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Wait!!!...*RUNSSSSS*....damn, I missed my train again!!!...*smh*...
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@ameliasantos10 now that i agree, plus some ppl are hotblooded in driving and being stuck in traffic as for me, it doesnt bother me unless im in a rush otherwise ill just chill, listen to music and allow my thoughts to drift elsewhere...
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@cheerfulcallie i know! it's like they are stuck at the light and they just start honking!!! that will not get you anywhere...!!!!
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Reminds me of trying to catch BART after work... so stressful!
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@peteryang292 umm...who's BART? am i suppose to know him? do i know him? lolz
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@cheerfulcallie haha sorry! BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit--its basically the subway system that runs through San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area in Northern California. I take it everywhere! It's really convenient, except when I'm late haha
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