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Eleven health tips especially for men

Men die earlier, have a higher risk of heart attack and are more prone to short-circuiting than women when subjected to psychological stress. The statistics on men's health are not particularly good: men have a life expectancy that is around six years lower than that of women, and chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure are almost twice as likely. This is reported by the US Society for Men and Health. In addition, every second man in US is too fat. In women, only one in three weighs too much. These facts are widely known. What is less known is the suicide ratein the supposedly strong gender is three times as high as in women. Especially in the period between 40 and 50 years, men are severely mentally and physically stressed - here these short-circuiting actions occur frequently. But heart attack and cancer are very often recorded in this decade.

Wrong male image makes you sick

There are several explanations for this phenomenon - men are still being raised to ignore warning signals from the body , that is, not being a "wimp" and running to the doctor. It is considered male to take a risk-taking life - smoking and drinking are more accepted in a man than in a woman. In addition, men usually do not have the social network like women, who also share health issues and psychological problems and support each other in the process.

Alcohol is bad, sex is good for men

With small changes in behavior, however, every man can do something for his health, live responsibly and still lose none of his masculinity.
Here are the best tips:

Smoking as a risk factor: Smoking makes you old and triggers many serious illnesses, such as heart attacks and strokes , but also bladder and lung cancer. So try to stop smoking .

Drink plenty of water , at least two to three liters a day. Water helps you lose weight and is important for healthy organ functions.

Build movement into your everyday life: use the stairs instead of the elevator and escalator, leave the car as often as possible, go for it on foot or ride a bike. instead of sitting in the canteen.

Complement this with at least twice a week of exercise for 30 minutes - running, swimming , cycling - which you enjoy. This is not only good for the body but also for the psyche.

Eat correctly: no more than twice a week meat, but plenty of vegetables and fruits . Treat yourself to fish more often, eat whole grains and nuts. As far as possible, cut sausage and finished products from your menu. This not only prevents obesity, but also provides some protection against some types of cancer, such as colon cancer .

Limit your alcohol consumption. The stimulant damages the oral mucous membranes, esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas and brain. Cancer and inflammation are the consequences. In addition, regular alcohol consumption promotes high blood pressure, and the risk of addiction increases. And alcohol makes you fat.

Take all preventive examinations: from 35 years of age the biennial general health check-up plus skin cancer screening, from 45 early detection of cancer of the genital organs (prostate), from 50 years of age colonoscopy.

Cultivate your relationship. A happy marriage is a real health factor, a bad marriage makes you sick. If your attempts to save the partnership remain unsuccessful, consider separating.

Enjoy sex. Men who have an orgasm twice a week reduce their risk of vascular disease, high blood pressure and stroke. You can use Semenax which help you with sex life. A satisfying sex life is also important for a balanced psyche.

However, take erection problems seriously. Often there is a circulatory disorder of the vessels in the penis behind it. If these are narrowed, it can be assumed that the other blood vessels, for example in the heart, are also affected by deposits. So erection problems are often the first sign of heart disease. See a doctor if you have trouble getting an erection.

Take care of yourself. Register if your mood deteriorates sustainably. Aggression and bad mood is often the most important sign of depression in men. Do not hesitate to get professional help then: Talk to your family doctor, who will refer you to a psychologist. Modern conversation therapy is like personal coaching, which you can benefit from shortly.