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Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Since the show 'are you smarter than a fifth grader' has aired on the internet, it has become one of the most significant phenomena since the dynamics are such that an adult is tested on topics such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, geography, English, history, and general knowledge. These topics include such a wide array of perspectives and flavors, which helps to bring in people of different interests. Such dynamics help develop an interest in people relating to many fields of life. The entertainment develops firstly by the silly behavior the hosts promote. Secondly and majorly the mistakes people make on such natural and common knowledge that it almost becomes outstanding. The idea of the show is such that it compels all ages of people from a child to an adult to dive in and invest their time and focus in the show. It is also the right way of sharpening rusty skills as the hosts teach how to improve English and other relevant topics that are used as a part of the show. It also helps to put the limelight on the helpers in the shape of fifth grade students who have excelled in their respective topics and have great control over them. These students act as a helping hand since the participant of the show 'are you smarter than a fifth grader' can take helps on a different level and for a limited amount to times so that even if the contestant is not able to answer a problem, they still have a shot at answering it with the help of these children.

One fact that psychologists have figured out from this show is that when the limelight is put on these students to help the contestant, at that situation, the students are portrayed as the hero of the show. Children being made a symbolic figure of the shows have influenced many other children of a similar and younger age to get motivated by the level of respect these children have received for which their grades have increased and leveled up significantly. This shows that 'are you smarter than a fifth grader has had a significantly positive influence on its viewers and especially on the younger lot. The fact of the matter is that psychologists say that these shows should deserve more focus and importance as they have provided a significant benefit to society. Also, tests related to 5th grade spelling words and other 5th grade topics have helped these children take a lot of information with them as they continue their studies.

The climax of the show is related to the fact that the winner of the show receives a substantial amount of money which helps to keep the people interested for a more extended period of time since people are excited to know what sum of money people take with themselves in the end and secondly, to understand how the show ends since the dynamics of the show involves a lot of drama and emotion. This is also an essential reason the show does so well since many other shows offer a limited sum of money to their participant, but the fact is that when the amount of money is attached with the 4th or 5th grade quizzes is amusing to see. One of the best segment of the show is related to spelling. It usually becomes difficult for people to spell such tricky words, and the tension certainly builds when even the expert children can't even spell those words. It makes for a lot of banter and humor, which is easy to understand but can be enjoyed while sitting in a family setting. This shows the diversity the show has and makes its commercial sense as well.

Why the show worked for so many years was because of the financial strides it into the media. It also received a lot of attention in the media since the dynamics were family-oriented. It made a lot of sense in marketing it into the majority of print, television, and even digital media.

In conclusion, the show was a success, not only in a way it was planned out but because it was well managed and thoroughly thought out. The fact that is making children the limelight of the show and having adults as contestants made for a humorous flavor to the show. Besides, the financial breakthrough it made not only made the organizer happy but was lucrative for the entire cast as well. On top of this, the media attention it received made the show into a brand but created a hype that lasted for years and on. But today, it is unfortunate to see that such shows receive only a little attention since the demography changed, and hence the show lost its niche. While today the show is nowhere to be seen, it remains a benchmark for shows today.
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