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The Korean peninsula is such a powder keg of political tension that it's easy to forget that it's also a powerhouse of flavor. To serve as guides through the fog of war and into the steam of the kitchen, we enlisted two experts to school us on both Seoul food and Kim Jong cuisine: Holly (South) from Beyond Kimchee and Jae Jung (North), a New Orleans chef who's curated dinners that were actually attended by Kim Jong-un himself! Before you learn more about each country's individual specialties, here's a quick history lesson.
mmmm these look absolutely delicious!
@curtis well i can't really go north to eat it hahah but actually i heard there's quite a different taste between the two types though... I wish I would be able to try the Northern style one day
@ameliasantos10 you can get all the dishes they list as Northern in the South.
@curtis i know right!! i feel like i should set out to travel across korea to just eat hahaahhaah
As a new orleans resident and someone who lived in Korea this is really cool
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