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Translation: Se Young: it's her son…did she throw him away…? Ma Ri: if 80 points is given to love someone only 20 points left? Se Young: is there any fast way to get DNA check out? Ma Ri: Teacher, if Kyung Joon feels good with current situation, he has to go back to where he belong, and you have to scold him strongly. Da Ran: my heart is thumping…what's wrong with me? Se Young: Do you remember you were looking for someone before? The person you were looking for…I found him… Ma Ri: Kyung Joon! Teacher! Kyung Joon's body moved again in the hospital. Da Ran: Will Kyung Joon go away? Get Big episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :)
I wonder if mari is talking about only liking kyung joon 80% now instead of 100? it would be good for my chungsik ><
awesome thanks can't wait for tomorrow.
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