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몬스타엑스 기현 | [200727] 몬베베!!

축하하구 고마워요 몬베베!!!!!

+여기는 영어 해석본

Thank you. I love you.
Congratulations to MONSTA X & MONBEBE on their appearance at the The Neighbors Club.
The Neighbors Club is a special club of Good Neighbors members who help the underprivileged and lead a good change through sharing.
With the beautiful companionship of MONSTA X
MONBEBE, I hope that more sponsors will feel the joy of sharing and that the future
of our children dreaming of a hopeful
tomorrow will shine brighter.
We look forward to a great change in the world created by the good influence of MONSTA X and MONBEBE!
From. Good Neighbors

아맞다 헤헷 너꺼잖아 기현아 근데 이민혁이 따라함
🐹 👈 👍
오구 이뻐❤
유기현 ㅠㅠ♡
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