, the code for discount. How to make a reservation: 1. Click one of the links that you prefer. 2. Find the place that you would like to stay. 3. Select the Check-in, Check-out date, number of guests and check the subtotal, then clike “BOOK NOW”. 4. Check the details of the reservation and enter the Coupon code, “WWW2014_Seoul” for discount. 5. Select the payment method options then click “BOOK IT”. 6. Wait for the host to accept your request. The host will reply within 24 hours. 7. Get your itinerary details immediately upon host confirmation. 8. Contact your host to confirm arrival details. KOZAZA Inc. for Seoulstay Bukchon-ro 25 3rd Floor, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-250, Korea Tel: +82-1544-5665 Email: contact@kozaza.com - You can get the list of rooms:http://www.kozaza.com/picks?name=www2014 (Rooms near Coex) You may explore Hanoks, Korean traditional houses, in Bukchon Hanok Village located a little far from the coex (20~30 minutes by taxi): http://www.kozaza.com/picks?name=www2014_hanokstay #www2014
We are serving locally. We gave you special discount for WWW2014 Korea. 10% discount of accommodation fee and 50% of discount of service fee. Same property and same host for lower price from http://kozaza.com
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