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Different from other celebrities who like to post cute selcas and share their best-shot pictures, G-Dragon has publicly shared dorky images of five members of Bigbang copying their faces into photocopy machine! Read more: Follow us on Twitter for the latest update of your K-Pop idol! Check out our Indonesian version:
@rinapodolska hahahahhaha well i dk if i would call it ugly but ptobably just not as good looking as they are normally ahahahahhaha
i've seen this..seriously daesung really looks ugly but still cute..haha dats why i fallin love with BIGBANG!
@nokcha i just love how bigbang somewhat gave up on their idol image while they are off stage but when they are on stage its just like BAMMMM the perfect singers/performers!!
I love that they can be so famous but still have fun haha they have no shame i love them
daesung just no longer care about his idol image hahahah @rinapodolska look at this lol