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Bukchon is a jewel of Seoul with Korea tradition and culture. Get more information at kozaza website: http://www.kozaza.com/bukchon/intro http://www.kozaza.com/rooms/2000848 You may find a great Hanokstay from http://www.kozaza.com/search?location=Bukchon
@kozaza I keep hearing about bukchon but I would love to visit one day... is it far from the seoul city hall??
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I love this area! Especially if you go early on weekday, its deserted!
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@@ameliasantos10 it's not that far from the city hall
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@jooyeonhan yes i now found out where this is and visited a couple of weeks back!~ hahah thank you anyways @nokcha I know! i went on a weekday and it was amazing >_< loved all the details on the houses too
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Wow this is awesome! I love seeing traditional in modern and vice versa! I wonder what they look like on the inside. Are they private homes?
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