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@ameliasantos10 yeah its sooo much work, but I guess they are used to it after a few years, and they don't wear it everyday! sometimes they like to dress me up hahah
@divalycious LOLLL i know every girl's dream is to have a 'tea party' hahahaha but now all of us know... that the best is just a mug of tea on a couch! @onesmile wow lolita fashion?? as weird as it sounds i have only seen it on the shows hahahahahah i mean i never had friends who dress in lolita fashion T^T hahahah too stressful?? for me i am just too lazy lol
I have some friends who like lolita fashion, so they enjoy dressing up and going out for tea...but like @divalycious said...I used to want to go out for fine tea but now its stressful!! too fancy for me~
@ameliasantos10 … as a child used to often wonder what it would be like to drink outta fine china … nowadays not so much … i just want a big comfy couch n my cuppa joe n the crossword … xD
keeping it classy ma' dear?? @divalicious and i would love a cup of tea please