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@imliz exactly! ! even if the secret is shocking we can somehow relate lol
true, we all have our for me its also insecurities, i felt that way over the wkend. i had gone shopping with friends and here i am among crowds of ppl and i kept thinking how i look to them, are they judging me for what im wearing or how i did my hair?!.... all i did was look down whispered, "please dont look at me"...insecurities was tainting me....i freaken hate her, lolz!!!
@cheerfulcallie I think that way when im out a lot, too....especially if im trying out a new makeup or hair style! it can be so scary to just smile through all those feelings, though.
@cheerfulcallie I hate her too!! Im sorry to hear you felt down this weekend. I know how it feels and I know how much it sucks!!! Keep you head held high sis!! TGIF!