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@neaa what kind did you get?? are they all sandals?? and well stiletto phobia is probably the hardest thing to get over! I mean I could wear them for a short period of time but i do not have the strength and tolerance to walk around with them : /
i cant even dare to wear them for a short period.. 2 inch is maximum i can sport ..the ones i got are flats
@neaa 2 inch is a good start! hahahahaha you have to start somewhere don't you? lol i think you just have to keep wearing them and you will get used to it!
i am wearing them right now. and my feet are on fire..and i just realized they might be a little over 2inch!
Oh twin @neaa ... stiletto phobia? hear hear... I don't even wear anything that is an inch of a hell or two. Has to be flat. As for @cheerfulcallie I think I have bigger feet, I can sport a size 13, but more of 9-12. I don't have wide feet, just long. Lols