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A fellow juicer shared that he has been taking a tablet every night to control his blood sugar level. But, since he started juicing, he's been drinking this juice recipe every day. He's happy to say that after three weeks he could give up his tablet and his sugar level was stable. ** Result may be different for different individuals. RECIPE:- ½ cucumber- 1 green apple- ½ bitter gourd- 2 ribs of celery- ½ green capsicum (bell pepper) Please share here if fresh juices have helped you get off medication. #diabets #sugar #juice #green
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@onesmile there's probably plenty of juice bars near you, they've cropped up in every city i've been too
4 years ago·Reply
@onesmile whole foods has a juicing corner
4 years ago·Reply
@joebiden @sjeanyoon I actually heard a pretty good juice bar opened up downtown in my city! I'll have to check it or whole foods out :)
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looks so healthy and delicious!
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thanks so much for sharing ♡
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