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a lil tongue n cheek … n cute [in my defense all i read was EARTH Hour first, that's my story n i'm sticking to it] It's time for tech lovers to switch off and reconnect for Earth Hour 2014. On March 29th at 8.30pm we will #TurnOffToTurnOn Watch the video and then join our movement...
i have done well so far.. with a regret of wasting time on people who didnt deserve it.. the world is unfair!
@neaa i know ... sometimes i feel like i don't spend enough times with my friends in person :(
my new year resolution was to spend more time with ppl with me.. working on that
@neaa you are so right and because i am busy talking to people whom i am just able to walk over and see them that i don't have the time to connect with people that i haven't talked to in a long time!
exactly and i feel guilty bcz many a times i do that too.. bcz this is not the way it should be .. because phones and internet is to connect with people you miss.. and not to miss on people you connect with ! @ameliasantos10
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